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    Man And Small Female K9


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    Small dog's can take big cock

    Uploaded by k9biguy2266 · Rating: 4.5 (534 votes) · 110983 views


    nice cunt

    davescumhole, posted

    mmmmmm god.. k9 cunt and man cock were made 4 one another :)

    animal-fucker, posted

    one of the greastest videos could do without the music tho

    huntsccr8769, posted

    fucking sexy

    zero3340, posted

    man that's fucking hot

    araray, posted

    love fucking dog pussy

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    cumfuckme278, posted

    omg this made me cum soo hard!! wanna be that guy her pussy was so hot

    puppy_fucker, posted

    that made this cum to life

    poohdaddy, posted

    wow this is so hott

    dudemannn, posted

    Me too. my pussy gets so wet when i watch a man fucking a little dog cunt

    leacollins, posted

    so fucking hot great pussy

    dogfunanal, posted

    great fuck and fantastic pussy would love to fuck her

    123mrbig123, posted

    makes me so wet and horny watching this

    pollyslot, posted

    i love that

    aligatueur, posted

    Soo fucking hot.

    Marina1, posted

    I'm so horny off this

    Kuskiclown, posted


    allfire, posted

    14 Male, Yonkers NY, Looking for a female dog to have a good time with. Willing to pay or do other things with the owner in return ;). PM me.

    tomnomkk, posted

    very nice, thanks! I have a labrador and I plan to fuck her soon. She is about 27 kg, is she too small for me? Anyone who has experience with lab please tell me.

    skipper123456, posted

    Looks like there's a lot of love between you two. <3 People who say bestiality is rape are so wrong, they are both clearly having a lot of fun and she's not fighting it or anything. A man and a bitch should be able to get married! They are perfect together! :D

    nowaynopeavi, posted

    Very very good fuck.

    zhuweiwei, posted

    very nice hot fuck she is just loving that cock!

    shadow222, posted

    Very very good fuck.

    rolfisak, posted

    Nicely done

    3moxgurl, posted

    big cock, small bitch <3

    provito, posted

    nice worthy 2 watch

    bondro12, posted

    Belgium Shepherd is same size of German Shepherd, not small

    Zoo2011, posted

    legit fuck

    johnsen11, posted


    johnsen11, posted

    Now THAT'S how you get some dog pussy. She was enjoying that dick!

    biggwun, posted

    I tried this with my bitch but she was too tight to get in so just stuck it in her ass

    cowkum, posted

    i want him to fuck me like this..

    MIKI09, posted

    your parents must be proud

    asdfmnbvpoiu, posted

    Is the dog the same size of a Tervueren shepherd (belgium sheperd) ? I have one and i want to make love with her but i think she is to small ? What can i do ??

    meindert61, posted

    well taught pet payng back ,also loves it

    manudash, posted

    this is the best movie i have seen so far love it excellent movie

    yesdear, posted

    ahhhh...muito bom mesmo!

    karmem, posted

    I like it

    kemasabdu, posted

    WOW-- Excellent movie, i love your video. it makes me feel like i want to be a guy, cause i want a cock to feel what you were feeling. it looked like you were enjoying fucking the dog.

    sweetthing, posted


    wu814739465, posted

    Did not like the music

    NevadaDog, posted

    Omg that was nice

    melsocrazy, posted

    that was disgusting

    jroc23, posted

    Is the same size of a Cocker Spaniel? I will have one and i want to make love with her when she grows.

    Zoo2011, posted

    damn... this is hot

    sammie7, posted


    bitch-fucker, posted

    Wooh! soooooooooo good. and so tight

    HVS, posted

    very good ! I like as . . .

    tuandx, posted

    oh my! what an amazing viddeo, beutiful doggy, lovely man and AH-mazin cock- perfect 10/10 movie xxx and the music- humorlessly fit perfect... xx!!

