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    Worm In The Hole


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    They fell good on the cock.

    Uploaded by standddd · Rating: 3.5 (53 votes) · 12145 views



    helmuthelmut, posted

    sehr schoen

    helmuthelmut, posted

    this drives me crazy! So fucking HOT to see those worms insid3 the pee hole of the cock! HOT HOT HOT and when you shoot HOTTER !!!

    LittleJohn1, posted

    So... I hate most of the other creatures this guy puts near his cockl... but I'm oddly digging the worms for some reason...

    Griseus, posted

    those had to feel good moving around in your cock sooo hot

    boredguy55, posted

    There is no joy. No Passion. Nothing fine to see. Terrible. Sorry.

    sierre4y, posted

    how did u do that ur gona fuck up ur dick

    lawyermom, posted

    Oh my God.

    tacoking1124, posted

    well iv taken this and luvd it, made me cum id take it again marky9308@hotmail.com

    bootedskinhead, posted

    Racist faggot below me. V

    iLoveBigFacials, posted

    white people on this site is beyond disgusting

    daveon, posted

    So while people are acting all disgusted Ill ask...how does that feel? it looks fun in a way. Wouldn't do it myself though lol

    Ziggyhoof2, posted

    Very Very sick!!!

    Harddick2, posted


    8Tbn8Ht2Re, posted

    Yes. xD

    bobfischer, posted

    eres tan asqueroso, deberian bloquearte !!!!!

    _xxxxxx_, posted

    Disgusting. sick

    geeko, posted

    Dosent that hurt?

    Evilstorm6, posted


    bobsaggets, posted

    shit...of course you need to like this kind of weird fetish to appreciate it or to be open mind, despide some bad comments about this video I think that this one is pretty original. The guy spead up is own slit with a tiny metal rode. Then he push a couple of worms inside is opened uretha. Those dirty earthworms try to get out of their owner's hole but the slit is tied and the job is just starting. We can see a lot of earthworms grabbing the dick of the guy. Waiting worms are stuck in a foam glass cut in half. The guy seesm's to enjoy the worm's presence and drag some more on his cutie muffin top.

    dogcummy, posted
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