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    Horse Fucking


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    Punk bottom takes a big horse cock up his ass

    Uploaded by menext · Rating: 4.6 (465 votes) · 137077 views


    yes a guy died from getting fucked by a horse. But cannot be certain that THIS video is the actual one where it happened.

    frantic1971, posted

    The other guy was supposed to control it.. bet he regrets it now

    nzd4n, posted

    i'm pretty sure this is the same guy that died at a US Hospital shortly after this ,,, bled to death from massive internal damage when the horse fell forward into him (the full thrust you saw) yes, an amazing fuck, but worth dying for ??

    ozzietop, posted

    que rica verga sueño con una de esas en mi culo alguien cerca de los angeles. ca que me preste una asi?

    albertoalcala, posted

    ja genau so eine erfahrung hatte ich einmal leider aber keine möglichkeit mehr momentan wer will mir seinen hengst raufjagen und zusehn biete 40cm platz...

    ponnyhengst, posted

    wow! The horse really fucked him!

    ffsex, posted

    Think this is the one that killed him. Not right away but later on, from the noises he's making it was probably not the best decision he made as from what I've heard that particular stallion was on the wrong side of desperate and had little training with a human. Turns out Mr Hands died from septicaemia (blood poisoning) due to having his large intestine perforated. Anyway, this bunch of guys are the reason that in 2000 Washington state outlawed this sort of thing.

    Yodasears, posted

    Excellent cum shot I would love to get my ass filled with horse cock; message me.

    lsnoparts, posted

    He really died...??

    K9funNJ, posted

    well, this guy died from this. the horses cock was literally in his stomach when he thrust all the way in. the man died a painful death of shitting out his organs...

    trixter943, posted

    La meilleure vidéo homme-cheval dans le monde !! Merci Mr Hands...R.I.P. !

    martial27, posted

    nice ass fuck

    jensr, posted

    soo hawt i gotta do this sumday :3

    bunnyslut, posted

    The loss of a life is a shame, but I can understand wanting to take a big stallion. If he hadn't died, I'm sure he would continue enjoying stallions.

    hardflare, posted

    Still one of the best, even if most of the sperm is wasted. Love it!! thanks!

    succumballs1, posted

    Too fast but a real cum shot and deep penetration! Thanks!!

    succumballs1, posted

    i wonder how he feels!!

    sana23, posted

    This guy died, but I remember reading it was not from the sex act in this particular video. If his colon was ruptured in this video, I think there would have been blood gushing, etc. Too graphic.

    skatepark, posted

    shame :(

    trololol12, posted

    I have often wondered about horse and man but I can hardly believe it if I had not seen it. Sorry he lost his life, however, I certainly can understand why if that bit of information is correct. I have heard about it in the news.

    montana1964, posted

    did you know this very act killed him? look up 2 guys 1 horse on wikipedia. it was on the news in seattle aNd everything. the horse's long dick ripped his intestines or something.

    thedude_22, posted

    Does anyone know whether you are in the Netherlands by a stallion to be fucked, or rather can anyone possibly. an address? Many thanks in advance!

    Horsepenis., posted

    rofl noobs

    Timothy-Dartan, posted

    Please do a Google search on you on Mr Hands the documentary. The man died 8 hours after this movie was made. His colon was torn apart and he died at the hospital and the man who was filming was arrested and put in jail. This was in Wash State. And then they went to Tenn to do this kind of shit.

    Weareallone, posted

    How could you stand a bid cock appx 16'' sholved up your ass as fast as that was ?

    twobigdog, posted

    seriously, I get sooo wet watching this, and without fail I cum everytime. :) Wish I had my dog to lick up my sopping wet pussy.

    fuckmeehard, posted

    damn i love this vid. i want to know what that feels like. Excellend Vid Great job guys

    Davinakurai, posted

    Best Movie On Here!!!

