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    Husky Fuck


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    Guy witn a nice butt, fucking a husky bitch

    Uploaded by k9biguy2266 · Rating: 4.2 (411 votes) · 101428 views


    See her licking your hand .. she must like that cock fucking her, you shift some change the thrust .. and damn she curling her furry tail over your balls and asscrack! Nice fuck, enjoyed all round.

    nhgrizzly, posted

    music did suck but man would love to be there in that room of rednecks fucking k9 pussy with a group of buddies watching or joining, looking for real time hook up in Northern Michigan man 2 female k9 and pussy sharing

    fastdraw, posted

    so fuckin hot when a man gives in to his sick but hot desire to have hot paionate sex with a sexy dog :)

    animal-fucker, posted


    allfire, posted

    the music ruins it in my opinion..

    LilGuppy2, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

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    nick_jenkins, posted

    Wow what a beautiful dog. I wanted to fuck her myself. Love how gentle you were with her especially since you cock is so big. From looks of it she was enjoying it. Not only was she squeezing you cock she licked you. I did care for the music. I could only see this vid. getting better as it wen on. I would love to see the ending. So if you could please send it to 690449547@qq.comcom since I can't get premium credits... I'll take this one and anyother you would like to send... show more of the big cock fucking tight bitch pussy

    tongpetlust, posted

    wow....what a beautiful dog...i would love to fuck her and cum inside that sweet pussy....

    lusolatino, posted

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    WhiteTigerHH, posted


    lpitts, posted

    fuck me

    adeladam, posted

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    utku999999, posted

    could've kept the music off

    tonytwo, posted

    . . . .__. the music annoys the hell outta me.

    kako992, posted

    geil drauf abgespritzt

    lusti, posted

    nice video but i see women in backgroud, right pat other dog ... guy fuck her husky ?

    HyenaFucker, posted

    Se você não tem condições para arrumar alguém do seu tamanho ou um ser humano por ser você nojento e tarado ou feio e monstruoso, vem me comer sou muito mais lindo que você imagina.

    Odnanref, posted

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    ligny, posted

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    MARCIMOX, posted

    oh jezzus not more music

    kimon43, posted

    hot guy wish i was the husky

    jefde2, posted

    richtig geil

    sascha4711, posted

    geiler fick, gg

    master_20, posted

    who were the other two dudes in the room, the guy on the side,was he the owner of the dog and the man on film was a client who paid for this service ?

    horseryder, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    great angles wish i was there

    goodday1, posted

    buen video me puso caliente

    antinovs, posted

    Lose the music. Otherwise, really really hot

    231830, posted

    Really wish people would leave the cheesy music alone and let us all enjoy the sounds.... It would be so much sexier.

    testyrone, posted

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    mefuckdogme, posted

    I love it!

    chenyongsony, posted

    me gustó este video!!

    fidelrueda, posted

    thats the nices ass i have ever seen.

    charlieboi369, posted

    she moved her tail so she must the fucking she got

    fredpotts, posted


    ss30001ss, posted

    i love this video

    45cross, posted

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    pacopaco, posted

    good video! i enjoyed it, it would have been a lot hotter without all of that loud music, better with natural sound, other than that, it was Hot!!! thanks for sharing! :)

    south2, posted

    add me ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted

    You`re awesome Love to watch over and over!

    nortnabarb, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    nicr shot

    ketankumar, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    jj n455555

    ketankumar, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    This is a real good one. The guy is gentle and the bitch seems to be into the loving. If you watch the entire movie (which I have in my collection) it ends really nice with her getting up and doing the "orgasm dance" which for me is the best part of making it with a bitch.

