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    Male Dog Ass Fucked


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    male dog fucked in the ass

    Uploaded by kntdog1 · Rating: 4.3 (400 votes) · 101426 views


    Que buen videoo!!

    facudog, posted

    Now that's w hat I call doing it doggy style! Nice vid clip!

    Jake07, posted

    mmmmm, I'm so wet just thinkin about the dog knotting inside me as ur fukin him deep...mmmmm....

    axeil, posted

    :O so hard

    muskle, posted


    seb302, posted

    Im 14 and do this almost every day with my. Three dogs (read my info)

    Gaydogyanalsex, posted

    That got me so hard

    ZZCASTLEZZ, posted

    that's how its done.

    Ravenblkwolf, posted

    dobrej mrd

    kozesnik, posted

    @Jeffes entierement d'accord, j'aurai bien enculé le chien après qu'il est rempli son cul de sperme @PatrickBN, ja er fickt in durch, wenn sein arschloch sehe, hab ich nur lust mein schwanz hinein zu rammeln

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    ouaaaa quel pied j'aurai bien sucé le chien pendant que le mec qui le baisait le pilonait a fond ( le mec a un joli petit cul mmmmmmmm)

    jeffes, posted

    wen ich den Rüdenarsch sehe schwillt mein Schwanz sofort an..saugeil wie er ihn fickt

    PatrickBN, posted

    i am 19 and pretty cute to watch me fuck my dog find me on skype my name is dog.fucker and chaos_child777yahoo.com bring your pet and we can watch eachother

    chaoschild, posted

    soo fucking nice this is some off the best

    lundsteen, posted

    suche rüden oder pferd ;) aus nrw .. meldet euch

    jizz20, posted

    Dog is well trained for anal fucking and looks like he could take a bigger cock and love it. The man looks like he's having fun with the dog ass hole I could too. show me some new ones.

    VOND3, posted

    This guy has a nice ass

    ferksd21, posted

    Wow.... I now know what my next dog's going to be!! Any tips on how to go about getting a dog ready to fuck it? I'll definitely make sure its a male dog.

    d_l_scorpio, posted

    wish my boy was big enough to fuck (has lovely suckable cock but)

    johhnys, posted

    I luv rottie wish that one is mine n i cld fuck him every day ..wish i hav also a boyfrien ... 25yo/m

    darkzoone, posted

    Nice grab.

    doitsu, posted

    bad quality but awesome action! Grabbing his bitch-boy's balls & spreading his legs & lifting him off the ground to ride his ass hard really got me HORNY! I gotta go fuck myself now.

    scruffylilcat, posted

    Really cool!

    GayAktiv, posted

    poznam ogierow do hardcor moj emil;tropikana210@wp.pl

    inka23suczka, posted

    Fantastic! Which is best man ass or dog ass? Love to try out both one after the other to compare.

    k9biboy5, posted

    It made me go directly home and fuck my bblack lab

    danehumper5, posted

    nice fucking mmm

    horney4sex, posted


    gregor_, posted


    BlackFoxs, posted

    geil abgefickt den arsch

    sascha4711, posted

    fucknn WOOF

    ruggedausdog, posted

    wow u can fuck me with your cock. uk female x

    cottee160, posted

    Fuck that big dog - Yeah

    pieter1, posted

    très beau film. excitant bandant hot. le trou du chien est mortel, ouvert comme ça, on a envi d'y entrer et de le pilonner avec force. quand je baise mon chien son trou reste ouvert un bon moment après que ce soit fini. qu'est ce que c'est bon le cul d'un chien male, serré, chaud, profond. mon chien joui quand je le baise, je n'en reviens toujours pas. je crois qu'il est amoureux de moi, et moi aussi... ouais putain je suis dingue de mon chien, il est si beau.

    mydogass, posted

    okay i have a good size male dog and want to give this a shot is it wise to use a condom or is it okay he up to date on all his vet stats and shots so wut do u guys think

    yangman121, posted

    yeah hot

    DURACELL8, posted

    I love how hard you fuck his ass. He seems to love just getting rammed, bet you've stretched him out for a long time.