    EmmaAnne, posted

    music sucked te movie was great the sex was great wish i was doing that bitch but the music killed it

    inuyasha86, posted


    totalsigne, posted


    kamaludinas, posted

    i agree the sex is nice, but the movie kills the mood. and i c another dog's tail in the vid, is he holding the camera? :)

    brianlaz62, posted

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    tigerporn, posted

    is this legal lol haha nice vid

    blank216, posted

    i like . . . fuck . . .female dog . . .

    tuandx, posted

    so geil...

    nitrambln, posted

    geil drauf abgespritzt

    lusti, posted

    soooo hoTTT I love it!

    spungy88, posted

    I like ever this video! Hot, really hot, very hot!

    oroblanco, posted

    This is actually the proper position to have sex with beagles, bassets, and similar short-legged breeds. the dog in the vid is in no way short enough to require this position, but the video is stil very hot 10/10

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    angelguys, posted

    great video. Awesome angles, and nice quality. Would've been hot to see his face

    DallasCurious, posted

    excellent movie

    annakimari, posted

    The best.... the best.... luv it ..... yummy

    kumbatura, posted

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    ebanu1, posted

    Loved it.

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    ketanthacker72, posted

    Soooo cool - good girl!

    pieter1, posted

    lmfao that song! perfect song for the vid. amazing vid.

    horselover1996, posted

    this is so fucking hot

    keagan, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    damn that shit was awsom iv fucked a couple of dogs but not like that always in the ass never in the puss it hurt them 2 much so i stoped

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    dogsxe, posted

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    guimaraes, posted

    so nice she was enjoying it

    bellhill1950, posted

    wow that dog can take some dick!! great vid

    spartan6996, posted

    @thehowardx same here D:

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    ketankumar, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    i tryed that and now my dog wont go in my room.....

    thehowardx, posted

    sand to my email ok.......thank famaly

    abdulharis, posted

    Great, thank you! What a sexy cunt that bitch has. I'm sure you must fuck her a lot to make her cunt that big and swollen

    CamillaDogLover, posted

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    ranmel, posted

    Love it. Just wish he could have filled her up with his hot cum.

    Lusty_Lisa, posted

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    raymondyew, posted

    very good vid. :)

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    bigcee, posted

    En sådan bullfitta skulle man gärna stoppa kuken i!

    larby, posted

    Wow,I like that stretch pussy, I wan to fuck her.

    willievel, posted

    She loves it!!!1

    minniecat, posted

    makes me want to get a female dog and fuck her ass!

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    i hate it when people never cum inside a dog

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    johnraiford9, posted

    exelent dog

    cyberbobo, posted

    i think that was her ass but still hot and i think the song humorlessly fit the feeling of the moment ;)

    aggizmo, posted

    This guy knows how to fuck so well. Lucky bitch

    Boyboy_28, posted

    I wish it would have had sounds of great fucking instead of loud music. great video anyway, one hot fuck. thanks for sharing

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    somporn, posted

    my fave video!! will fuck that bitch any day

    cutedee, posted

    the pussy was so tight :0

    phatass456, posted

    Awesome Video

    Justfurrious, posted

    WOW! Excellent movie. VERY Good! Thanks WOW! Excellent movie. VERY Good! Thanks

    9705426784, posted

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    oroblanco, posted

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    akhdar007, posted

    nice fucking and good angle.

    refractory, posted

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    astroma6, posted

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    Maikol, posted

    one hell of a video hats off to the guy and his friend

    uprigh57, posted

    really nice close up showing details, looks tight and that guy is loving it, if anyone wants to show me on cam let me know i want to watch.

    asslick5, posted

    hi i wana know how to do this with my dog same size but no geting in or licking so please send me a mesg on how pleas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    sport72, posted

    she looked to me like she was in heat with that swollen pussy. I love the way he fucked her deep but still scratched her head. very loving and VERY hot! I would love to watch a guy fuck his pup like this. anybody in California? evile77e@yahoo.com

    evile77e, posted

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    jeremyl., posted

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    dirtydog33, posted

    I would have liked with out the music. but good vid.

    superfoxieman, posted


    roode, posted

    could've done without the music, but a hott vid none-the-less!

    chaosdragon, posted

    SOB that is HOT I wish I had a bitch like that, made me hard as hell watching this.

    limpnoodle, posted

    looks like she was made for him to order wish it was me

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    ilovepittbulls, posted

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    k9horse69, posted

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    lleeann1959, posted

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    franzw, posted

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    MoniqueM, posted

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    k9bitchlover, posted

    Does that guy have any balls? I don´t see any balls.

    minnie, posted

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    ROSY, posted

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    swallowall, posted

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    harry212, posted

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    deepsix, posted

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    k9bitchlover, posted

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    doadeicide, posted

    So I turned the music off immediately, and as soon as I did, the video got a lot hotter. She trusts you and is more than willing to be your bitch. What I wouldn't give...

