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    Man And Dog 1


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    man dog fuck

    Uploaded by vidaliator · Rating: 4.2 (252 votes) · 48556 views


    Bogota! alguien con perro disponible? quiero hacer lo de este video! Escribanme.....

    hummerdog, posted

    what a lovely cock

    ccdbitofuck, posted

    Man, I wanna get plowed by that dog. He goes right for it and big dog balls to blow loads of cum inside the guy. Any large male dogs that wanna fuck my tight ass, bring em on

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    One of the best damn videos on here wow! Clear, quick, awesome action! This is a model video.

    GermanSheperd33, posted

    that doggy had a nice cock

    hooper1966, posted

    super hot fuck...love seeing buddies share the experience, just missing sound

    xray69, posted

    awesome, anybody up here in toronto canada willing to share his dog

    artac1, posted

    love to have that in me

    lounelove, posted

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    damn both are so enjoying

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    elitematings, posted

    I will fuck that guy hot ass at any time.

    tauruslov, posted

    That is one of my fav-videos on here!!! It made me so horney! Bin richtig neidisch auf den Mann. Also, meldet euch, bin immer geil;)

    dogmale, posted

    wow hot video

    dannyboi6954, posted

    me next!

    xray69, posted

    Oh god...that's what I want!!!

    stirlingsilver, posted

    i like suck of this dog cock....lot sperm ,mhüüüü

    kutya, posted

    16 year old teen, gay, add on skype for anything, might even let you watch me being fucked by my dog~ ;) (SuperMadFishy)

    108, posted

    The best video on here, bright, sharp, and clear. Long fuck and pumping the cum the his ass. This is the dog that I want to fuck me daily!

    Knot4me34232, posted

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    stevebutt109, posted

    gotta to love the guy arm filming it lol

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    darkzoone, posted

    so fuckin' HOT. so beautiful seeing that dog just fuck the shit out of you.

    guy4horses, posted

    Loved seeing his ass get pumped full of doggy cum :)

    lynn7272, posted

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    Night_Men, posted

    yaeah!!! you got an ass full of dog cum that's what we all needed here! GREAT!!

    Pimmelmann, posted

    you got an ass full of cum GREAT !!!

    mrmikemoe, posted

    bela metida...faltou uma punheta gostosa com esse dog por tras...

    legislador1, posted

    At first, I thought "Man and Dog 1" would be the sequel to "Man and Dog" because the two were uploaded by the same person. But now I'm not so sure that they both have the same brown dog. The one in "Man and Dog" is definitely a black-and-tan variety. This boxer here is all brown. I think this film's dog's balls are not as black, and his knot isn't as large (though "Man and Dog"'s dog's knot is only medium sized). Once in awhile the reviewer, an avid watcher of porn when not himself making love, runs across puzzles like this. But the most compelling evidence that the same people aren't involved in both films (and there is a helper in this one; what appears to be a dog's nose momentarily appears in the first film) is that "Man and Dog" had a sound track after which, or alongside which, this film falls far short. It's no less explicit, and the dog gets his bitch. But you can't actually watch the knot pull out of the anus from where the camera is. Not much of a knot either, really, but once in awhile my partner doesn't get completely swelled up, and eventually pulls out of me no larger than that. Not often, whew... And there was no overt human sexual involvement with the act of intercourse. The bitch was more like a sheep, lol. This silent film gets a 4.0 on my scale of 5.

    boyoboyo, posted
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