• Homem fode gostoso cadela branca.

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    Yes :) Rape that slut :) Make her cry more.

    rapek9forlife, posted

    You're hurting her.

    kittiestitties, posted

    yes yes yes make her cry! shove that cock deep in her.

    sickbitch123456, posted

    some of you morons need to get your heads out of your asses.

    mikef70118, posted

    Love it when they cry. If youre looking for more stuff like this message me!

    doggie_style, posted

    Mmmm I love when they whine. Take it all!

    doggie_style, posted

    YOU ASSHOLE. MOthERFUCKER She is yelping!!! FUCK YOU animal abuser!!!

    orleansk9, posted

    This is cruelty---needs to be taken down

    heyyyyyyou, posted

    sweet sounds

    goldeng, posted

    if you want to become a porn star local or international or you want to fuck my dogs contact me temmyvincent@yahoo.com

    babaooo, posted


    goldeng, posted

    Spot on 2deep2tight2bad the bitch is big enough to take his cock and more. Maybe next time jam a dido up her ass while doing her fanny. It's natural and bitch holes are made for it.

    iamveryhappy, posted

    I agree with most comments, this should be taken down. Clearly she's not enjoying it, and with beastiality, the animal should always come first. It's sad that when most people think of us, this is the image they get in their minds.

    12ofTwelve, posted

    OF COURSE it's rape, ****head; that's why the English version of this video is named "Dog Rape" (this site). A big fat bitch like that is plenty big to take his cock. She would whimper and cry just like that if she was taking dog knot. It's nature, and it's wonderful. Hope he gives it to her as long as a stud dog would.

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    si muy bueno

    uharro, posted

    terrible. this is just sad. take it down. I dont even understand how you can do it without mutual pleasure

    Devistated, posted

    RAPE, RAPE!!! You fuckin jackass.

    danz53, posted

    Very hot vid, love this sound of love, whimpers of pleasure, grab her on her hips and give her the fuck she needs

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    so hot

    danna69, posted

    why the fuck do you even upload this take this terrible video down now! fuckin peice of shit

    k9isthebest, posted

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