    YourBitch, posted

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    libraguy_16, posted

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    Hornylinda, posted

    wow: pretty hot vid, but seriously: whats up with the music?

    dr_strangelust, posted

    Wow this video is great! The guy a has a pretty nice cock! The dog has a tight stretchy pussy! That dog can really take it and she loves it! Her little dog pussy stretches over his cock and she takes every inch of it! The video is great close ups and shot from different angles are great! The music in the background was okay, but I wished I could hear the guy and dog moan in pleasure! Over all it was my favorite video it was just hot and sexy! They both seemed very happy and enjoyed it! Great video!

    weed1234, posted

    Watching him and that fem k9 just got my puss throbin wanting to see more..please keep the video cumn because she seems to be enjoyng every bit. more positions would be a great pleasure to watch ..loving the way u glided her puss up and down on that cock as she take you deeper and deeper..over here wishin it was me but anyway can u ask your K9 if she's into woman because i would definitely give her cunt a licking after that.. Im new to this ..but i must now say iam a bestiality type of gal..i get more aroused watching this video than regular old boring porn lol

    toria1, posted

    That is a good dog you got there wish i had one XD my favorite is a husky they are beutiful and are good dogs to have the only issue is their shedding but that can be managed (laugh out loud) but man that is one obidiant dog i wonder how you got your man hood to fit in such a small female i bet she was tight but still i just amazes me how she dosnt fight she just lets it happen. I guess it feels good to her I dont know who knows unless we can magicly talk to animals now.

    Tacoman16, posted

    I wish there was no music, and just sound, but this is a very good video. The fact that the dog is smaller makes it easier to control, and it is nice to watch this guy fuck the dog, and have fun. The best part about this is that unlike most videos it is not doggy style, it is actually cowgirl. I have never seen a dog cowgirl video and I really love this one. Thanks so much for the video, i hope to seem more small bitches getting fucked on top. And the pussy was so pink and stretchy. Yum.

    calvintyler, posted

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    Arctical, posted

    I would have loved to heard you moan but the music was on.She looks like she's having fun!! Next time please let us hear you moan and don't put that music. You should have changed possisions like give her some finger or something. And I would have loved to see your face enjoying the plesure. Other than that it was a very good video. It looks like your inside her deep and look at her face she's very happy. The best i've seen so far. So keep it up me and my friends loved the video.

    woblyoopsy1, posted

    the music is a little distracting but i love watching her tight hot pussy stretch around that guys dick. they are both very lucky to have each other and be able to fuck in the position. it isn't easy to get them to do that. or it hasn't been for me. it is always tricky trying to fit pet pussy with human cock or pet penis with human hole. the boundaries are blurred, it just takes a lot of patience and practice for anyone that wants to try! be calm and don't force it for either of you and it can be a really enjoyable experience

    Bacui, posted

    this video is a goodie, i just wish there was a penetration shot at the start. i love the way the dog looks at the camera in the begining just loving her master :). the movie is short but sweet as it has some slow movements by the man and of the dog being guided to ride the man just like a woman should. a little sound of the action would be great but a suitable soundtrack as the bitch must be burning. the male has a good sized weapon and the lady a tight pussy which captures how great it must have felt making love to such a majestic animal. a great vid!!!

