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    Horse Suck


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    not sure if this is a guy or a girl, i cant tell, but a nice horse cumshot dripping from the mouth

    Uploaded by t2fish · Rating: 4.2 (198 votes) · 69119 views


    anybody live up near toronto canada?

    artac1, posted

    poor horse...getting sucked off by a mutt

    esmamvt12, posted

    The video is fake ! commercial made ! Horses in real don't cum like that , they thrust really strong !

    kmarko, posted

    hoi 20 jaartjes uit nederland, kan iemand mij helpen om ook zoiets te doen

    homo1993, posted

    Que rica vergota

    albertoalcala, posted

    would love to do it im horny bi wht male that wants dirty chat message me want to suck horse r dunkey dick im a sweet ass lil hot sissy slut love suckin dick n gettin fucked n mysweet hot ass

    nailmesweet54, posted

    i want a big strong horse to cum or piss inside my pussy... no farms in nyc though :'(

    hornybigurl, posted

    want thhat cock to cum in my boipussy have someone felch it out then snowball the cum back n forth

    wildmanimal, posted

    how I wish I could suck that horse and drink all of that cum SO HOT

    aass2fuck, posted

    I agree, it should of been longer but he is a very lucky guy getting 2 blow that magnificent long horse horse cock. I 2 love sucking off horses, been doing it 4 over 30 years. The longest was a 28 inch-er and Boy! did he cum and cum and cum, it was so awesome.

    zog57, posted

    wish there was somewhere in uk midlands to do this - gagging to suck my first stallion cock

    gloryholesucker, posted

    i can't see shit

    Willman01, posted

    8, 9 seconds. what, are you fucking kidding?

    guy4horses, posted

    Just love watching that guy suck off that horse but i wish i was the one that was doing it. I love sucking off horses, all the cum i get from them and the time i spend with them really makes it worth it. I just wish that i could get into the business, i would be a very happy man.

    zog57, posted

    yo dat was crazy

    redkush, posted

    DAMN! That was hot, all that horse cum, drink it up man! Yummmmm

    FarmLust, posted

    If only horses weren't so hard to get and took up so much room... ;)

    DogNHorseLover, posted

    i agree horse cock so hot

    damtrav, posted

    short but I like it, no I love it.HOT

    aass2fuck, posted

    I'd want to suck it in as deep as I could and take all I could from it.

    hardflare, posted

    What a lucky guy! I wouldn't have spilled a drop!

    boyandhishorse, posted

    Much too short, but still super-hot! A sloppy blow job.

    boxsniffer, posted

    Super hot is an understatement! I know that had to be dilicious. It made me envious of that guy. Guys please talk to me. I would like to chat. a.boxsniffer.0@gmail.com

    boxsniffer, posted

    I'd will swallow it.

    Kallmight, posted

    faked cum shot

    horseryder, posted

    wow ..big cock n a lotta cum ..!!

    curious4beast, posted


    lasa75, posted

    Sweet! Now that's a load of cum! It seems like the more he sucks, the more the horse puts out!

    rgrijalva, posted

    If it's a girl I think it even cooler if he fucked her. Awesome cock.

    XXXBEAST4ME, posted

    love cum!!!!!

    qbpd761, posted

    looking to lose my animal virginity, can anyone help? I am near syracuse ny

    lurch33, posted

    i luvhorse cocks!

    DXfilmzzz, posted

    wow! much more cum to drink than a man!

    metemela, posted

    I'd really love to suck horse and eat his sperm!!!

