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    Bitch Fucked 3


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    Bitch fuck

    Uploaded by Rapefuck · Rating: 4.3 (378 votes) · 90550 views


    This was absolutely the hottest dog fuck video I have ever seen! Loved how she took your cock and absolutely loved to see your seed spewing out of her cunt. Soooo hot!

    cumlygirl, posted

    rail that pussy

    huntsccr8769, posted

    yea pump her full of cum

    shitstaines59, posted


    nowaynopeavi, posted


    misstickles, posted

    nice :)

    olja, posted


    dodol32, posted

    clear video but guy is covering the bitch so you don't see much of anything but bouncing butt for quite a while. THEN...after he unloads in the bitch there is a nice shot of the pullout and the cum dripping out of the bitch's cunt. Pretty hot!

    4fingers, posted

    nenaaprendiz6699@ hotmail. com i'm horny, estoy cachonda...

    erikaxxx, posted

    Yep, this is one of the better ones! I love it when he's thrusting and then jams into her and holds for a few ticks as he lets go deep in her :-> That is a great feeling my friend! I usually am getting french kissed by my gal at that point :-) It just too bad that the time he spent smearing his cum on her vulva was not instead spent kissing her and showing off her sexy, panting Lab face :-(

    TZwolf, posted

    A nice creampie finish. My girl likes it when i suck my cum out!

    lwbloveccj, posted

    does anyone live in ohio that let me fuck there dog female or male iam up for being fuck to by dog does not madter iam up for any thing messsages

    bigman777, posted


    melana, posted

    mmmmmm das ist auch geilll

    master_20, posted

    wow he really filled her up ♥ so sexy

    zimmer320, posted

    good dog fuck should have lasted longer like 3min

    joseph3336, posted

    mmm i want to be next

    tkelly24, posted

    lovec to fuck her next

    crewmen, posted

    Good shot at :22 when he seeds her. He really pushes it into her.

    vonCaldwell, posted

    This is not a bad movie, but too much "cum smearing" :-< There needs to be a little more loving between them and I'd like to see more of her sweet Lab face than the quick glimpse at the very end of the clip. Also, how can this guy resist rubbing and caressing those beautiful teats she has (:->)

    TZwolf, posted

    i love all that come coming out of her pussy

    ohbiteme, posted


    246748ajacs, posted

    i fucked my pitt in the ass but her pussy was to small i wish i coulda fit it in her twat ahhh

    dogasser21, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    i know how it fells and it fell crazy when a bitch starts humping you when you stop humping her and she keeps fucking you and makes you cum.who is fucking who

    getdownonit, posted


    bharshak, posted

    Imagine how that must feel... cumming inside, then pulling out slowly.... yummy video

    zimmer320, posted


    anmolthacker2, posted

    both of them enjoyed very much....

    ginforgay, posted

    so hot i love it looking for a buddy in northern michigan to share this kind of hot sex with. hit me up very serious here thanks.

    fastdraw, posted

    small dick.

    rotvailer1, posted

    anyone in Indiana own a bitch? I want to fuck one.

    justwantingsex, posted

    hmm small dick...

    ciggy, posted

    I liked it very much so I see it many times

    fidan1951, posted

    nice dick

    tongong99, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    i like this movie im going to the pound and get a bitch

    atl_good_guy, posted

    what more could you want. a guy pouring his cock into her tight pussy, he cums and you see the cum coving out of her. she still just lays there enjoying him with his finger on her pussy. Just great.

    greenvalleyjoe, posted


    guestandguest, posted

    anyone in south central PA into this, message me and lets hook up

    Sbryan68, posted

    Härligt att se sperman rinna ut efter knullet, önskar att det hade varit min sperma!

    larby, posted

    WOW! great!

    monrose, posted

    someone help me i so want to do it all in london msn zzuke@hotmail.com

    ianmax, posted

    now we're talking! hot video...guy fucks bitch and shoots a load inside her... now how do I find a buddy in northern Idaho who's got a bitch he'd like to share?

    indeep2cum, posted

    great video. guy just proves what bitches are made for. love the pounding, cum is hot and he shoves it back where it belongs when she tries to push it out. we know who is the boss in that couple.

    dogfucker1222, posted

    je suis du 67 mec interaissé?

    rimkoscar, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    Good, I want to go to see it.

    lingjiale, posted

    good video

    246748ajacs, posted

    Good, I want to go to see it.

    sxiren, posted

    A nice creampie finish. My girl likes it when i suck my cum out!

    ydal, posted

    I agree with zetafire, puppies should be puppies. Besides, if you go at her too soon, she'll probably never open up to you

    flight087, posted

    @ houintellect Let her go. Don't do anything sexual with her before she is 1 year or older. It's not good for her, so don't do it! That has nothing to do with zoophilia, that you want to fuck a 6 month old female labby. Let her be a puppy now and let her grow up normaly without any sexual penetration!

    zetafire, posted

    my friend has a 6 month old lab. I can barely get a finger inside her. How to get her open?

    houintellect, posted

    A great clip...true passion between man and beast.