    mtdogwink, posted

    i love this video we dont see many dog have sex like that. would like to know what kind of dog is it. the music was wrong it would have been better to hear the sounds you and the dog made during this time. one more thing what is the other dog doing do you have sex with it too you should try a threesome with them espesialy if its a female too have i hope you fuck her the same position too i would love to be their and fuck the other dog for you i would also like to see fuck her in the rear that would be so exiting i would also suck your dick it is nice and big it would be so wounderful and cool. anyhow it would be graet to see the dog suck your cock after you are done fucking her of corse then start having sex with the other dog yo should give your dogs oral sex too have fun having with them and take good care of them

    vfernandes5, posted

    Well, I'm new to Beastlity. I have never done it before, and not sure if I would but it is very interesting to watch. I really enjoyed watching it. The dog was well trained and seemed to enjoy what has going on. The man seemed to be enjoying himself as well. I picked this video cause I have never seen a man in beaslity before only women. And was curious as to what I happens. I must say as a women I was really turned on by it and will be watching more. Thanks for adding this video. I really enjoyed it.

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    plaything01, posted

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    rwg1, posted

    This is absolutely amazing. The man shows a true love for his dog. Its fantastic the way they hold each other and she seems to almost want to be human just so she can she loves him. Its obvious they have great emotion and feelings for each other and i'm happy he decided to show her how much he cared. The penetration is fantastic, the angle amazing. I love the way that bitch's pussy is really wrapping itself around that cock. Its one of the best love scenes i've ever seen. Was that another dog's tail wagging in the background as well? Could this man possibly have two lovers? I'd love to see more!!!

    Animal_Lover17, posted

    Really good video, nice and clear, no camera shake, which often happens in a lot of these vids.To bad about the music, why do they add this sort music? If you must add music make it something to fit the occasion. It's much better to hear the raw sounds of cock sliding inside the bitch's wet pussy, and the guy moaning as he spunks inside her. Good clear shots of his thick cock pounding her hole, what a wonderful feeling it must have been having her laying on top, holding and caressing here, hopefully kissing her too. Really hot video to watch had me drooling.

    krusader, posted

    One quiet Saturday afternoon, Carol had given me the slightly gross job of bagging potatoes in what was once the gas station's lube bay, complete with service trench. I was busy, if not enthusiastically filling small hession bags with the local produce, lost in my daydreams when Boof, Carol's mixed breed dog, poked his head around the corner to say Hi. Boof and I went way back, we were great friends; he was always up for a friendly bark when I arrived at work, and I was always happy to lend a well-placed scratch. He was a curious breed. Part Mastiff, part Collie and part Alsatian - a true mongrel, but a lovely natured pooch, roughly the size of a small boxer. I abandoned the spuds to give Boof a scratch along his back, which never failed to make his eyes roll and his tail wag and his tongue fall comically from his mouth. He arched his back as he always does, moving himself forwards and back as the itchy spot shifted, all the while happily mumbling to himself, as dogs do. 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I kicked my shorts clear of my ankles, and squatted to allow his tongue free access to my scrotum. His tongue shot out, and caught me right across my tightly puckered asshole, which caused my already rock hard cock to gain another inch I swear. Again he licked my tiny hole, dragging his tongue along my crease. Finally working out what both he and I wanted, I spun around, knelt on that cold concrete floor, with my tiny pale ass raised and spread for his tongue. He launched his tongue with renewed vigor, I swear I could feel it inside me as I frantically pulled on my cock, his hot breath and tickly whiskers combining with his insistent tongue to push me over the edge, as I came the hardest I think I have ever come. I stayed there, his tongue bathing my hole, my cock shrinking back to its former worm-like self. I was still shaking a few minutes later when he wandered back out the door, leaving me satisfied, but strangely wanting more. I dressed, my cum and his pooled on the floor, my tiny ass tingling from his tongue. After a few moments, I resumed my work, the potatoes didn't seem as smelly, or the task so onerous. This became our (me and boof) weekly event - I would find some task that required doing in the lube bay, he would always find me waiting. I would begin scratching him, but we both knew what we really wanted. His cock would already be half hard when he came in, and I'd have his cum spraying into my cupped hand within minutes. I would then present my ass to his tongue as I furiously wanked myself to orgasm. Many years later, long after I had moved away, married, had children, and was once again in my home town visiting my now elderly father, I ran into Carol, now a mid 50's lady, still plump, until loud and happy. We spoke of old times, how the world had moved on since those early times, when Carol said something that sent my blood ice-cold. 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    izombie, posted

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