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    Sow Sex


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    Guy enters sow, then fondles her.

    Uploaded by NotUsedUsername · Rating: 3.7 (252 votes) · 81524 views


    A sow in heat requires.. some cock

    Hurrr, posted

    this is the best sow pussy i have ever seen, can't describe how hot it makes me feel watching this, i would love to own one of this, any help?

    harry212, posted

    Very hot big, wet, pink sow pussy!!!

    Ahkenaten1, posted

    I'll be in that too. Invite me over :-)

    farmpoker, posted

    anybody live up near toronto canada?

    artac1, posted

    That pink pussy is ready for my dick.

    bigjimbo, posted

    I'm sow fucker, message me

    konjo2, posted

    So THAT'S what Miss Piggy's pussy looks like! No wonder why Kermit's so whipped!

    dymebang, posted

    the best fuck on the farm

    crowsnest, posted

    eu din timisoara,casatorit-42 ani,95kg-studii superioare

    dun40tim, posted

    iubesc pizda aia de scroafa in calduri..

    dun40tim, posted

    I want to fuck that pussy. Wrens Georgia

    bigjimbo, posted

    this is one nice pussy,,she must be in full hear,,looks like she has ben fucked all week,,bet it is hot and juicy,,

    nthnreed, posted

    anyone around toronto ont canada who wants to share

    artac1, posted

    anyone in or around canton ohio have a mare, sow, cow, sheep, goat, or bitch i could have sex with? wanna experience zoophilia for the first time will have sex with you in payment for sex with your wonderful animal! message me for more info

    bigcaboom1, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    Very nice fat pink pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tauruslov, posted

    WOW !! What a gorgeous cunt !! I would open my lips wide and suck her swollen cunt into my mouth tasting her inheat love juice and dipping my tongue between her puffed up lips . Oh man im soo fucking horny now !

    new_dist, posted

    nice pussy

    qhuma4321, posted

    dadd and i fuck all pussy

    lounelove, posted

    what a tasty looking pussy, would be nice to have had a turn with her

    evangelion89, posted

    Man I would love to lick and fuck that pink pussy. Mmmm looks so good.

    billysgoat, posted

    I want to fuck that sow pussy! so hot!

    Pimmelmann, posted

    lovely pig

    Mareloverxoxo, posted

    Love to have my cock in that sows pussy. Anyone wanna chat mares and cows and sows and sheep hit me up at stablemate48 on YIM

    stableguy48, posted

    Gotta love pig pussy that's in heat

    Sowfuker, posted

    If you're going to steal a video, at least keep the quality high and make it not so painfully obvious :P

    ziggyg123, posted

    anyone around DMV have a mare or any female animal they would be willing to share? msg me for more info

    cansex, posted

    Da muss die Zunge ganz tief rein, ich liebe es

    leidenschaft, posted

    lick that till she cums!!

    fens, posted

    Creo la cerda estaba en calor por el tamaƱo de la vulva, riquisimo

    jucatove, posted

    geiler saufick- ich steh auf female

    klettke, posted

    dirty pig

    freesecond, posted

    i want too fuck dat pig

    jackktime, posted

    lovely pussy!! delicios cock!!

    custodio16, posted

    Very Nice fuck and pussy

    albertoalcala, posted

    if you want to become a porn star local or international or you want to fuck my dogs contact me temmyvincent@yahoo.com

    babaooo, posted

    i want too fuck dat pig

    bushbaby6, posted

    This is a hideously badly done ripoff of a good video. If you can't steal stuff any less badly than that, maybe you should just run for office..........

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    Anyone in or around Canton, Ohio that has a mare or any other female animal they would love to share with me? I'll gladly play with you as well, you can fuck my big fat virgin ass or i could fuck you! message me for more info, i do not have a car and cant drive, will gladly stay over for awhile though and pay a fee with my lubed up ass, so horny im also a virgin, so take my anal cherry, i can also cum at least 5 times in about an hour period

    bigcaboom3, posted

    WOW THAT TOOK ME BACK EXCELLENT VIDEO!!!! looking for friends in SO,CAL!!!!!

    Benign, posted

    stolen vid

    heyall, posted

    never fucked a sow before and I wish

    qhuma4321, posted
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