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    Horse Licking


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    man licks horse out

    Uploaded by xytershot · Rating: 4.5 (260 votes) · 65602 views


    what fuck are horse male or female?

    TRISTAN064829, posted

    I bet that horse's ass is fuckin delicious.

    hahahwgr, posted

    Awesome!!! Where a can find de hole video??? the man is hot and tyhe horse too!

    acuarian76, posted

    Fucking amazing! That man is sooo hot! ;)

    lovesmen, posted

    super hot!!!! Alguien de mexico?

    Cbastian28, posted


    rixk9, posted

    omg your gorgeous

    annon78, posted

    Like your frind you were turning on you did the same to me. Would of loved rimming & fucking your hot ass while you were doing this. BONUS would be if your friend fucked my ass at the same time!

    wannagetinme, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm id love me a horse dick and humn any in socal up to fuck just shaved legs please message me by sexys dosent matter how big dick size how ugly you ar or anything i just want a juciey dick in my ass and straight to my mouth


    i would have certainly liked to be have been their with them all mmmmmmmmm

    tony48, posted

    the guy was from Germany and that was my horse i still have him here near lasvegas he is moving to oregon with me in the fall

    cowraunchlover, posted

    would love to rim out a horse's ass DEEP. any guys in SoCal with horses up for it, let's do it.

    guy4horses, posted

    mmm love that, wanna to suck and rimming a horse dick, and cunt mmmmmmm

    rick1973, posted


    freesecond, posted

    hot! This is my favourite video on this site. I would love for him to do that to me ;)

    imahorsewhore, posted

    Man, buddy! You are one hot fucker, Let us see More. Please! thanks.

    succumballs1, posted

    Wow, he is so hot rimming and stroking like that, made me wet in a second.

    Maikol, posted

    this is so nasty and sooooo hot!! luv it

    Pepper2011, posted

    It appears that he is reaching between the horses back legs and is constantly stroking the horses cock the entire time that he is licking up and down horse crack, but he does it so voraciously you feel like he cannot get enough. The boy is burying his face as deep as he can and is mesmerized, craving more and more.

    salagi, posted

    How can something so short be so hot?

    secretbook, posted

    hot hot love the way he gets right in there

    sullo, posted

    nice love the way he gets right in there

    sullo, posted

    Very hot young guy. Would love to see more of him.

    gstud1971, posted

    Het is echt balen dat ik allergisch ben voor paarden Van jongs af aan ben ik gek op paarden anussen en lullen. Nu moet ik het met dit soort geweldige filmpjes doen en verhalen over sex met dieren.

    Intoall, posted

    I am not into horses at all, but this VERY SHORT vid is fucking hot. Would have loved to see it for minutes!

    animals30yo, posted

    wish i could play wit a horse some time...

    this1, posted

    This movie was awesome! This dude had his face in there. That's the way to do it!

    boxsniffer, posted

    i've been wanting to eat out and fuck a mare or stallion for a while now, but i'm afraid i'll contract worms. if anybody has fucked or eaten out a horse, can you please truthfully tell me if you did or didn't contract worms? pm me if you're more comfortable doing so. i would really appreciate any and all replies. thank you.

    texasranger1015, posted

    It would be great to see the whole video...That guy is very hot and just looking at the way he rims that beautiful horse was enough to keep me wanking for an hour.

    muktar, posted

    looks like a paid hustler his face is not really that into his action and his dick never even comes close to getting excited.

    horseryder, posted

    i love it

    frankhhb, posted

    ville gjerne se mere at den flotte mannen liker å slikke fitte.kasper34

    kasper34, posted

    let’s make an elevated table so i'm even with a horse’s ass, strapped on, tilt the table back, get my wide open ass right up next to the horse’s so when it shits it's a direct deposit into my open hole.

    ryanr89nc, posted

    I wish he rim my ass too!!!

    freesecond, posted

    so fucking hot! nothing better then seeing a hot guy get really into it!

    beautydoesbeast, posted

    Damn wish that guy would eat my ass like that and then fuck me with that beautiful hot cock....yes sir!

    kokassluver, posted

    that was so fucking hot so nasty good

    bluesgirl13, posted

    very hot vid!!!

    k9me, posted


    weirdojoe, posted

    anyone in Michigan looking for a 17 cocksucker? Horses and Dogs baby... let me at em!

    kotahun12, posted

    ich würde auch so gerne mal einem pferd das arschloch lecken! schreibt mich bitte bitte an wenn ihr mir das ermöglichen könnt!!!!!

    xtrasex, posted

    heeerlyke geile vent erg goed

    janwillem, posted

    Fucking beautiful, love seeing hot guys making pigs of themselves with animals, oink, oink, you beautiful depraved motherfucker.