    Ravenblkwolf, posted

    good fuck..only missing the cum shot

    goldenrod01, posted

    can someone send me a hot pic of a dobermans anus i would love that so much my email is jimmylewburt@yahoo.com if you send me a pic you'll win a prize called a big thank you that i will send you in a message just leave a link to your profile so i can message you thanks i hope to receive a pic

    analfreaklyxxx, posted

    add me ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted

    that is one lucky dude

    analfreaklyxxx, posted

    very hot hot dog ass! i would love to 3 way with a good boy like that and share his wet juicy hole and fill him up. dobermans and rotts are the best boy dogs with hot ass's and mounting the hottest as well

    lynnwoodguy38, posted

    Wow, is mostly the thing that comes to my mind. This is a great look at sexuality in a stimulating light. This also shows that sex with something close to you can be very rewarding. The dog seems content with such heavy deep pounding of some of the best looking dick on the site

    prettybrownone, posted

    19 year old male, sheridan IL looking to fuck or be fucked by an animal akitovolk@yahoo.com

    shaysire22, posted

    you can grab me just like that anytime

    dewayne64, posted

    attractive male looking for a dog bitch owner in london UK for fun times. naughty_discreet @ yahoo.co.uk

    bingdog5, posted

    2 hot Aussie fellows here looking for others who are into all this hot shit. Email us at simonh@ecn.net.au or text to +61 421 070 726

    hornyass1, posted

    ad me ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted

    im female and 22, and i love this. i dont know why seeing men fucking tight little dogs asses turns me on, but i can orgasm so easily watching this. i love seeing cows pussys getting fucked too. im a sick girl :)

    fem88, posted

    add my msn ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted

    great super great

    ferksd, posted

    very hot

    johnnieangel, posted

    very hot :) someone in sweden/stockholm with a male dog?

    robban, posted

    nice!!!!!!!!!!! i used to work at a kennel and bust a nut almost every night in male dog ass after everyone left. i was always gentle. lots of lube and finger fuck them first to stretch them out. one shepherd REALLY loved getting fucked. i always sucked him off before i fucked him. love sucking shepherd cock and swallowing their cum. tastes better than most other breeds.

    doggieboiishere, posted

    Nice video, very hot, uuufff, really hot!

    oroblanco, posted

    Ram that arse! I'm jack from London UK. Looking to pound the fuck out of a dogbitch in both holes with an owner. Anything goes naughty_discreet @ yahoo.co.uk

    bingdog5, posted

    OMG! This was fucking hot!

    spacealien22, posted

    wunderbar zu sehen wie er ihn fickt

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    very nice

    Jerry1209, posted

    you should masturbate the dog while you are fucking him, doesn't that seem a little more fair? He would probably like to get off too.

    tonktaf, posted


    cornman, posted

    enfach genial und mega geil hat jemand möglichkeiten in deutschland?dann schreib mir bitte an jason 1848@hotmail.de

    kinski66, posted

    Very nice, loved the way he pulled all the way out them put it back all them way in.

    rookiegirl, posted

    guy has a nice ass, bet he fucks that dog alot.

    asslick5, posted

    nice asssssssss

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    deilig film. Hann hund er nok mest anvendelig ja

    tommy71, posted

    i LOOOOVE it when he pulls all the way out and puts it back in, so you can see his wonderful cock and how big he is and how easily he slides in. it could use more (better) sound (believe it or not, it does have sound, but you have to crank your speakers, and there's not really much to it, but its there). awesome video. its vids like this that make me wish i had a dick (and a dog).

    beingstrange, posted

    Need to see more from you. It was fantastic. I was pushed over the edge when you spead the dog's ass.

    markus706, posted

    HO;LY FUCK THAT WAS HOT!!! Damn, I love the way he fucked the dogs asshole so hard and deep. WOOF. I blew my nut when he stands over the dog and spreads the dogs asshole, sent me over the edge after the way he fucks that hot wet hole all the way in, all the way out. joaddict@ymail.com

    joaddict, posted

    Great Mate Two male asses, one fucked well and the other will be

    stockman, posted

    that was so hot the doggie was NOT in pain.he loved every inch of it.the guy sure knows how to fuck his dog.

    ninnafaye, posted

    Really fucking hot

    Sunburst00, posted

    oh yes,love to see a men take a male dog hard in his ass. hard and deep,it must hurt a little.

    subinboy, posted

    very good vid, nice cocksman...

    luvembig, posted

    i wish i was there to suck his cock when he pulled out of the dog. eat his hot cum and clean his pole....

    dadsislandboy, posted

    GREAT vid :D

    k9horse69, posted

    wow! i love to see guys fucking male dogs! i'd like to try me too

    segaioloboy, posted

    me next pleassse

    terrry, posted

    love watching a male dog take it up the ass

    bbellaa12, posted

    very hot hope you let him return the favor.

    alpolove, posted

    oh yeah, wery hot man wery hot dog!!! lol* i like watching it makes me wet ... i must cum...

    hundefuehrerin, posted

    great horny clip

    neo1949, posted

    that was sooooo hott

    hotgurlamaya4u, posted

    that was awesome.. love watching a male dog take it up the ass

    deedee333, posted

    love that guys... he wants his ass!! geil!

    hundefuehrerin, posted

    poor doggie looks painful BUT FUN

    xbgold, posted

    I love nailing male k9 butthole. If you got, let me know. Discreet, real, cool.