    TZwolf, posted

    aww this is so sexy and nice

    45cross, posted

    ad me ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted

    you could see that bitch was so enjoying that cock, beautiful.

    shadow222, posted

    aah.. hope the husky enjoyed it as well..

    mmmhhhmastiffs, posted

    now thats a dog

    communistwolf, posted

    very hot!!! i want a dog really bad

    AlwaysCumming, posted

    Very hot, i bet it felt very nice too, for both of you ;)

    polish_curious, posted

    Lose the music otherwise hot

    Chicagodude, posted


    oroblanco, posted

    so hot.

    drchick, posted

    nice i would like to do to that

    BEWAREOFPC, posted

    i love this moie very much and pls show full movie

    refractory, posted

    Awwww, that was actually pretty sweet. Slow and kind.

    jyskie, posted

    am 18 and ive been fucking are dog like this from when i was 13

    jklmnopqrstu, posted

    lol i know who that guy is ^^

    spikewolfie, posted

    I watch this regularly he really shows affection for the dog in his fucking, would be great to fuck him.

    Scarletslut, posted

    warum kann ich die net sehn? :D

    wafwaf2211, posted

    would have been good without the ACDC playing... wtf

    havik82, posted

    geiler fick das hast du sicher schon oft gemacht!! man sieht es tut beiden gut!!! geil

    sport72, posted

    the place looks filthy and so does his socks

    leonie, posted

    Mmmm cant wait till I get my bitch

    beast4lover, posted

    this was cool thank you for this likely moment. id loved my also like you do, thanks.

    Peterpul, posted

    very hot mqkes me horny. qnyone in frqnce?

    looking4sex69, posted

    This rocks, simply awesome!

    jayko, posted

    Another great display of dog and owner enjoyment, he's slow and considerate and she's willing and open I bet the rest of this vid is even better.

    Scarletslut, posted

    ugly ass

    irakleio, posted

    verry hot great camera angle

    pokey66, posted

    if i ever attempt this, i want to do it with a husky.

    purebeast, posted

    I hate porno music

    omgwtfhotdog, posted

    yeah it's so hot but i don't like the music :)

    rimkoscar, posted

    dumb music ruins it

    manbearpigss, posted


    snowhusky, posted

    wow the fucking music is just dumb. i had to mute it to enjoy it. such a shame too because i love movies shot from way back so you can see the man's whole body as he thrusts into his lover. i wish he would have pumped that hole when he rolled her over and we could hear HIM making noise not that song. a sad waste of good footage.

    peachyteas, posted

    That is not anal! That is not a chick watching. I chose AC/DC cuase it rocks. Thank you for the nice comments. those that dont like it fuck off!

    rainstirs, posted

    great anal entrace

    kryms_09, posted

    why the fuck was there a chick and another dog whatching that? What The Fuck!!!

    Othinox, posted

    This is FUCKING Disgusting >:(

    sdfdrgvvvt, posted

    its a damn shame.. That husky was so beautiful, way to kill the moment with AC/DC

    1492narse, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wanna hear him moan hard

    lillyfrench, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wanna hear him moan hard

    lillyfrench, posted

    that was realllly hot!

    Hotrod89, posted

    The tail curled round his ass is pretty cool. This didn't go on long enough for my tastes.

    animalslaughter, posted

    more like this please did the other guy join in yum

    terrry, posted

    love the guy watching hot waitng to b next ?

    terrry, posted

    he has acute arse love to watch the action..

    blackboy57, posted

    wish a had a girl friend that would let me fuck her dog like that...then her...then the dog again

    dickweed1, posted

    great video

    otownrocka, posted

    wish that was my dog... gets me horny once it plays

    horny4dog, posted

    ohh.good i like same fuck

    pussy_succer328, posted

    wow!what a sexy girl!awesome!

    husky1, posted

    I love it! I had a male husky and I loved to fuck him in the ass!

    nortnabarb, posted

    Would love to see him fill her with cum!

    altar, posted

    Does anyone know any other good zoo sites? email at youraznfriend@gmail.com

    boyring, posted

    -wags tail- im getting a husky next month...i cant wait until i can fuck her =3

    darkwolfvito, posted

    HOT, wish i was the dog getting it from that stud!

    mountme5, posted

    One of my personal all-time favorites. Why? Because if you look closely, you can see her pussy squeezing him as he thrusts into her. Then- she licks him in appreciation.. Gets me hot every time.

    deepsix, posted

    why waste that hot fuck on the dog im available, guy has a nice ass id fuck the guy too!!!

    blackinwhite50, posted

    I like watch.

    zhanghua2533, posted

    wish that i was under this HOT stud

    ontariomale, posted

    LOOOOVE it when he's ontop!

    rosebud24, posted

    She's like: Oh...he's fucking me...yeah whatever...

