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    Donkey Anal


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    Donkey gets it in the Ass

    Uploaded by Korst · Rating: 3.5 (68 votes) · 53535 views


    That ass just got fucked in the ass XD

    LesbianMare, posted

    any1 live in Az into animal sex ? i want to try, any locals that can help ?

    camarodude502, posted

    any one know some other good sites or r in indiana message me

    sexybeast24, posted

    kako je ovo napaljivo!!! sjajan supak, elastican, tip ima dobru kitu!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    very nice

    mayaali, posted

    Sexy,love to play sweetie!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    nice elastic asshole

    dave26, posted

    Ahhh, she is a nice sex partner. I do her all the time. She likes it, both ways. She actually backs up and rams her arse into me. Ohhh, poor me :) . Beastly Domina-Donx, Poneze, suffering under the tails of many beastly lovers.

    Poneze2001, posted

    hey any older men from texas whos seeking to meet a pretty gurl who is into this and other taboos let me know karameldrops08 yh tell me your asl so i know. im looking for RT

    creamgurl, posted

    Wow - it's horny - it tingles... Mir leider noch nicht gelungen....

    PetOlli, posted


    kadim, posted

    man that feels so good with some lube

    donkeyanal, posted


    sascha1973, posted

    Very good video, great angle, good quality and omg that was freakin hot, the way that donkies ass held onto his cock made me so horny! It's ass was so tight, and you could easilly tell that from the video, especially towards the end. Although at the same time, it looked as though no lubrication of any kind was used, which I could see as being rather painful for the animal, but sine it was kicking or anything, I don't think it actually was getting hurt at all. But next time, some lube could help out greatly. Also would have loved to see this, but the other way around, with the guy on bottom, getting that huge donkey cock slid deep inside of him, that would have made this a hundred times better.

    clockworkz, posted

    Very tight donkey ass gets fucked. It is so tight the guy tries to pull out but the asshole keeps hold of him. Eventually the ass relents and his cock pops out. Very hot but no cum. Looked a bit dry too, should have used more lube. 6/10. I love seeing men fucking stallions and donkeys in the ass. Anal is so hot, especially when the hot tight sphincter grips you so hard and wont let go. There definately needs to be more videos of stallion and donkey anal, standing up behind a powerful beast and having it let you fuck it deep in the ass is so erotic.

    Farah213, posted

    what a nice donkey really great h h h h h h h ds s ds s f s fg gfds fg s f ds f s sdf g dsf gs d g gs d gsdf dfs f s df df df what a nice donkey really great h h h h h h h ds s ds s f s fg gfds fg s f ds f s sdf g dsf gs d g gs d gsdf dfs f s df df df what a nice donkey really great h h h h h h h ds s ds s f s fg gfds fg s f ds f s sdf g dsf gs d g gs d gsdf dfs f s df df df

    nycheer, posted

    MMmmmm guys cock penetrates the donkeys ass like butter. May have been better to have a anal scene of donkey to man. I always blow a load to this. If you need something to start up or finish your session. this is it. Again, It would be nice to see donkey cock but. It was very good. I would love to do this. If only I had a donkey. Time to go find one. I have done a horse but this looks more than great. I would like a donkey to get in my ass. I love being dominated. The more, the better.

    extremedogsex1, posted

    This video was extremely hot from the point of view where it was filmed where you can see the tight gripping asshole and the throbbing cock in it, the video could have been better thought in my opinion, the man seemed to be going very slow and not getting much deepness. But the video redeemed itself on that factor when the donkeys asshole gripped tightly around the cock until the man actually finally got it out was the most arousing part of the video although with a little cream pie it could've been all the more better. The mans movement in the video was also lacking, and the video was extremely short. In my honest opinion this sight needs more man on horse/donkey anal like this. If i were to rate the Video i'd give it a 7/10

    firsttofight, posted

    Now this is what I call an ass! This video is short but it does show that a donkey has the best ass on the planet. Just fuck it and stretch it as it grabs hold to your dick. I would really like to be in his shoes, that ass looks like fun to fuck plus it looks like it feels tight! Those are my favorite holes and asses to fill full of cum and slide my dick in and out of! Yes this is a short video and I hope that he gave that tight ass a very nice cum load!

    doggie-style, posted
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