    LosAngelesGuy, posted

    OMG, that was super hot. Love the way you tore his ass up and he just stood there and took it. Such an obedient dog. Great action!! :-)

    Sassy4Animals, posted

    that it's a very nice ass fuck...VERY nice dog!! wwoowww ... feel so horny rigth now!!!!

    babypet3, posted

    FUCK ME! That's hot!

    Mini-Moose, posted

    it makes me crazy!!!

    hundefuehrerin, posted

    great horny clip - what a sexy hole

    tonycub, posted

    nice ass fuck. I wonder if my rottie would be as receptive.

    febfantasia, posted

    well he worked it

    rosebud3841, posted

    The dog gets pounded right!

    doggyass, posted

    is one of the first videos I saw on this site, and wow I found visiting pages and I put on this have you had and left it, and I got to see him, and if the site is good, only you have to have credits for see some movies that are premium and I'll try to get the credits up videos of these days have a few credits and I get to watch premium videos, upload videos not know if I have here or new ones to come down earlier, I would like could download videos from this site for viewing on the phone and give me a hand in the bathroom, you know that I say but anyway if it is a good site to see videos some of the best eh seen online and is very advisable

    muskle, posted

    this was a great clip i enjoyed finally seeing a male dog be fucked instead of the other way around, its true that some disagree with this because of the dog's discomfort but deep down you know youve got to love it, please make more videos like this one! oh and next time show me the dogs face a bit more, that always makes hornier. i know ill be returning to this video again to enjoy it again. and i reccomend this video to anyone else on this site who shares the same love for animals that i do. have fun and enjoy your beautiful animal.

    naurius97, posted

    Here we have a sexy looking male giving man's best friend some hot lovings. He slides his dick right on in to the dog's hole, who takes it like a champ, and I personally think he seems to be enjoying it. Our friend here then pulls out to give us a wonderful view of his dog's stretched, pink pucker. Pulling the flesh a little further open before pushing back in and giving his pet a nice pounding. The video quality was great in my personal opinion and the lighting was good enough to see all the fun! Unfortunately there was no cumshot to be seen, but I feel that it was not far off. I'm sure there will be more great videos from this dog-lover, I certainly hope so!

    FlamedramonBoyX, posted

    WOW! For all of you who love asshole this one is incredible! The guy fucks this dog's ass nice and hard even squeezing the dogs big balls. The dog is loving every minute of this just as I was and I'm sure you will. Best of all the guy show's the dogs big puckered asshole several times before shoving his hot dick back in for more fucking! If you love to see a nice thick rosebud asshole you will shoot your load when the guy pulls out and spreads the dog's hole open and it actually puckers out as if it's begging for more man dick!

    suxuncut, posted

    In the beginning we see the man fucking the dog a bit to the side, plowing that hole hard, then moves him to the center so the viewers are able to see more of the action, he pumps back in, then grabs the dogs legs pumping in as hard as he can very roughly plowing it a bit slower after a while to show off his balls then he pulls out to show off the dogs yummy ass, then proceeds to slide his meat in and out of the dogs hole he pounds the dogs hole for a while then it fades to black showing his dogs hole open for us teasing us, then pushing back in and fucking it and then showing the dogs hole once more. This was a truly beautiful sight, more dogs need to be fucked like that, pounding those slutty dog holes hard, pounding them to your hearts content, and this guy really did it, I need to see more male dogs especially fucked in the same way as female dogs. All in all a great video, but I wished to see more, I wanted to see him slide in, maybe an under shot, to show us exactly whats happening, I would love to see another video with this man and his dog.

    keaton_1, posted

    This video was excellent; I think it was a good angle for the camera position. I liked he reached down and cupped the dog that was a nice touch, also how he stopped to show us the tight little hole before going right back at it. I am very glad to have gotten a chance to find this video and am looking for similar. I feel that this video was very well planned and executed I am looking forward to viewing more; I will be definitely adding this to my favorites and suggesting to my friends who are of a similar taste in videos. I may even suggest it to several who are not simply because this video may sway their judgment.