    Jackk18, posted

    (424) 653-6412 i wanna get fucked by a horse im in texas

    cliper87, posted

    The dude died, The horse came in his ass, The reason way he died... Horse cum at a whopping 40mph, When the horse came in him, horses size, power.... it kinda... ruptured things... Ripped things....

    kikibomby, posted

    Oh my god, that looks very painful.....

    spacealien22, posted

    That has got to hurt but I would like to try it to find out

    lsnoparts, posted

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    SexyCelty012, posted

    Why does everybody say this guy died? I never seen if on the news or newspaper ive only heard of it on the internet and if he was dying he would of had blood coming out his ass when he was done getting fucked and he didnt ive been fucked by almost as big horse cock as this and im still here and alive so i dont believe for a second this guy is dead its just a made up hoax!!!

    horselover192, posted

    This guy died less than a day later.

    ccc, posted

    WOW I had to watch this one over and over again but I'm still asking WHY and how To bad it's not longer with better detail

    david721962, posted


    beemer, posted

    Mr. Hands. RIP

    guthlix, posted

    that was good but risky

    meganium20, posted

    Talk about a tight fit. I'd love to feel how full he must have been, but without injuring my insides.

    hardflare, posted

    That man sure can take more than i could. Dallas

    dallas1938, posted

    that is nice,

    zfb123456789, posted

    why is it now a death has occured,never in history has a women been injured or killed,from a horse cock to the ass or pussy,and yet they will take a full load,either hole?????

    dogderr, posted

    he would unload in my ass love it

    barryboy56, posted

    hot dammm sure that horse enjoyed that ass

    GayHorseBreeder, posted

    •Aluzky• R.I.P. Mrs Hands, he die doing what he loved.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Oh my god, Only thing i would wanted would've been filming under this man. Thet would've been awesome

    Babayaga111, posted

    In Colorado and can service your stallion. Contact me at horse.play@ymail.com

    arabianlover, posted

    that was fucking amazing

    hg19902011, posted

    This man died. Reality check.

    uber1111, posted

    so hot! The way he wants him so bad, slamming into him, and the sound of the guy groaning...sweet!

    hastingandy, posted

    The mare has great tone in its legs ! it was in very good shape !

    hogwild73pont, posted

    why is this so hot to you guys im not knocking anyone im just curious why not have sex with a nice large male?

    firstkid54650, posted

    Sinceramente, estáprecisando mudar o sistema de vídeo do site, está muito ruím, lento demais, isso tem que melhorar até para que o site tenha capacidade de recber vídeos maiores. Rafael do Brasil

    rafaelmello, posted

    um...this guy died...its on his wikipedia page..still hott..but it did puncture his rectum.

    jake60093, posted

    just watched "DEEP THRUSTS" again. i love this.dear god how i want to have massive horse cocks RAMMED FULL LENGTH,into me till their balls are on my hole,their baseball sized flare stretching my insides beyond reason.i WANT them to hurt me and hurt me bad,i want to be fucked by hundreds of them,all day,every day,pleasure and pain on the far side of extreme.xteme movie producers,crime gangs(who want to make lots of money),ANYONE.50-100 STALLIONS GANG BANG ME OVER AND OVER AGAIN,.FINE BY ME. this is how i want to die when my time comes,not a car accident,eaten by a shark,bashed to death by thugs,slowly eaten away by cancer, BUT SCREAMING MY LUNGS OUT WITH PLEASURE AND PAIN,FULLY IMPALED ON A MASSIVE HORSE COCK....SOMEONE PLEASE CONTACT ME,AND HELP ME DO THIS.

    twofootcock, posted

    that is just how i want it ,but about 25 of them non stop,as often as i could,yep i'm definately game.SOMEONE LEAD ME TO IT PLEEEAAASE!!!

    twofootcock, posted

    he should be sharing that horse cock with me

    freesecond, posted

    Although it's a very huge horse cock (which is my favorite), I would like to feel a part of that dick in my ass. Unfortunately you can't have hours of anal sex sessions with a stallion ... it gets hard and cums in a few seconds. But when the stallion cums ... there's enough sperm to quench your thirst.

