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    Fucking My Dogs Pussy


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    This is a video of me fucking my rottweilers pussy and smelling used flip flops while i do it

    Uploaded by footlove · Rating: 4.2 (232 votes) · 23860 views


    Thanks everyone (: if there's anyone in Hawaii down to share their female animal hit me up

    footlove, posted

    die süsse ist ja mal richtig heiß

    meisterbetty, posted

    wowwwwwwwwwww very nice , i am is a ladyboy , i like sex with animals to muc , any guy have animals for sex fun with me in switzerland . please mesage me back

    joysonya1, posted

    wow lovely young boy with lovely body and awesome cock with fantastic head would love him to fuck me all night ==D - -

    cable22a, posted

    8770 not 8778 sorry

    jayelle12, posted

    Text me (205)-265-8778

    jayelle12, posted

    this bitch craves it..so would I..I love hearin you cum. Best vid on here..I blew another load watchin you dude..I love the way you take her. That cum must be like honey..holy fuck. Hot boy.

    drewskiboy17, posted

    Fuck Yeah..takin it like u want it..sniffin those flip flops..fuck dude ur hot...bitch loved it too..practically beggin for more the way she was lickin ur cock for more cum.Thats the way to do it dude. U R fine..nice fuckin cock dude..great peice of ass...fuck yeah!!!!

    drewskiboy17, posted

    herrlich wie er sich an den schuhen aufgeilt und dabei die keine hündin stößt. hoffentlich hat er alles tief in ihre gebärmutter gespritzt und ihr ein paar welben gemacht^^

    55555, posted

    nice fucking video! you should try also the ass hole lol. any perv for chat? pm me

    italianperv, posted

    @TZwolf, STFU!! If you don't like something don't watch!! This guy is Awesome and his Dog LOVES what he does!!

    windmill, posted

    Dude Fuck me like that everyday!! Awesome cock!! Very NICE!

    windmill, posted

    you could fuck me like that....damn! ;]

    youngcub98, posted

    @footlove--I cannot speak to whether your dog "loves your cock", but I CAN speak to whether you "love your dog". No, I don't think you do. You make a porn video of her being more or less USED by you as a hole. Not once in the entire video did you pet her....or HELL even TOUCH HER except when you stuck your dick in her! You did not even FACE HER! You were too busy watching the porn on the screen off camera and sniffing the flip flops. So no, do not say that you give a shit about her except as a hole like a fleshlight or like your hand. You USE her to masturbate with as you enjoy your foot porn and cheesy used shoes. I'll say it again: Why not just go find a woman that will let you sniff her feet as you fuck her? I bet it would be a lot better for you than this and then your sexy bitch could maybe find another home where she'd REALLY be loved and made love to.....or at least not get used like this.

    TZwolf, posted

    That's what I'm talk'n 'bout!!!

    thickbrownone, posted

    adorei este video?

    sintra21, posted

    geiles vid, er kann mich auch mal ficken, oder wir machen mal was zu dritt ;-) ^^^^^suche gleichgesinnte in berlin-schöneberg und umgebung ^^^^

    nitrambln, posted

    laughs........ this guy is crazy..... lovely cock but has to sniff a woman's shoes to be horny

    qhuma4321, posted

    15 m us for skype chat

    anderalex, posted

    i love the way he cums inside his bitch and then she licks his cock

    k9lover25, posted

    and wait to be fucked

    footlove, posted

    TZwolf I love my dog and I love females feet and the smell of it. I know my dog loves my cock because when I get home from work and I grab the used flip flops high heels or shoes from the closet my dog runs up to me and starts licking my cock or she'll turn around and wait to be fumed and I didnt even train her to do that

    footlove, posted

    you look really young. so hot to think thats your family dog, you just got home from school with a hard on. your little dog was right there and you just used her pussy to get you off.

    yourmammaaaa, posted

    Nice video,very nice cock,hot men!!!!!

    tauruslov, posted

    ovaj car je bas pretvorio u drolju :) odlican video! ;)

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    Christ you sad shit, why not sniff HER PAWS......they smell a fuck of a lot better than used flip flops! Or go get a woman who is into your foot fetish and will get feet all cheesy and nasty for you to fawn over. OR....just jerk off or use a fleshlight while sniffing your shitty flip flops! Don't use your dog as only a hole! Man, she needs a real lover like this old wolf who will care what she gets out of sex and who will BE WITH HER instead of sniffing someone else's crappy toe jam!.

    TZwolf, posted

    it would have been nice to see his load in her pussy but nice and very clear vid i give it a 10.

    owner616, posted

    lucky bitch...you have a nice body and a hot cock. wish i could join u

    xray69, posted

    hot man...

    acidblood, posted

    amazing vid. hope to see more from you!

    gjnyc11, posted

    oh yeah! Use her like a toy!

    fonefanatic, posted

    Anyone in or around Canton, Ohio that has a mare or any other female animal they would love to share with me? I'll gladly play with you as well, you can fuck my big fat virgin ass or i could fuck you! message me for more info, i do not have a car and cant drive, will gladly stay over for awhile though and pay a fee with my lubed up ass, so horny im also a virgin, so take my anal cherry, i can also cum at least 5 times in about an hour period

    bigcaboom1, posted

    yummy i think i cum soon

    lillyfrench, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    wow omg even though a little weird made me so wet i wanna watch for real x

    shygirl1985, posted

    feet fetish?

    pangmvp, posted

    hey dude, i loved watching you fucking your rottweiler milf really hard and fast until you shot your huge thick load of cum inside of her swollen juicy pussy. you are really sexy with a hot body and you have a nice huge cock and a nice set of balls that would make any guy jealous on here. please make more sexy vids. of you and your sexy female rottweiler milf. you get 10 out of a 10 from me.

    macholibre1979, posted

    anyone in vancouver wa with female dog that will let me fuck for the first time email me at davischris21@yahoo.com

    chris360693, posted

    Nice fucked dog pusst.

    64y4u, posted

    best video ever!

    sidatit, posted

    so freaking hot!!! more please :D

    monkeyboi21, posted

    This guy is awesome! and so is that little bitch of his...so eager to please. Great video.

    Jake07, posted
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