    Faolan, posted

    Skuu h unu tresw!

    elliots3340, posted

    Great vid, great music.

    Ironshod, posted

    I love how willingly this husky bitch takes his cock sliding tenderly into her pussy. When you see her face in the begining, you can tell by the look in her eyes how much she enjoyed it. I love everything about this video, and watched it a couple times, and I felt very jealous for the husky; I wish that I was her. However, I felt the music was innapropriate and I wished I could have just heard the man and his dog, which is why I turned the volume off for the times I watched this video. I would like to see more movies made by this man and his pretty bitch husky; they are a very sexy pair.

    Kelviktrapuppy, posted

    it seemed very good the way he was being very gentle and caring for the husky and from the look of its eyes she looked like she was enjoying it its too bad that the movie wasn't longer but i hope there will be others like this one in the near future. maybe someday i'll try something like this but i dunno maybe i just don't know if i would have the guts to actually do this. but maybe when i'm 25 i can do something like this as i don't have any pets at the moment except maybe a few cats...

    Daniel7676, posted

    the song was nice but you really did have a bad angle for the camara going on, you should of had her more turned on her side then lying straight on her back i would have had the camara under us while i fucked her the right way which is doggy style "for the win" and i would have had that girl to your left cum join in and play with the dogs pussy and my balls......now that would have been hot and very sexy or even get her to get the dog to lick her pussy while you fuck the dog now that would have been something speacial to see.

    mdogfucker420, posted

    The slow side action is well caught on tape. Love the size of your tool going in and out of the bitch's pussy. She enjoys the action as much as you and when you straddle her to take it to the next level, her tail between your legs shows she's right there with you. Would love to have seen you stroke faster with her tail wagging between your ass cheeks, showing her enjoyment and approval of your deep dicking. Hmmmm!!!! Only criticism would be I wish to have heard you moan your appreciation. The music was appropriate but nothing beats the natural sounds of fucking a great pussy.

    cougarontop, posted

    Fucking amazing! Hot guy and hot bitch! I love the music choice. Although I would have loved to hear you talking to her. I can only imagine that you were telling her how much you loved her. It was apparent in the way you held her. Your thrusts were very passionate. You seemed to be trying to make her feel as good as yourself. The camera operator do a superb job at recording your love making. I've never fucked a Husky. I was jealous. I would love to watch such a beautiful expression of love. I give this movie 5 stars out of 5! Would love to see more of your work if possible?

    midtown880, posted

    This video is one of the best Husky fuck animal videos if seen so far. This video turned me on so much it made me think to buy a membership to explore diffrent Husky Fuck videos like this. If created 3 accounts for my friends to use because they wanted to check this video out themselfs when i told them about it. When they watched it they never regreated it. My account and friends accounts are (Furrydevil32) (Thehuskylover) (Darkninja321)The video also does not have Advertisments that is really relaxing to know that when your doing your buisness the video does not stop half way because of an advert poping up. If you are looking for Husky love this video is very much what you are looking for. So Release the husky inside of you while watching this video XD

    Thehuskylover, posted

    A gorgeous fuck with a hot husky girl. Good camera work on this one - we get a nice view of both man and bitch (and both are hot) before moving in to a closer view. He fucks the bitch on her side. Nice slow, deep thrusts. This guy knows how to please a bitch. You can tell both partners are enjoying it. Then turns her on her back to go at it missionary style. I love watching the bitch's tail curled up against his hot tight ass. Could use some close ups and a cum shot, but overall, this is quality.

    gottadoit, posted

    Man and his husky, the guy has a nice ass and the bitch doesn't seem to mind the fucking he's giving her. No actual sound from the real video, music was added but it is better when muted. Another person can be seen in the background, I'm not sure if that's the owner of the dog and the guy fucking the bitch is paying for her services. The pace of his fucking seems to be slow the man isn't in a rush to finish his bitch anytime soon. An overall okay movie, I wouldn't recommend it to watch, nice lighting though. 2 out of 5

    RandomWriter, posted

    This guy really knows how to fuck her, and she loves to be fucked this way. Nice and slow, so she can enjoy every bit of it. They obvious did this not for the first time. Would be interesting if the other guy/girl in the background would join with his / her dog as well. I totally wish there would be much more like this here, some different to the very short but hard fuckings. Next time it would be great to see a good foreplay. Always take the time to give her the best fuck she ever had ;) Anyway, can't wait to see more from you two.