    Sextreme, posted

    verry nice i love huge cock end stallion cock

    beemer22, posted

    I've had fists up my rectum,and a little way into the colon, but nothing as amazing as this . I was stiff as a board the whole time.

    blbutch, posted

    [19.05.2011-01:30] Nicht wirklich zur Nachahmung empfohlen !!

    PetOlli, posted

    Der Hengst hatte seinen Spaß,der Mann eher nicht.Hoffentlich hat er dieses Abenteuer überlebt!

    capricornus, posted

    Loved watching. Is it hard to support the horse when he mounts you?

    lovehorses, posted

    this is death by horse, penis too big and long, not supposed to go in that deep, nice to watch though

    xtrasoft23, posted

    this is the stroy of how "Mr. Hands" died...

    petloverj13, posted

    never been fucked by a horse but love how much they cum drank lots of that lol

    damtrav, posted

    i have many dogs and a few horses message if interested

    summitkid96, posted


    south2, posted

    Wow der hat es ihm richtig gegeben, da brennt das Arschloch nacher

    qwertz01000, posted

    i would love that and i could take it too. i can take over 20" of very fat dildo no problem! i want to get fucked by a horse bad.

    knottybutt2000, posted

    Keep in mind folks, Mr. Hands DIED after doing this from internal injuries.

    undaman86, posted

    i can't imagine it was me......... ohhhhhhhh...i will die :)

    dogistu, posted

    wow, richtig geil. auch ein geiles vid. hat jemand solche möglichkeiten? würd auch mal hinhalten und das mal probieren wollen :-) Wer kann helfen? Bitte Message! Auch schöne große Hundeschwänze könnte ich mir vorstellen.

    Californication, posted

    wow...geiles vid. vielleicht ein bisschen sehr lang das teil. aber mit nem kleineren würd ichs schon mal versuchen wollen :-)

    Californication, posted

    wow i wish that was me and the horse fucked me 2 i love it thanks...

    thisoneshyboy, posted

    In case you all did not know, the star of the movie - as sexy as it may be to some - did in fact die not too long after. That is why many people stick to ponies for sex, and not full size horses whose cock is big enough to rupture one's colon - which is how Mr. Hands died!

    xmasxx, posted

    contact me if you have a horse or dog who i would be able to have fun with, ill suck, swallow, fuck and be fucked by both dog and horse, ill travel to where you are and volunteerly do it, ill even pay, i want to do this so badly..... contact me by email chriscondick@hotmail-.com

    hornyhorsesuck, posted

    geiles video den hätte ich auch gerne rein geknallt bekommen in mein enges loch und dann erst der saft echt sau geil

    jungebistutte, posted

    Oh, top to heart, it's too dark

    lvsenlin, posted

    If there is a dating service for this horse sign me up, I ALSO WOULD DO A MOVIE FOR FREE

    bryan9410, posted

    That was a bit too extreme for me. He sounded like he was in some serious pain.

    sumpthindifrent, posted

    i would like very much to have a go myself hope if someone can take me to this horse to fuck me!! and film me!!! iv been dreaming all my life to have an encounter like this!!!! iv had a pony cock!!!!! but would like to practice and have a go with this big boy, can someone help!!!

    berty1234, posted

    i hope if someone can take me to this horse to fuck me

    tryandget, posted

    This is not the incident that resulted in his death. This was an earlier session that was taped. The session that resulted in his death was not taped.

    mrmarepussy, posted

    nice! however i doubt this video would still be on if he had died...

    cakerofl, posted

    He subsiquently died from the internal injuries he suffered.

    timmy12, posted

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    redsecret87, posted

    I loved this movie; it was so hot. Wish I could suck that horse off until he comes.