    naughtyteacher, posted

    This was super hot how he thrusted in and out. I could not believe how tight his little doggie was. If I ever got my hands on a dog like that I would rip that dog up. The video was good but it was at a distence, but it allowed the viewing of all the action. The mans penis is so rock hard as it enters through the back of this male dog and allows us to see how they physically love one another. Also the dogs arse is pulsing slightly and his tail is wagging in absolute joy. If only I could meet such a tight and right dog .My dick is so hard after this and I hope more is cumming soon.

    willywilly14, posted

    This video is fantastic and i love all the anal play. I love the way the guys puts his dick in nice and slowly and fucks so the dog very well. The dog is well trained and stays in place the whole time. I love the way the man pulls the dogs big balls back for all of us to see. The guy has a great cock and i love how at the end he stands up and shows us the dogs open hole. I would have loved to see a cumshot right into the dogs open hole. Great videos keep them up.

    swinger, posted

    That video is awesome.I wish I could do that but I have a female dog and she is fixed.That SUCKS. Your video is greatest video of a male dog.I would love to join you.In the video you fucked him so hard BADASS.You gave me hard on.The dog in the video is my favorite dog ever.The way you perform with dog cool.I like the way you open his ass nice.That is cool to see the dog ass. That is a big one.Also it has sound great,other videos dont have sound in it.Please make more with your dog.That is my number one video ever.Last then to say "Your awesome".

    FIRE222009, posted

    That video is awesome.I wish I could do that but I have a female dog and she is fixed.That SUCKS. Your video is greatest video of a male dog.I would love to join you.In the video you fucked him so hard BADASS.You gave me hard on.The dog in the video is my favorite dog ever.The way you perform with dog cool.I like the way you open his ass nice.That is cool to see the dog ass. That is a big one.Also it has sound great,other videos dont have sound in it.Please make more with your dog.That is my number one video ever.Last then to say "Your awesome". wow

    123456789n, posted

    This is a pretty good clip. The video quality is ok, but not great. The video is of a decent looking guy fucking a male dog in the ass. The camera is fixed in in position behind the guy and dog. Several times the guy steps back and shows the camera the dogs ass. So if that is a shot you like, this is a video for you. He also plays with the dogs cock. The dog does not appear to be fighting this, so you can assume this is not a first time for either the guy or the dog. Overall this is a clip worth watching.

    mikejc, posted

    Der Film bekommt als Empfehlung sehr sehr gut. Am Anfang ist gleich zu sehen wie der Rüde gefickt wird schön tief und lang.Seine Eier sind zu sehen vom Hund und Mann.Er kommt mit dem Hund beim Ficken Näher an die Kamera und dann kann man alles gut erkennen.Danach zeigt er das Loch des Hund schön zu sehen wie es glänzt und er zeiht das Loch auseinander wo man fast hinein sehen kann, am Ende fickt er weiter und zeigt aus der Nähe wie er den Hund fickt.Schön wäre wenn er gespritzt hätte auf den Hund.aber vielleicht beim nächsten

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    How hot is this fucking movie? VERY. A nice juicy male dog ass hole being plowed by a beefy white guy with a big dick. commanding man, submissive dog. clipped tail some that makes the fucking easier. Especially hot is when the guy pulls his moist hard dick out of the dog's throbbing asshole, pulls the dog close to the camera and lifts the dog's up, spreads his hole for all of us to look into. HOT. you can almost smell the wet hot hole, you certainly can see and feel it. I'd love to follow that guy and put my dick in that hot dog's hole.

    31stfloor, posted

    This is a very good home made video with hot shots. The rotty seems quite happy to have his arse ploughed. guy has a nice cock and it looks great sliding into the dogs hole. he even is considerate to the viewer by moving the action closer to the camera so we get a better shot of his tool in action then later shows the dogs used hole off to us before going back to finish it off. a cum shot would have been the icing on the cake. we all love seeing male arse get fucked by man or beast. keep it up and how about next time we get to see the rotty take the dudes arse the same way.

    Slick1, posted

    That video is awesome.I wish I could do that but I have a female dog and she is fixed.That SUCKS. Your video is greatest video of a male dog.I would love to join you.In the video you fucked him so hard BADASS.You gave me hard on.The dog in the video is my favorite dog ever.The way you perform with dog cool.I like the way you open his ass nice.That is cool to see the dog ass. That is a big one.Also it has sound great,other videos dont have sound in it.Please make more with your dog.That is my number one video ever.Last then to say "Your awesome".

    mnp, posted
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