    Hippokrates, posted

    love it

    texarkanaman, posted

    wish there was a longer version of this, where is it from

    treylonden, posted

    fucking hot guy too!

    jerez1, posted

    damn where is this from

    treylonden, posted

    love the rimming and pussy licking

    horse.in.me, posted

    hot, hot, hot

    mssunshine89, posted

    damn nice vid

    newtothis86, posted

    very hot fella really into his beast

    initinit, posted

    hot hot cocks

    dtguy, posted

    HOT !!! Looks like my bay mare...but doesn't look like me... ;<}

    yellolabitch, posted

    fuckin hot

    jcjcjcjc, posted

    add camxcam and zoophilia i'm brazilian mytchell_86@live.fr

    mytchell86, posted

    That's pretty hot!

    Mini-Moose, posted

    I have done that once before... looking for someone near Palm Springs with stallion to video me rimming their horse.

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    you're loving it - looks so intense and horny

    tonycub, posted

    i would hope so.i would

    watcherman, posted

    do you think he likes doing that?

    uglygit, posted

    I really liked the video. I just wished that it wasn't recored sideways for all throughout the video and it could've been longer. 20 - 30 seconds wouldn't exactly cut it here, but overall the video was still something good to look at for those who enjoy seeing horses being fondled and licked and played around with. Maybe another male could've came in and have the horse give him a BJ or suck on its sheath. That's my only opinion here. Quality was good, as well. No blurring or pixelated images as you could see clearly of what was going on. Still, wish it was longer than 20 or 30 seconds. Maybe it could have been a minute or two.

    GuilDog, posted

    OMG GREAT VIDEO Tobad it is so short, I love watching guys rimming animals horses and dogs, this guy looks like he LOVES it, he has a great body as you can see He really shoves his face in there to get nice and deep and give that hot ass a good working over he reaches underneath the horse probably playing with the horse it sucks that the clip is so short though i would have watched this forever, such a hot guy and horse I would recommended this clip to anyone that likes rimming, and seeing a hot guy do dirty things

    kinkydogslut, posted

    This is one of the hottest horse vids out there; not only is it erotic, but the HOT, naked man makes it 100 percent more sexual!!! I have been busting my nutts watching this guy for months. Plus the man in the background who is obviously aroused & turned on by the fact that his bud is all up in the horse's ass! Damn what I would give to see this stud swallow it's CUM! If any one has the entire movie or knows where to find; hit me UP! Email me here & then we can exchange more once initial formalities are out of the way!

    Horse_Stroker, posted

    There are three terms that are most commonly used in regards to the subject: zoophilia, bestiality, and zoosexuality. The terms are relatively interchangeable. Zoosadism, sodomy and zooerasty are others closely related to the subject but are less homologous to the former or are uncommon usage. "Bestiosexuality" was discussed briefly by Allen (1979), but never became established. The term "zoophilia" was introduced into the field of research on sexuality in Psychopathia Sexualis (1886) by Krafft-Ebing, who described a number of cases of "violation of animals (bestiality)",[4] as well as "zoophilia erotica",[5] which he defined as a sexual attraction to animal skin or fur. Zoophilia can refer to sexual activity with non-human animals (bestiality), the desire to do so, or to the paraphilia of the same name which requires a definite preference for animals over humans as sexual partners. Some zoophiles and researchers draw a distinction between zoophilia and bestiality, using the former to describe the desire to form sexual relationships with animals, and the latter to describe the sex acts alone.[6] Masters (1962) uses the term "bestialist" specifically in his discussion of zoosadism, which refers to deriving sexual pleasure from cruelty to animals. Stephanie LaFarge, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the New Jersey Medical School, and Director of Counseling at the ASPCA, writes that two groups can be distinguished: bestialists, who rape or abuse animals, and zoophiles, who form an emotional and sexual attachment to animals.[7] Williams and Weinberg studied self-defined zoophiles via the internet and found they saw the term as involving concern for the animal's welfare and pleasure, and an emphasis on believing they obtained consent, as opposed to the zoophile's concept of bestialists, who zoophiles defined as a group who focused only on their own gratification. Williams and Weinberg also quoted a British newspaper as saying that zoophilia is the term used by apologists of bestiality.[8] The term "zoosexual" itself was cited by researchers such as Miletski in the 1990s.[citation needed] It was seen as a value-neutral term which would be less susceptible to being loaded with emotion or rhetoric. Usage of the noun form can be applied to both a "zoosexual (person)" which is synonymous with zoophile, and a "zoosexual act", synonymous with bestiality or depending on the context zoophilia.