    XXXBEAST4ME, posted

    would like to be fucked by a pony stallion backlash_1818@yahoo.com

    rytegr, posted

    It is truly amazing to see this huge horse cock thrust up inside this mans ass!!! Hopefully it is not true that he died of the results of that monster cock inside him.... but I must say it sounds as though he was in heaven.

    foothillsguy, posted

    Sadly, we may have watched the Clip of the very man that died in Eclumlaw a couple of years back and this may be the one that did it. There is only so much room in a person's ass. I hope we can learn from this not to do this. Enjoy a small pony stallion, or enjoy some oral, but to take on someting like this, killed mr Hands....

    baybeau, posted

    wooooww superrrrrr

    beemer22, posted

    ich liebe es wenn hengste einen richtig hard durch ficken...das macht mich so feucht...

    uschi123, posted

    "too much?" lol thanks for all the help ya stupid bastard now take me to the hospital.

    tonktaf, posted

    i like this horse to fuck me with his hard big cock

    tryandget, posted

    this is THE (in)famous movie -BTW,he didnt die-you can do such a thing qwuite safeley provided you know HOW....

    andc, posted

    sook lekker dat de hengst licht spuit zeer geile filmuper geil die knul heeft super getrainde homo kut

    janwillem, posted

    If anyone has a horse that will cum in my ass and fuck me hard email me at yamaarcticdoo@yahoo.com

    summitkid96, posted

    This act is extraordinary, but very dangerous. The drives are big horse sex full length, How a man can he withstand penetration as powerful? Man impaled by horse, are ass is very large and we see that the sex of the horse goes very far into the belly of the boy! It is a sacred feat. The sex of the horse is beautiful!

    frany1953, posted

    Yeah but the guy DIED!! u cant have the whole thing go in

    samuel_78, posted

    what a wonderful fuck, I cant image a huge cock like that in a guys ass, Amazing!!

    iskpd, posted

    fuck yeh take that big cock up ur ass hole!!

    horse.in.me, posted


    sakis276, posted

    nice hole man

    petrusrm, posted


    LOVERANIMAL, posted

    shit im a female and that made me cum

    petsexxy, posted

    Isnt this the guy that died after getting fucked by this horse. I just read it on the internet and came here to look for the vid. Apparently the horse burst the mans intestines and he ended up dying shortly after. google it, oregan man dies after sex with horse or washington man

    swahili, posted

    Hoe is het mogelijk, 10 p 10!

    seljum, posted

    OMG!!! That was incredible...I loved it, and so did my punany!

    littlejudy84, posted

    In soviet Russia, HORSE rides YOU!

    delphinic, posted

    Yeah, that's Mr. Hands, there was a documentary movie about it, which really sucked, they made all us zoos look like a bunch of lowlifes. His death got Washington's anti-zoo laws enacted. The law was so pissed they couldn't do anything about it they outlawed our kind of love.

    yellolabitch, posted

    IUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU... disgusting

    roi, posted

    Loved that video.. sorry he died.. sure would have loved to suck that horses cock.. know it wouldn't go up my ass.. but would love to drink from it!!

    ak9subpig, posted


    wbooooo, posted

    that guy died..:(

    MasonRaines, posted

    njot the vid of his last fuc, thre police got it in the raid! love his ass poking out! google him about hose fucking man in beastality incident! he died in like whahingon or oregon! ledgend!

    beastsexbill, posted

    this guy got fucked by a horse and it tore his colon open or sumthing. he died like 2 days later

    ytrewq12345, posted

    what yall mean by it killed him?

    hairyhoohoo, posted

    Thats the legend but thats not the clip that got him killed. Same guy, same horse tho.

    macten10, posted

    That's the video that killed the man.

