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    Bull Cum


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    Bull Cum

    Uploaded by dolph1986 · Rating: 4.2 (264 votes) · 50852 views


    det var en skön avsugning

    A-Z07, posted

    anyone in ontario who has a horse or bull? id love to taste their hot cum. never done it before

    beast_boy124, posted

    One of THE BEST clips here. Wish it was me... Hot!

    DonkCock, posted

    mmmmmmm cool me like

    ABCDE06, posted

    fuckin hot,dont suppose ya'll are in ohio

    dogsmakemehard, posted

    yeah...it's now on my list to try it out too..looks yummy, i just hope if i get the chance, it doesn't scare the bull from all of my simultaneous pounding of my own pud...

    by9cb1, posted

    it's dangerous? be-cause friday i must go on my uncle's factory 4 the week-end and i want to try the bulls too

    davidboy94, posted

    Bull spunk is on my list to try.

    moosebuttlover, posted

    buena mamada

    Humboldt, posted

    like it, wanna taste

    nitrambln, posted

    So dark I could hardly see a thing! Because its so dark, the description is more interesting than the movie.

    maletom, posted

    rico hacerlo mismo

    homeros, posted

    between my legs please

    jamieboxer, posted

    Looking for horse owners near Palm Springs CA to video me - without blocking out my face- sucking their stallion's cock or eating their mare's cunt.

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    loved it

    mooed123, posted

    still one of the best videos

    Nihontos, posted

    mmmm oh yes

    lillyfrench, posted

    what does it taste like?? was a hot hot vid thanks for posting this

    jaspergriffen, posted

    zie liever een mooie paarden lul

    janwillem, posted

    Wow! first video ive watched of a bull and i loved it!

    noblefox, posted

    like video a lot keep it up

    Nihontos, posted

    i want that guys job :)

    zndxxx, posted

    Fantastic clip.....This guy defo knows what's he doing....Very Very HOT.....Had to watch it more than once....Gave me a nice hardon....Very lucky bull with a hot mouth like this working it...Hope to see more from this guy...Fingers crossed and everything else open.....Thanks guys

    K9EAGER, posted

    yes, suck suck suck suck, very very very nice man, love big bulls big shoots, I love P E T S E X . C O M

    monete, posted

    lovely clip, gives me a hardon

    captainatsea, posted

    tentical rape much?

    all4you, posted

    god i love this clip. months later i still love this clip. it's... sensual how he nurses it out nice and slow... and then BAM in the eye.

    myrtlerockbell, posted

    You guys are idiots, the bull came on his face near his eye.

    vincentk18, posted

    it very nice

    tauruss0008, posted

    hot. i wanna see that LIVE>

    entertainme, posted

    GREAT :D I love bulls :)

    k9horse69, posted

    Luv to see a closeup

    yiling, posted

    There does seem to be sum spunk right on his face below left eye !? Just wish it was less dark...and longer in duration, otherwise great

    dad4doguk, posted

    no cum,and a little dark, but man sucking cock.... great

    febfantasia, posted


    shecravesbig, posted

    No cum

    Stallion_Horse, posted

    This is a very rare example of what all submissions should strive for. While far from perfect, this clip is shot quite well, with good lighting, decent quality, and (most importantly) showcases the individual's talent for sucking bull cock. Lets not forget the big star of the feature though. The bull is not only a beautiful specimen, but rises to the occasion, thrusting vigorously, and putting on a very pleasing show. I have scoured site after site hoping for clips of this quality and content for as long as I can remember. Candid clips like this are where this site excels!

    bigjhodson, posted

    this movie is a great one this guy really knows what he is doen and u know u can suck a mean cock he really enjoys himself i would love to b that bull cause he can suck a good ol cock. love when he starts in the vid clippen the hair and the then grabs that hot bull cock plays with it and takes that hot bull cock all the way down his throat till the bull cum in his mouth u can tell he didnt want the bull to stop cummen in his mouth he wanted some more im sure he sucked some more bull cock later that day if i only had a bull to suck that would b fucken hot as hell yummmy great job man can wait to see more vids from him so lets hoe he keeps them cummen and cummen i hope he gets some more on here soon cause that was on hot ass video damn i have jacked to that vid like 4 times i just can not get enought of that bull sucker yummmy now im deff a rodeo fan from here on out ;)

    chadd, posted

    I could just wish I could do a blow on a bull, I was raised in a farm and always wanted to experience what it felt to have that much of a penis in my mouth, the taste of it, and the bulls satisfaction after his cum flows down my throat... This is just one lucky fella, drained his bull partner to completion. Wonder if there is a cow in heat around in order to arouse the bull... if there is none, that bull is well trained to let a human suck his huge penis, and not kick him or move away from his human partner... I guess he was raised since he was just a calf to allow a human take his load.

    Rashid305, posted

    well what a show stopper this is, it mad me want to watch it again and again and again, the guy seems to know what he's doing especially at sucking bull cock...although he gets the load shot in his eye its still a hot clip. he knows how to service that bull's cock and get a healthy return, this has got to be the best clip i have seen on here to date, lets hope we can get some continuation from this guy and bull, maybe even some fucking would be hot..lets keep our fingers crossed and our lips wet and ready

    wayneobee, posted

    This is probably the best bull blowjob video posted on this website! It starts off with some preparation of the bull's cock, as the handler trims down the hair of the sheath. Once he's done, the guy kneels down under the bull, exposes the meat, and begins to take it into his hungry mouth! The dude then winds up bobbing his head more and more, as he slides the slender, pink bull member in and out of his mouth, while stroking the big bull at the same time to get him more erect. In no time, the bull starts to reach climax, as he excitedly thrusts his cock into the handler's mouth before providing the dude with his thirst quenching load! Short, but extremely hawt clip!

    Beastophile, posted
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