    Beastboyxxx, posted


    nrgnrg, posted

    muito boa o filminho, fiquei com tesao

    formen, posted


    andeb, posted

    hot, good fuck with awsome creampie, i loved ;-)

    snoopi62, posted

    great! fucking loved the creampie!

    wzgwzg, posted

    this is disgusting stop the animal abuse

    asdfaed, posted

    great! fucking loved the creampie!

    concave_scream, posted


    bollod, posted


    y2067, posted

    Haha, small dick. lol

    Vixenpussy, posted

    slt superbe vidéo cette homme est très doux avec la chatte de sa chienne j aprécie le moment ou la chienne relache le sperme de son maitre et le doigté de ce dernier belle vidéo .

    antheus59, posted

    lovely vid,great cum on pussy mmmmm made me cum xx thanks

    goodboyk9, posted

    made me wet, good job...

    sestouw, posted

    can a dog get preg??? r can a woman get preg?? can a dog get preg??? r can a woman get preg?? can a dog get preg??? r can a woman get preg?? can a dog get preg??? r can a woman get preg??

    doggylover09, posted

    i liked i t it made me hard

    zking12, posted

    Nice vid :D

    k9horse69, posted


    topogan, posted

    can a dog get preg??? r can a woman get preg??

    nghiaTTP, posted

    Love this video - nice hard deep fuck - pound the bitches cunt and then fils her up with his cum and then rubs it in .. Well trained as didnt move or doped ??

    lazarusheights, posted

    I live in va. You can fuck me anytime,

    dewayne64, posted

    can a dog get preg??? r can a woman get preg??

    doggylover09, posted

    gets mi so hard .so nice

    animallover225, posted

    that was great... especially the cum at the end

    deedee333, posted

    pump that cunt nice and hard, fill her up real good

    rosebud24, posted

    I love watching guys with their bitches it always makes me wet! Love the cream pie

    abbielynn89, posted

    just like fucked indian girl.

    bobcenta, posted

    wow.... nice shots. lucky gay too.

    albela80, posted

    Jewish guy and Jewish bitch?

    Hank5, posted

    in addition to a nice fill up she has lovely titties! - thanks for posting

    udpets, posted

    very smal dick

    dogggggy, posted

    bitch tickled

    mikki772, posted

    Hey, how does that compare to a woman?

    onelivewire, posted

    Hope she was in heat so she enjoyed, yet I didn't see any complaints! Nice job...

    onelivewire, posted

    hard fuck

    052133, posted


    MZ_nIsha, posted

    provocative officially

    xiaolizi970, posted

    Nice one!

    doggyass, posted

    this is so hot

    jamessexydb, posted

    beginning was a bit dull but excellent middle on :P ty for post

    Rawrthefox13, posted

    This is by far THE best dog fuck video ive seen tonight!

    k9rick, posted

    I loved this movie alot, the way he fucks in and out of this bitch over and over is so hardening. I also love it how he slowly takes his dick out of the pussy, and then rubbed that cum into it. That was my favourite part. It would be better if there was a shot where you can actully see the dick fucking the pussy, or if it lasted longer. I want to see more like this around. I would definitely recommend this video to everyone if you like the bitch pussy. One of the best videos i have seen yet.

    beener_1, posted

    this was very good i wish i knew how to do that with my dog but i like the way u seeded her a 0:22 and this had very good video quality it was exelent.well anyways if u ever have any new videos u should really do some more u know. i have always wanted to fuck my dog but shes cant stay still, but i always wanted to know what it feels like in a dog vagina,it must feel warm huh. so i wanted to let u know this was a very good video. u should really fuck a bigger dog also u know i heard it was alot better if u fuck a bigger dog rather than a smaller dog because they say it hurts the smaller dogs while with the bigger ones it doesnt hurt them as bad so good luck

    LeeMan0002, posted

    Hot video. I loved the way he planted his load deep inside this bitch. Reminds me of when I was a young lad and I had my first shot of bitch and shoving my big black dick balls deep inside her multiple times per day shooting several loads during a session. I was only 13 and was playing around with the family beagle and started fingering her. After feeling her spasms on my finger, I had to fuck her. And I did, over and over and over again until we both collapsed. I had so much fun with that bitch.

    suckmydad, posted

    Now this is what I came here to see! Hot action between man and female dogs! I love the way he is thrusting into her like a wild man, as if he will go crazy if he does not pump her little doggy pussy full of cum. And that is just was he did. He pumped her full then pushed the cum back in where it belongs and then proceesed to stroke her surely sore pussy as she laid there panting and recovering from such a good hard fucking. I've never seen a dog enjoy herself so much. She sure is a lucky one and I hope he will post more soon.

    foreverfuck19, posted

    I liked this movie alot, the way this guy passionately fucks in and out of this bitch over and over is so erotic. It has a nice shot of the action, nice sized dick for that pussy. I also liked the close up at the end when he is rubbing his cum into the bitch. I think it could be more improved if it had a closer up view or if the fucking lasted longer, I really hope to see more videos like this, I definitely recommend this video if you want to get yourself sticky. Definitly one of my more favored videos.

    DittoRape, posted
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