    Sombra, posted

    wow.. such a lovely sensous movie. You see him enter her so tenderly, it was like watching a couple. The husky, and she is pretty, sensualy licks his hand as he is fucking her you get the feeling you are imposing on a great union. He moves on top of her and this then blots the superb action of seeing his cock sliding in and out. There is another dog in the background, and it is such a shame we do not see him being included, and who is the other person. My one complaint would be the sound track, it somehow did not go with the movie. If only my sex life was this sexy.

    Speed2454, posted

    As far as the free videos go... This one was excellent. Such a nice, thick cock shifting its way in and out of that husky's pussy... She enjoyed it oh so much, too~! Always nice to see a skinny, thick-cocked boy humping a husky. I also loved the shift in position, that boy had a nice ass there~ Probably would not have been a freebie if it was a bit longer and better quality, but I digress. Excellent video all and all, especially for a free one, but that could be the fact I never saw a credits one talkin'.

    Xewm, posted

    Wow what a beautiful dog. I wanted to fuck her myself. Love how gentle you were with her especially since you cock is so big. From looks of it she was enjoying it. Not only was she squeezing you cock she licked you. I did care for the music. I could only see this vid. getting better as it wen on. I would love to see the ending. So if you could please send it to eztaluv@yahoo.com since I can't get premium credits... I'll take this one and anyother you would like to send... show more of the big cock fucking tight bitch pussy..

    Taariq, posted

    Though the action was rather short, in my opinion, the quality was nice. You can clearly see the action itself, which is hot. Your dog looks very cute and experienced with your doings. Next time I’d advice to try and have a longer session with her, if she’s up to it that is. Also, I think the dog would enjoy it more in her native position. A close-up from under always looks nice, if made correctly. Well, I guess in summary the clip was enjoyable and worth the free point. Thank you for the upload! Will await more of your vids.

    tbrin17, posted

    Very hot a very nice husky bitch and her lover, she really seems to enjoy it too as she licks her lovers hand as he thrust firm and deep into her wet pussy, more close ups would be better as we all like 2 see dripping wet pooch pussy filled with a large cock. As he climbs on top of her and thrusts away her hot lil tail goes up between his legs and lays on his arse crack as he clamps his thighs down on the tail as it carresses his behind. It also appears his wife or another female is playing with another dog on the side of the bed it would be so hot if both partners were doing the dirty at the same time , all in all a very nice looking bitch that loves the cock its well lit and has good music so 10+ from me and u wont regrete watching it

    doggy1984, posted

    wow this video... was so sexy the dog is just laying down.. and the man is just fucking it's ass mhm wow this video... was so sexy the dog is just laying down.. and the man is just fucking it's ass mhm @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~okKO@K@KJisiewjfulheul;idejcnlejljelece ddddddddddddddddd dddddd ddddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ajaja a ajaana aawow this video... was so sexy the dog is just laying down.. and the man is just fucking it's ass mhm @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~okKO@K@KJisiewjfulheul;idejcnlejljelece ddddddddddddddddd dddddd ddddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ajaja a ajaana aauahde e ajaha ajama ej aaiwb wqwndue3uahde e ajaha ajama ej aaiwb wqwndue3w

    michelle5050, posted

    Great vid of a guy fucking a Husky. I love the way he takes his time with his bitch and enjoys every stroke. She lays there obviously enjoying every second. Music is a little annoying, but overall a great vid. Wish I could have heard the bitches sloppy pussy being spread apart. I envy the lucky guy feeling his cock being squeezed by the Husky's tight pussy. Talk about man's best friend. Have never done this sort of thing, but after watching this video, I can't wait to fuck my first bitch. Keep up the good work. Hope to see more vids like this one soon.

    bestiality77, posted
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