    fghghggvk, posted

    Go down, every down, on a perfect beast is such a privilege not an opportunity, counting yourself as a lucky one who gets to express the pure devotion to horse flesh and cock and be the witness to the taste of the flesh, the sport of kings that so many would love to taste is an inspiration. Savour the taste and honour the horse god, the true and only honest expresion of physical beauty you will ever bet on, the sport of kings and the taste of true kings. Where can I start? Small and on top, only I will only be want to be under, with the true power

    dropper1971, posted

    oh god how hot does it get this really horny guy naked sucking on animal cunt with a bunch of guys watching and and waiting their turn? Wanna be there sucking sperm and pushing my cock into that hot hole licking steaming manspunk and barnsmelling horsespunk cummin dripping out an then getting my tight shaved Scttish arse raped by a horny American horse handler. Dumping up me and being his stable arseboy and wanking on my uncut cock till i cum on the straw for you and wiping it up on my arse. Who else gonna write about wanking and sucking animalspunk? Email me. (in contact addresses)

    hornimanuncut, posted

    Wow belle vidéo qui me plait beaucoup je suis complément horny devant mon écran et je joue avec ma grosse bite qui est bien dure et qui coule doucement pour faire durer le plaisir comme j aimerais avec moi aussi mon propre animal pour faire moi aussi des Vidéo comme toi dommage a Montréal personne qui partage leur phantasme de K9 Wow nice video I like much I'm horny addition to my screen and I play with my big cock that is hard and flowing slowly to make the pleasure last as J would like me too with my own animal to me also as Video you damage a person who shares their Montreal fantasy K9

    panama1969, posted

    That guy is so hot and shows such a great rimming skill. Specially when he grabs the horse tight with his strong hands and buries his head deep into it. You can even hear him moan in pleasure before the guy filming says: “You’re turning me on”. It would be great to see the whole video and perhaps the uploader would kindly do us all that favour and share the rest of it. A 19 second footage was enough to keep me wanking for an hour. As it stands now the rest is just left to our imagination. Well worth watching over and over again.

    muktar, posted

    this video is horny as fuck i would love to be there with him helping him rim that arse you know a arse that size needs more then one tongue up it and his arse im sure that could do with a tongue as well i would love to see this guy fuck or get fucked by that horse i wish there were more places in the uk were you can go and hav fun with horses if anyone knows anywhere let me know love the taste of arse love horses and hes fit as well good lad great video might have to come see you sometime and go visit that horse put our tongues to good use

    jcr, posted

    This guy has amazing arms and he flexes them beautifully as he goes about his task. He is obviously dedicated to the task at hand and goes after his prize with great relish. I would highly recommend this, despite it's short duration. Kudos! I look forward to spending more time viewing similar creations; preferably if they are by the same actor and horse. The director can be heard in the background offering encouragement. Again, the dedication that the actor showed to his goal really didn't require any additional motivation or direction. Beautiful man, beautiful horse, great location. All in all, highly recommend.

    simonbear, posted

    Hot Damn first of all they guy is a total masculine well built stud and it looks like hes prepping to fuck the horse but gets so into rimming her that he just goes for it. I have never seen someone SO into being with an animal, even a horse. Makes me with I was that horse, The comment from the camerman is hot too. Need more videos like this one, where there is a REAL sexual arousal and not just some lame robot like fucking action. He looked like he was in love with that horse! Lucky damned horse. Awesome work guys!

    topcoach, posted

    wow..i creamed in my pants when you were licking that horses ass that incredible .I would have loved to have licked that ass .I cant beleive he was able to wrap his damn lucky lips around that huge horse butt.I too would have been kneeling before the horse and him just to help the guy out.His hands were to full to even stoke his cock.I can imagine him fuking me at the same time as devouring the dripping horse cock.Maybe get a dog to help your ass out so you can be like a pig on a spit. Loved the video Super HOT!!!

    FoxyLover15, posted

    that was a really hot fucken shot you could really tell that guy was really getting into eating out that mares cunt and he really looed like he was enjoying it he buried his face right in there and was eating that cunt so good fuck sure would have loved to been there with him and heleped him eat that cunt out as well the guy that was filming it was even enjoying it you could hear him say that it was fucken turning him on as well hell it was a GREAT clip loved watching it over and over again

    hairyoutdoors, posted

    My only criticism of this movie would be that it is too short! I could easily have watched 20 minutes of this without a second of boredom. This movie, allthough short, is fucking AMAZING. A very hot young man with a very hot smooth body (nice ass and dick) is totally turned on as he licks out a horse with a gorgeous chestnut brown coat. It appears that he is reaching between the horses back legs and is constantly stroking the horses cock the entire time that he is licking up and down horse crack, but he does it so voraciously you feel like he cannot get enough. The boy is burying his face as deep as he can and is mesmerized, craving more and more. This is one for the books. Can we see more footage? Even the voice in the background says "you're turning me on." Without a doubt.

    tomscurious, posted
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