    hunk7778, posted

    damn awesome movie man :3 i wish that horse would fuck me and ... oh perhaps, where did this video got made? america england germany. . . . russia?.... just tell me please thanks . . . uhm... i dont know if there is anything left to say. . . .oh, did you made this video?... and what kind of horse was it? please answer me because that would be very nice of you ;3 Horses are so cool man i wish i had one . . . wow this review must be hundred words so i can earn the credits but its worth it its an awesome video and that horse got off a huge load i guess

    teardrip1, posted

    OMG!! I cannot believe this guy took a full sized horse's cock, deep up in his ass...DAMN!! I was not sure if the dude was enjoying it or not, as I could not distinguish if his "Oh, God" was pain or pleasure. I still thought for a "free" movie, that it was done pretty well. I wished it could have been longer or that the guy had gone with round two or even round three...lol! I do come back to this movie each time I login, as it is a major turn on with sound and all!! I just keep on waiting for a Premium Movie on it.

    klc717171, posted

    This video is fucking awesome it is so satisfying watching a man getting fucked by an animal and the animal cumming.It's enough to get a guy,women,or animal horny it looks so so sexy.I would love to see more of this not just the animal getting but also the man getting it.The man getting very hard.The more you see the more you really want.Animals fucking people and people fucking animals is very fucken awesome.I'm now adding getting fucked by animal on my bucket list.I hope i can cross it off soon.

    girem6, posted

    WOW I had to watch this one over and over again but I'm still asking WHY and how To bad it's not longer with better detail~~~~ WOW I had to watch this one over and over again but I'm still asking WHY and how To bad it's not longer with better detail,~~~~WOW I had to watch this one over and over again but I'm still asking WHY and how To bad it's not longer with better detail~~~WOW I had to watch this one over and over again but I'm still asking WHY and how To bad it's not longer with better detail ~~~WOW I had to watch this one over and over again but I'm still asking WHY and how To bad it's not longer with better detail

    kevin06212000, posted

    This is definitely one of the better videos on this website. The horses' cock is beautiful and thick, and it finds its mark fairly easily thanks to a helping hand. I like how the horse takes its time at first and does not go for the balls deep thrust immediately. Once it does thrust in though, its a thing of beauty. This farmer takes it like a champ all the way to the base. The only negative is that this video is too short for as good of quality as it is. Id love to be that farmer and id love to watch a 3 minute video of penetration like this!

    foxmavi, posted

    This was the best horse fucking man clip that i have seen so far, I did not know that man ass could take that kind of thrust. The horse dick look to be every bit 12 inches long. How could one take such a punishment beat me? I am certain that I would have pass out just from the head of the horse dick. This man must have a huge asshole opening and order to take something that huge. On the other hand, he must have had a lot of grease load in his ass. I would like to see more of these types of clips.

    bigdick88, posted

    oh baby that is one fine video. I love that beautiful horse cock going up that boys' tight asshole. The fucking has never been so good as that mile long dong spews cum everywhere. What a waste! I would have drunk up every drop of that hot stallion cum. the sound is so awesome as that boy bellows about that fat horse cock. that is a very beautiful horse dick and the boy takes it so well and so pleasureably. He loves that mile long dong filling his tight boy hole. You would have to go a long way to find another video as hot as this one.

    swededoggy, posted

    wow this movie is absolutely intense. i would have never thought this would be possible. that dick is so big, it would probably split me in half! and all that cum is insane! its starts off with two men, one of them guiding the horse and the other getting ready to take it. the horse is in and thrusts nearly all of its dick in. the man is groaning in obvious pain while the horse is fucking him, until the horse starts to cum and pulls out. the man says "oh god" right after, clearly relieved its over. It is very intense!

    krea750, posted

    That was hot as hell the horse fucking that guy was amazing. That horse full size fucking that guy never seen anything like it and I wish I was with there with that horse. But if I was there with that horse I would first suck that horse cock and suck it good to make the horse cum. Then I would stroke the horse and get the horse hard again and then slowly put the horse cock in my ass. Then using my hand glide the horse cock in my ass until the horse cummed again. Then I would fuck the stallion right in the ass. Then I would cum on the horses asshole. Then take it from the horse again. But that was my personal opinion. But it was a good movie just to short.

