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    Mare Tight Anal Fuck


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    men fucking a mare anal

    Uploaded by sajid80 · Rating: 4.0 (133 votes) · 66103 views


    18 years old fat and horny, hit me up if ur willing to fuck an animal on cam, skype jack.rogan6

    Gayjackal, posted

    anybody live up near toronto canada?

    artac1, posted

    Video doesnt work on mobile devices.

    derrick2028, posted

    her fart really got me hard

    Joennylovers, posted

    big hot cock!

    furjack, posted

    always awesome to watch

    palomino1027, posted

    21 year old male from northern Nj looking to have sex with my first mare message me or hassen187@yahoo.com some of these post look a little fony so im just gonna say im real lol if you see this elsewhere cause im askin around

    m187, posted

    Fuck that ass hard and rough till u blow deep inside, they love that

    facebook22, posted

    Wish there was more anal movies with mares, cows and sheep. SO very tired of guys being bottomed or fucking dogs...>.>

    dn19, posted

    I love this video. The guy has a long thick donkey dick that is fucking his mare in her tight asshole. I loved the part where his dick bent and then he pulled out to hear his mare fart. She farted on his dick and then he slid his dick back inside of her farting asshole. He was pumping really deep and hard and that is the reason his mare farted on his dick. I'm sure he went back inside of her asshole and shot a huge load of cum deep inside of her juicy asshole. I really love watching videos of guys fucking mares in their assholes and then they end up farting afterwards. It really turns me on to hear mares fart.

    macholibre1979, posted

    male PR pm me if you wanna do stuff with either your dog or just the two of us...or both ;) pm me if you're in the area and wanna have fun

    doggylovr97, posted

    I wish there were some more professionally shot movies like this....

    plopok, posted

    Buttsex is the way to go.

    Aylahama, posted

    still looking to get fucked or fuck give me a message :)

    shane361, posted

    ohh ohh - Dickbraking...

    DirkPie, posted

    Hnggnhgn~ the only thing hotter than a mare being sexed, is a mare being sexed in the butt. There needs to be more of this kinda thing out there. You guys with the horses, make more videos of yourselves buttsexing them, please. :3

    Appledash, posted

    i love hot sex nowwwwwwwwwwwwww

    samyalii, posted

    der arschfick ist geil, aber es hat sicherlich weh getan, ja,ja

    ponystosser, posted

    He broke his dick at 13 seconds

    pooface12, posted

    супер. тоже так хочю

    boobster78, posted

    This guy has one amazing cock that will make you drool to have it in you. The video was very clear with great sound. Very good quality video and extremely hot to watch. Wish it was a bit longer however can't wait to see more videos by this guy that are longer. If you are into hot mare sex especially out in the open where anyone could possibly see you, this video is for you. Worth watching and recommend it for anyone into mare sex. Can’t wait to see what other videos this user will upload. Support this video and channel by commenting below and hopefully we will see longer videos uploaded sometime soon.

    randyharrison, posted
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