• Man fucks a male dog in is has then cums on him

    Uploaded by charliebarkin · Rating: 4.2 (136 votes) · 32174 views


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    his lovely cock hard as he enjoys

    peterichard01, posted

    such a hot vid!

    animal-fucker, posted

    very nice fuk

    xray69, posted

    kako je dobro kada je psu dignut a prima kitu u cmar! predivno!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    needs a part 2 and 3 cuz it was so hawt!!! <3

    Kichirou79, posted

    geil da wird muschi nass

    geilemuschi65, posted

    This is great, whatever people think, male dogs love this, they love to feel caressed and cared for, having their masters this close to them makes them happy, and their prostates explode in pleasure just as human males do, thats why this puppy is so goddamn hard, and big or small you may be, their anuses clench your dick so hard is wonderful, the ultimate thing is when you make them cum just from fucking them, and you fill their chests with love seed. If you do this the right way, is just giving and receiving love, just like everybody else does

    dogfuckerinheat, posted

    würd gern mitmachen liebe geile tierficks

    HadesCerberus, posted

    mmm very nice made me wet would love u to fuck my tight pussy with that great cock x

    shygirl1985, posted

    i used to anally penetrate my female dane who was spayed but she showed signs of pain. i think her anal wall tissues would be worn and she found difficulty defecating. does this happen to all dogs or was I too big?

    qhuma4321, posted

    this was hot. makes me want to try some animal love

    spartan6996, posted

    super hot, especially with the dogs dick all hard and him banging the shit out of his ass hole. Got me wet

    houseplant09, posted

    EVERYBODY im 17 m from North Wales wishing to do anything with any person or animal... any yes i do it all. im quite slim and have a 8 inch cock. email me nasaarethebest@hotmail.co.uk

    rocketron, posted

    Straight couple in the NJ area. My girlfriend wants to watch me have my first time with an animal. We can come to you. Message me if you can help! :)

    topshelf, posted

    i was made to take from dog liek this

    bootedskinhead, posted

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