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    Super Fuck


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    man and dog

    Uploaded by vidaliator · Rating: 4.4 (276 votes) · 47730 views


    amazing. simply amazing.

    k9macub, posted

    can i suck that cock while he fucks you

    norbert43, posted

    Fuck that's so Hot!!!....mmmmm

    anthrowolf1109, posted

    Very hot!

    lynn7272, posted

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    stevebutt109, posted

    i want to cum in that ass deep 10 times in a row

    barry105, posted

    great video, well filmed too,and the knot at the end was great to see. You obviously have a great partnership.

    talmine100, posted

    Can your dog mount me while I fuck you mate?

    wannagetinme, posted

    lovely fuck

    hungrypussy1, posted


    cleirgoman, posted

    wow great fuck - really nice video - would love to feel the dog cock in my hole

    Jim70, posted

    i love it soo hot

    sandpit1967, posted

    sau geil ich will auch

    erbi47, posted

    Why dont nobody try slipping there cock in to the dog while the dog is enjoying his bitch

    bigj, posted


    gayk9lover50, posted

    MMMM the best part isthe KNOB of the dog pulling out..That is when you feel the pleasure the most..msg me

    Naked_wanting, posted

    excellent great shot and he got knotted hard mmm feels great more

    analmania, posted

    too hot, add me on skype, 15yr old boy into lots of stuff, bottomrider22

    Cheezyworm22, posted

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    LUVSHUSKY, posted

    the best part was when his balls were pumping all that cum in his ass! great vid

    spartan6996, posted

    belo vd ...bela enrrabada

    legislador1, posted

    Geiles Video, so muss es sein. W├╝rde mich freuen wenn sich Leute melden die dies genauso sehen.

    funnky, posted

    Oh yeah, give it to me - baby! Like to be fucked - licke to suck - Niederrhein area - Greets you !

    gregoraachen, posted

    Very hot, would he to suck that doggie cock once he pulled out.

    LWJII, posted

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    stevebutt109, posted

    Very nice :3 Certainly a luck dog too ^~^

    young_one_65, posted

    How did you get hi to do you ?

    jillfouryou, posted

    look at that dogs balls twitching as he shoots his load xx fkn delicious xx

    isuckdogscocks, posted

    What fuck, with those knot really really cool . further in such a way...

    Sabrina12, posted

    Sigh, i wish my 2.5 year old German shepherd was able to do this I have tried everything, but he just refuse to mount me. If anyone in the Netherlands (preferably in drenthe) got a dog or horse that is willing to mount me please contact me on diablogamer@gmail.com or add me on msn michaelwiekens@hotmail.com

    Diablogamer1, posted

    great video, miss those good times.

    dman63, posted

    Nice balls I bet the dog's delicious asshole is throbbing away while inside the man. It needs my tongue buried up it...

    LouieLouie, posted

    Did dog's balls go inside his ass too? i m confused...

    topucadc, posted


    dirk2305, posted

    MMM what a fuck...so horny here contact me on skye.. naked.wanting

    Naked_wanting, posted

    hocu i jaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    k9boy3, posted

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    kakuzu88, posted

    super hot with da pull out and thrusting

    martonstewart, posted

    ja sau geil mmmmm =)

    master_20, posted

    super for 5 reasons: angle, quality, the fucker, the ass and cumshot

    qhuma4321, posted

    lucky dog ! that's a nice ass ! i love it really ! would be that dog....

    nero-rosse, posted

    i wish that was me fucken hott

    bootedskinhead, posted

    OMG i wish someone has a dog that can do this to me ;) 16, new jersey, tight ass, and willing to take a big cock.just message me

    thenewguy321, posted

    That was hot, wish I was being fucked like that.

    LWJII, posted

    15 f, Message me if you wanna trade pics.(;

    blehh456, posted

    Anyone in kana i am a 16 year old male want to be fucked like a bitch if interested please message

    Alphawolf69123, posted

    this is soo awsome. wish I was there to touch, or feel, or lick, or suck, or fuck

    playingalone, posted

    wow thats hot i wish to do it with both of them=)

    DURACELL8, posted

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    williamc, posted

    awesome angle :)

    HrvatCroat, posted

    now thats a cam angle, god it feels just as exciteing as this looks , but some dogs vary on how good the fuck

    lovemydogknot, posted

    good video and would love to have a chat with the guy who was getting fucked by his dog woo hoo ..he can find me on here as gayk9lover50........and also is'nt thee anyone nearby or closer to surprise, Az would liked to hookup with me and have some fun with male dog ?????any experiences takers ???? i'm a little experiences but still learning naked warm friendly hugz & lickz gayk9lover50

    gayk9lover50, posted

    Anyone in or around Canton, Ohio that has a mare or any other female animal they would love to share with me? I'll gladly play with you as well, you can fuck my big fat virgin ass or i could fuck you! message me for more info, i do not have a car and cant drive, will gladly stay over for awhile though and pay a fee with my lubed up ass, so horny im also a virgin, so take my anal cherry, i can also cum at least 5 times in about an hour period

    bigcaboom3, posted

    great vid love how you can see the dogs balls bounce as he cums

    kooll, posted

    Nice film overall, the mans balls can be seen along with the dogs as the man gets fucked. Good lighting and has sound. Knot can be seen at the end as the dog pulls out. Its obvious the man enjoyed getting super fucked by his dog as you can hear him moan as his dog gives it to him. A bit too short and oral would have been nice as well as seeing more of the dogs member as well as the mans but despite the few shortfalls it was a great hot clip. I hope to see more uploads of this man and his dog.

    pbj, posted
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