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    Hot mares

    Uploaded by are · Rating: 4.6 (42 votes) · 4604 views


    kann mir jemand verraten wie er das hinbekommt das die stuten so nen geilen orgasmuss griegen und dabei auch noch geil abspritzen??

    55555, posted

    That was so hot, love to play with that cunt,wet,pussy

    seacum, posted

    Fucking hot mare-cunts!!!! Squirting all that cum!! WOW!! Luv it!!

    Donsy, posted

    lol at beginning of 4th min.,that orgasm was like a waterfall

    sergie, posted

    he really knows how to fuck those mares

    richardwaway, posted

    wow so great got big cock

    bembler, posted

    its so fucking hot when they wink

    toby14, posted

    "jan's Mares," the top ID title reads. Whoever Jan is, he has gotten to a state of maximum pleasure with a brood of several mares. Some of the mare orgasms ("maregasm", as one section of this compilations caption reads) here are at night (but well lit photographically) , most in the day. Jan, or whoever it is doing the fucking, has a very large dick, and it's no wonder that even though it's not as big as her own species cock, it gets to the orgasmic places designed into a horse, the rough spots along her vaginal canal that females of all species that I have ever fucked or eaten have in that place. He's big enough to fully-- wildly--satidfy a mare, and that's what he does all through the film, is bring mares to shattering, dripping, squirting, winking orgasm after orgasm. Several times we think he may have cum at the end of a sequence, but if he does, it's an in-cunt blast, and we can not easilt tell the difference between human sperm and mare cum when there's as MUCH of the second dripping and running down everywhere. In one section the farting discharge from the mare's cunt was so loud, huge, sustained, and yellow that the mare had to be pissing around his penis while he was fucking her! There's no need for a blow-by-blow. HETEROsexual zoophiles will of course find this film far above rating. This is what animal hole is all about. I'm a homosexual zoophile myself, and I am going to drink the first gob of cum from the mating I'm in afteglow from out of my butt in earnest of one day having my mouth there in that winking horse vagina as she fills me with the rivers of horsey cum we get to watch here. Great video and sound, a quart of horse cum flying everywhere, a huge hard man dick; mmediately one of the very best films in the archive. Above rating on my scale of 5.

    boyoboyo, posted
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