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    Donkey Gets Fucked


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    Guy cums in a donkey pussy

    Uploaded by RedHotClitty · Rating: 4.1 (252 votes) · 90390 views


    wrens, ga

    bigjimbo, posted

    anybody up near toronto canada

    artac1, posted

    Das ging zu schnell ;>)

    capricornus, posted

    Suche gleichgesinnte! Wenn Du eine Hündin, oder eine Stute, oder eine Kuh hast und du nichts dagen hast diese zur Verfügung zu stellen, dann melde dich bitte. Ich muß es mal dringend wieder mit einem Tier treiben...

    coolwichser, posted

    wish i could fuck this hot pussyy uff so hot

    i20, posted

    damn he popped quick!!!

    Duballs, posted

    must have been his first time is he came in 15(ish) seconds

    imnextdoor, posted

    Loved this shot and probably the best today. Like it when he pulls out and the donkeys pussy is moving it's pussy getting rid of the cum - just think if it was doing that when he was fucking her!!!!!

    sexalldaylong, posted

    herrlich natürlicher deckakt !

    wuggie1, posted

    This looks GOOD!

    toughboy24, posted

    very interesting video, i seen it more and more times...

    21121983, posted

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    _xxxxxx_, posted

    geil zum wichsen

    lusti, posted

    that donkey is a real cum magnet she pushed back & he shot off I wanna fuck her

    shorttom, posted

    That is exactly how long I lasted on my first donkey experience which was awesome. Love the twitching pussy and the dripping cum at the end. Anyone want to chat about this video can send me a message

    donkeyboy6, posted

    thats about how long I would last deep inside a younger boys tight little ass. but i would have kept it deep inside till every last drop was pumped into that hole

    fmarewantedinnd, posted

    Seeking USA guys on the east coast or southeast WHO HAVE ACCESS TO ANY ANIMAL HOLE: that are already trained to take dick. NOT LOOKING TO TRAUMATIZE, FRIGHTEN,OR HURT ANYONES CRITTTER, (though I'm aware they're might be little bit of a resistance) please email me: bradmontgomery25@yahoo.com Me: 32 white, very good looks, know how to keep my mouth shut. LOVE the idea of pervin' out with another man and sharing beast pussy! INTENSE MALE BONDING :O)

    nycshaun, posted

    Hopefully this doesn't come across creepy. But i'm looking for a girl too hook up with around the London/Kent area. Skype me and we can get to know each other a little first if thats what you want - jackjones807 xxx

    jackjoneshere, posted

    You can take me like that donkey anytime you want.

    bredmare, posted

    Very hot. I live your dick, man. I wish you could shove it all the way inside of me. Alguem na zona de lisboa interessado numas brincadeiras com animais? Diz algo para o mail aqui do site.

    nanetas, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    You already fucking bitch breed English mastiff?

    gienia, posted

    mann ist die fotze geil... wie die pulsiert

    chang1, posted

    I know it's almost an imposibility to keep from cumming so soon, but it feels so good you just can't help it. Nice cum shot!!!

    spurs2, posted

    I need thats pussy!

    oroblanco, posted

    Fuck! Anybody near Selma NC, I love to watch and participate!!!!!! aniol72@hotmail.com I'm always horny!!!!

    angelmoreno4169, posted

    nice load!!great

    hhq321, posted

    Geil!! Aber video leider zu kurz. Ein eselhengst würde Ihr länger spaß und befriedigung geben ;>)

    capricornus, posted

    Omg! I want some of that!

    maremount68, posted

    i love it,i wish i was fuck...it.

    gattoman, posted

    I want to Fuck your pet I live in Suffolk can any one help email me and if you want to play as will

    lookinside, posted

    I used to be able to com that fast.

    gstud1971, posted

    I like the way her pussy opens up loking for more dick, wish could give her more of my dick!!!!!!!!!

    bigjimbo, posted

    beautiful winking, cummy pussy bro, mmmm fuck

    1cockluvr, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    That donkey seemed like she wanted more and more. I would have took her tail hole as well, a little tighter, but just as good.

    Killerrog22, posted

    Any one in Ga got a donkey like this message me. That donkey waanted more and hopefully he stayed their all day giving her all he could.

    bigjimbo, posted

    damns, why get you out of her hot cunt??!

    Pan_Arkadion, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    damn thats fucking hot

    remy-66k, posted


    Blow_out2010, posted

    Would eat all that jiz fm her cunt

    asafredriksen, posted

    Have done that and know how fantastic it feels

    donkeyboy6, posted

    Her pussy just kept opening and wanting more dick I could have given her more all day more. I never fucked a donkey but dogs, cows, and chickens. Chickens will sing to you when you are fucking them, and nice and tight pussy.

    bigjimbo, posted


    bajiujiu, posted

    nice cum

    serb, posted

    You know she liked it.

    Londontower96, posted

    wow-bestial video...super tare

    dan40tm, posted


    wjs333777, posted

    I wonder if she got pregnant... thatd be interesting.

    meemeerawwr, posted

    I hope you live in georgia and would not mind if I came by and enjoyed fucking that pussy of hers. That is awesome. bigjimbo.come@yahoo.com

    bigjimbo, posted

    yeah she sucked the cum out of him and I know how it feels ! :) A donkey mares pussy gives back what a man gives her.

    nightglow, posted

    could u sent this to me: coreyk30@yahoo.com i loved it sooo much. she really must have some strong pussy muscles to be grabbing at ur cock and still feeling for it after like that

    silq, posted

    I did it some years ago and enjoyed the warm working pussy during my screwing.

    nightglow, posted

    She sucked the come out of him and yes it feels great

    bigjimbo, posted

    That didn't take long...must've felt incredible!

    balloonguyaz, posted

    I would love to do that

    crystallight2, posted

    Wow she enjoyed that and wanted more

    donkeyboy6, posted

    I miss fucking a burro mare

    dogmate, posted

    nice load!!great cock!~

    zhens007, posted

    lucky dude - I would love to be the dude fucking a donkey mare or a horse -

    dracofreod, posted

    good creampie, good load.

    marelover78, posted


    hyg527, posted

    very lucky donkey

    ontariomale, posted

    Veeeeeeeery sweet. Loved it.

    maxguevarra, posted

    I would so love to fuck a donkey mare

    jc97000100, posted

    I would so love to fuck a donkey mare :D

    Swedishboy7, posted

    you cummed way to fast

    beasty92, posted

    awsome movie. Bet you really enjoyed it. Great finish.

    7645, posted

    dont they kick?

    g-unit_666, posted

    A guy with a nice looking cock slowly slides its beautiful cock in a donkey's pussy from behind. Gently fucking in and out, he soon starts cumming in her pussy. He then pulls out his cock so we can see this great cum slowly trickle out of the donkey's pussy. The video finishes with a close-up shot of her pussy that keeps opening and closing seconds after the guy's cock is out, wanting more of this great stuff. The image quality is very good and and angle is fantastic. We can see the guy's cock gently fucking the donkey and cumming for our (and the donkey's) great pleasure. No sound unfortunately.

    gab1858, posted
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