    Cumanimalia, posted

    i can suck much better than him

    debofdel, posted

    Nebody in virginia that would like to show me. How its done

    tcbbaby, posted

    doesn't suck for shit

    sidatit, posted


    bobbyk2, posted

    i want some cum

    boytoyk9, posted

    i really really fuckin want to do it,the cum drippin off the face is sooo fuckin sexy

    subbhoy, posted


    bingj, posted

    hot,very sexy

    janusz, posted

    oh its real i have seen the full vid, and its a girl not a guy

    djdave26, posted

    not the full vid

    bob12345, posted

    lol, so fake

    Fleeb, posted

    fake crap

    Lalala, posted

    This sexy stud's hard cock is ready for action from the beginning! Only a few tender licks from the guy's mouth and the horse is ready to blow his load! Wave after wave hit the guy's tongue, and it's a shame he didn't swallow every last drop. The movie should have been a little longer with this hot action going on, and Hell, maybe some fucking by the horse or rimming by the man would have improved it. The movie quality is pretty good, and you get to see the horse's cock juices flow from his mouth. That's all that matters, right? ;)

    W_tiger2, posted

    it is excellent the way the girl sucks the horse dick heaving all that cum in her mouth, she did really good it is excellent the way the girl sucks the horse dick heaving all that cum in her mouth, she did really good it is excellent the way the girl sucks the horse dick heaving all that cum in her mouth, she did really good it is excellent the way the girl sucks the horse dick heaving all that cum in her mouth, she did really good it is excellent the way the girl sucks the horse dick heaving all that cum in her mouth, she did really good it is excellent the way the girl sucks the horse dick heaving all that cum in her mouth, she did really good it is excellent the way the girl sucks the horse dick heaving all that cum in her mouth, she did really good

    oigreszemog, posted

    This short movie is very hot.The quality is less than desired,but the cumshot is well framed and we get a good view of horse cock and cum on guys face and toungue,it reminds me of the first time I sucked back horse cum, at the tender age of twelve.If the clip where longer and more deatail it would rate alot higher than 5 out of ten but they cant all be tens. I would like to see more male stallion sex especialy cum shots in ass or facials,any horse cum shot is always worthwhile.I am also fond of dog knotts and doggy blow jobs but for quantity of cum horses win hands down over horses.

    dogontop69, posted

    It's a short but VERRY HOT video of a beautyful guy sucking a beautyfull big horse dick. The guy looks like a yonger version of me, licking on that big horse cock and the horse realy did love it a lot and rewarded the guy with a huge load splasing all over his face. The guy loved it too and eate a lot of that cum, you can tell by the expresion on his cum coverd face that he was in cum-heaven. Wish I was there to help him licking that horse dick and all off that cum, and than lick the cum of the guy his face, if he was naked I could lick his whole body clean and even suck him dry. I keep on wathing it's so HOT it makes me so horny.I want one day to have a horse fuck and cum in my ass, but this (licking) I also want one day to get my face all coverd with cum. I HOPE YOU LOVE IT AS MUCH AS I DO.

    aass2fuck, posted

    nice short video, had me wanting to eat some of that horse cum as well. my throat is waiting to taste some horse cock. the thickness of the load made the guy loo like he could barely take all of the horse cum in his mouth. I would have taken in all down my throat and swallowed every drop till there wasn't any more. I would even let that horse fuck me in the ass and fill me up with his cum. there's nothing like getting fucked by a huge horse cock that feels so good deep in your hole

    1980daddydick, posted

    A man quickly and sucks and nibbles on a stallion's gorgeous cock, brings him to a hot and steamy orgasm, and hungrily takes his big load all in his mouth, as he keeps the head in his mouth, and snogs it with everything he's got. The video has a decent cum shot, but it could have more oral action going on before the horse came and after. Other than the length it's worth a watch just to see the horse blow a super hot load all over this guys face and in his mouth as he takes it like a champ.

    ploafers, posted

    god i just want that, i crave it - is there anyone around sydney who can help contact me - i will do anything u want if u can help me - pls contact me. I get so fn hard lookin at this stuff and i blow so much cum when i jerk off to it, im so hungary to do it pls pls pls if u have a stalion i can suck off contact me. I will be ur slave or anything u want if u let me do this - fick me anything u want i just want to do this. I have fanatasised abioout this for years and i really must have one of those big cocks in my mouth and I bet i can swallow all there cum!

    as2217, posted
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