    horselover55, posted

    It was awesome to see a man get it on with his horse and to watch men who take a big horse cock is hot.I hope this man does this daily to keep his ass big enough to keep a horse cock inside. Makes me wonder if any of these men are straight or gay and if they are straight why they enjoy having a big horse cock up their ass.I am a straight woman and I dont know if having such a big cock up my ass would enjoyable but it must be great since women do it too. This man must really enjoy horse cock.

    wonderland77, posted

    this is one of the best videos i have ever seen you can see the hole thing not like other to were part of it is mostly covered by the horce or the guy with the camara. i felt like as if i was the one with that big horce. the cuality is also verry good its not pixalices and you can here just it just fine the angle is also perfect. to bad the guy actualy died doing traying to take that big dick but he at least enjoid his last moment with this horse. if i were to die i want it to be good too.

    HHk372, posted

    "How does he do it?" has to be the first question we ask ourselves when we watch this clip. It makes the entire "free movie" section of this site worth it in spades! The horse is apparently a full-size horse, and knowing these things as I do, a moderate size horse cock-- not a monster, perhaps, but a good 18-19 inches anyway, and as big around as your wrist at the bottom, your arm at the top. The cockhead expands when the stallion cums to the circumference of a baseball. All this goes in a man's ass. The producers, that identify themselves as "Zeta Mo' Betta Productions", might be a college bunch, I don't know. But this is an initiation that goes lightyears beyond the average college frat hazing.

    111231Anime, posted

    "How does he do it?" has to be the first question we ask ourselves when we watch this clip. It makes the entire "free movie" section of this site worth it in spades! The horse is apparently a full-size horse, and knowing these things as I do, a moderate size horse cock-- not a monster, perhaps, but a good 18-19 inches anyway, and as big around as your wrist at the bottom, your arm at the top. The cockhead expands when the stallion cums to the circumference of a baseball. All this goes in a man's ass. The producers, that identify themselves as "Zeta Mo' Betta Productions", might be a college bunch, I don't know. But this is an initiation that goes lightyears beyond the average college frat hazing. The horse-- "The Wonder Horse", as the credits say-- is rampantly hard. A helper throws the horse's leg up over the fuckee's back, and at first the bottom tries to position the penis in his butt by himself, and gets part way in, but it's the wrong ang;e. After a couple of tries the helper and the bottom get the position right. There are some fair glimpses of the man's butthole during the positioning, and though we only see it from an oblique angle, we can see that the butthole is gigantic. This fellow has given himself over to a life of taking things as big as possible in his ass, and deep in his insides. When the horse cock and man rectum get lined up, the horse plunges his penis ALL THE WAY into this man with a gigantic butthole. The quality of this clip is only fair-- the focus flickers in and out sometimes-- but you can see on the cock the juices that show how far inside this man this penis has been! This horse thrusts nearly to the sheath, and climaxes at least 14 inches inside the man, a whole forearm's length. The pullout is the best scene of horse-cumming-in-man I ever saw. The Wonder Horse is still shooting cum hard after the huge snake of penis with its gigantic head comes out of the most deeply penetrated man I have ever seen. I know guys fist each other-- this one must practice for horse cocks by having people fist him-- but this horse drove WAY more than a foot of cock into his intestines three different thrusts, and although I do not personally fist, I am well aware that that is a huge amount of material to have shoved in your ass full force by someone who won't even understand you if you holler "stop!" Once the orgasming penis is out of his butt, we can hear this incredible bottom, identified in the credits as "Starring Mr. Hands", moaning "Oh God", undoubtedly because every time he takes horse cock up his ass and the horse cums in him, it's a cataclysm. This extreme zoophile will never get enough! I rate this film 4.7 of 5, and the only reason it's not a full 5-of-5 is the film quality. It won't bother you much, folks, get ready to blow your nuts on this one!

    boyoboyo, posted
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