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    Fucking A Sheep


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    man and sheep

    Uploaded by oresamawww · Rating: 1.9 (199 votes) · 191619 views


    how to download this video

    satit, posted

    All your sheep vids are my favourites on here... I love sheep but never had such encounters. maybe one day =)

    ZiegeTheGoat, posted

    What the fuck was that shit?

    furlol, posted

    zaby_kabyr@hotmail.com (zaby_kabyr)nimbuzz.skype) عاشق الكس والطيز الحلوين

    ali22222222, posted

    :>(--- :>(

    capricornus, posted


    Prasak, posted


    billibob26, posted

    any1 live in Az into animal sex ? i want to try, any locals that can help ?

    camarodude502, posted

    Total waste of time!

    Allenhigala, posted

    It's so good, I loove =)

    zoophilialover, posted

    where's the fucking? What a waste

    yoitsdisguy, posted


    sparkos, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    what do i do to watch these video i cant watch from my computer

    elukungu, posted

    nothing to see in video.

    jokersam, posted

    reminds me of when i was helping a farmer sheer his sheep the first one he sheered i pulled it to the edge of the pen and made love to it whilst i watched him sheer the rest didnt seem to mind haveing me have sex with his sheep in fact he was watching me more than he was sheering

    hunter6662009, posted

    what a watse of time i want my free veiw back

    doggiedoer2, posted

    sheep are realy good fucking,nice hot pussy,when thay are in hear is the best,thay will push back on your cock,,to take it all as deep as it will go,,

    nthnreed, posted

    Well, this is a real nothing, not worth the time

    longboats, posted

    Handsome man.

    balloonguyaz, posted


    k_bear, posted

    Thats fucked up!! This motherfucker needs his fucking pecker bit off!! I want my minute back!!

    luvmibigtoy, posted

    what the hell was that

    kanelife, posted


    daftasabat, posted

    I want my minute back.

    Aksel, posted


    wiccamoon, posted

    nice i wish that there were more of your cock inside of the sheeps pussy or ass, that would have made it abit more sexual and more appealing to me but over all it was still a nice video loved how you have the full sheep in the frame but like i said next time try to have more of the sexual part in the video like fucking the sheep and cumming inside of it would have been a fucking hot ass movie!!!!! all i got to see was you unzipping your pants and trying to put your cock in its mouth but yeah once again loved the full frame and loved how you could see it all

    ncbandcutie, posted

    WOW! A VERY FANTASTIC FUCK. I LIKE THE WAY HE KISSES THE SHEEP.THIS RELY MAKES ME LOAD IN MA TROUSER. I ENJOY THE VID MOST.IN MA YUOTH I USED TO FUCK SHEEPS. THEY HAVE AN OPTIMUM TEMPERETURE, NOT TOO HOT NOR TOO COLD BUT JUST WARM FOR GUY FUCKING THE TIME YUO ENTER HER YUO FEEL DIZZY AND BLOOD JUST SHIVERS ALL OVER THE VEINS. CUDDOS.I JUST THINK OF TRYING TO FUCK THE SHEEP ONCE AGAIN Cause ma blood is still hot and pumping with high pressure to ma peni.hope to find a good sheep for me. I like sharing the fuck with guys and if willing to share pllease let me know. you should have 16 inch dick or more cause mine is 22inches long. welcome to you who is willing to fuck a sheep with me. send me email to wycliffe21@live.com.

    KINIAMULU, posted

    Nothing in this video except the man rubbing his dick across the sheep's face. The sheep obviously is trying to get away and does not respond to his advances in anything but a frightened demeanor. The man takes most of the time to take his clothes off and really doesnt start to do anything (except kiss the sheep) until the last fifteen seconds. This video wasted one of my free movie credits and was definately not worth the one minute I sat here watching it. Maybe next time, the man should try a different approach? Next time, try the back way (vaginal or anal, either would be good) or try mixing it up and let a male sheep mount you?

    jstar118650, posted
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