• Man anally fucking male dog

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    not a male dog

    bubsrub, posted


    chriskDeane, posted

    chicago anybody

    bobo6969, posted

    thats just disgusting the dog just dont want it its fucking ugly.

    Benresident, posted

    i wanna pound that dogs ass he's be crying

    babyjay, posted

    I wanna fuck you and your dog in your asses!

    RaulPeters6969, posted

    awesome harder and longer please

    goldeng, posted

    Sound and this would have been perfect :/

    BlueLily, posted

    i wish there is a man in melbourne fl. willing 2 let me be his bitch 4 him & his dog. & take both of their loads. & the dogs knot.

    boatman6969, posted

    you look like one of those old fat guys who watch kids from his window of his house o.o

    cakeizgud, posted


    georg12, posted

    I agree with Emma, Aluzky your vids suck and u need to stop greifing!!! who gives a fuck what you think your dogs and you are unatractive so bottom line if ur gonna fuck an animal then fuck it.

    taylortoxic, posted

    LOL I was reading down the comments and i noticed this "•Aluzky• The bitch is not relaxed, is not OK to have sex with a dog that is that submissive, you could cot her with chain saw in half and she won't move or say anything, a dog that submissive you can't tell if she is OK or not with being penetrated, specially if it is done in the ass, that dog would let a human do ANYTHING to her. :/ " jesus christ this kid needs an education "cot"? wtf... and buddy STOP POSTING ANNOYING COMMENTS PLEASE UR VIDEOS SUCK U SUCK ( LITTERALY ) JUST GTFO THIS SITE

    EmmaAnne, posted

    just pump it!!!

    sunshine67, posted

    First off, this is a BITCH. And further, it looks to me like she is big enough (by the bulge I can see of her vulva area) to penetrate her vaginally. So WHY in the ass? I have seen FAR worse on this site as far as using a dog as a "cum receptacle", but she sure does not look to me like she is enjoying this at all. Yes, she is standing passively, but look at how tense she is and how this guy just grabs her tail and shoves his cock right in her sensitive butt without any gentleness and then pounds her for all he's worth which makes her lean away from him. They say that dog's cannot consent to sex with humans...well they CAN if you know how to read body language. This girl has been shown that there is no choice but to submit to the whims of her owner (or whoever this guy is). Too bad for HIM too...sex with a bitch is absolutely amazing when she is a PARTNER instead of just a hole for your cock....

    TZwolf, posted

    wooow! hot bitch...

    bitchesboy, posted

    why does this man have a female dog to do this?

    smurf678, posted

    if people dont like this shit why the fuck do you come here, this go with my before comment get the fuck out if you dont like this shit and go get a girl or guy to fuck or if they want to fuck you you depressed fuck

    BlackFoxs, posted

    i am so sick of hearing rape and animals together its fucking what cant talk back and as for the ones that think this is disgusting (xadaxa)get the FUCK

    BlackFoxs, posted

    Nice but that dog is tense

    sidjay, posted

    Stopp.!! The dog doesn't like it at all.

    wettweek, posted

    •Aluzky• The bitch is not relaxed, is not OK to have sex with a dog that is that submissive, you could cot her with chain saw in half and she won't move or say anything, a dog that submissive you can't tell if she is OK or not with being penetrated, specially if it is done in the ass, that dog would let a human do ANYTHING to her. :/

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    That dog doesn't enjoy it!. you should STOP having sex with it. you can clearly see your dog is in discomfort. ):

    acidwolf100, posted

    not clearly seen

    savier01, posted

    The dog hates this! STOP!!!

    Ch123, posted

    too dark.

    masayahin, posted

    dog wants to get away...lol

    beastgal, posted

    Dog looks very bored too me lol

    WindyMiller, posted

    i would love to watch you rolrex...gettting wet just thinking about it

    marcmayi, posted

    i like the bear guy.

    wscjbt, posted

    if any female want to watch me fuck my bitch pitbull an let me watch them finger there pussies add me now seamen_of_d_c@hotmail.com

    rolrex, posted

    male looking for male to fuck around with, i live in Canton OH Message me

    bigcaboom1, posted

    any older men from texas who are also into this and other taboos please contact me on yahoo prettyyoungthing0809 (yes im female) please only if ur from tx i have cam and would love to chat. no spam. im also into bdsm, family fun and more would love to chat

    creamgurl, posted

    i need to fuck my male boxer in his ass. But he wont let me in...what can i do...send me a masage and i kno my profile says im a woman but im not. I got a nice dick that wants some ass.

    hotass2, posted

    i can see a few of you didn't like this but i carefully watched the dog, she seems ok to me - but i may be wrong, anyway.

    d-boy, posted

    omg thats disgusting go get a life u asshole and leave animals alone its not their fault you are depressed and cant get a girl or a guy

    xadaxa, posted

    poor dog s not enjoying that...

    SecretWolf, posted

    thats a female dog, and she is clearly disliking it.. :(

    zndxxx, posted

    oh er geht voll ab bei dem fick! geil! that guy ist incredible, i would like to see in action, fucking dog asses...

    hundefuehrerin, posted

    hot,nice fucking male dog,love fucking in ass

    janusz, posted

    1) thats not male dog, but a bitch 2) the dog clearly dislikes it

    zndxxx, posted

    i wish i was that guy

    redcar, posted

    Hot - nice good hard fuck ... just coz the dogs not wagging its tail doesnt mean it is not into it .. can bite you know .. good fuck ..

    lazarusheights, posted

    short clip...but worth watching

    yiling, posted

    tai hao le

    ken9999, posted

    Ugh...some movies the dog is happy to receive but this was just aweful =( ...agreed... mdaka... I've seen some where the dog wags his tail the entire time and is happy but when they're just stiff like that...

    Rawrthefox13, posted

    how is this not animal abuse?

    mdaka, posted

    ok one, this is me and 2 thats my female! >:0

    furfriend138, posted

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    It was a very good video on his part I liked how submissive the dog was and it.The man really did put a lot of energy into a short span of time you can clearly see how much the man is into it and the dog looks to me to agree with what he is doing wonderful video!Also the dogs submissive side shows just how much of a deep connection that both have because of her willing to be pounded so by him so all in all it was over all awesome the way that it played out making a good experience for the viewers.

    sidjay, posted

    Excellent short movie the man really did put it to the dog even though it had no sound I still loved the movie. Would to see plenty of more man on dog action or dog on man action. So like I was saying i enjoyed the film even though it was short it was still good. I just love seeing movies like that the more the action the better the quality of the video. Even though it had no sound it was still awesome. I never thought I will see a man banging a dog like a human being he really did put it to the dog. I didn't know it was a male dog i thought it was a female dog until I read the description of the movie. I am about to see if i can found anymore movies with men f****** male dog in the a** or female dog which ever one I found first.

    blue5183, posted
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