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    Man& Horse


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    man but fuck male horse

    Uploaded by Hyena_69 · Rating: 2.8 (357 votes) · 103377 views


    add me on SKype I'm in New Zealand Sky25Walker Let me know if you have any access :) in the North Island :)

    killgoth2445, posted

    ooking for a mare, sow, cow or dog to make sweet love to, anyone have one i can visit? im in canton ohio, msg me for more info

    bigcaboom1, posted

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    hornyasscock, posted

    UK guy skype me -steveutt69

    stevebutt109, posted

    Scottish guys message me

    imapsyko, posted

    geile arschficks. so macht das hengstreiten spass.

    ponystosser, posted

    im gay and i wish i had a man or animal to pump my 17 year old virgin ass. I would do anything you want. Id let you get friends and gangbang me, suck you and your animal off, let you piss and cum in my ass, suck you off while an animals fucking me, eat the cum from your ass after an animal fucks it, but i realy want someone or something to piss and cum in me please. i live in the South East of the UK, Kent Tonbridge, want me? Message, will give you my MSN And Skype and we can talk ;)

    RelentCotton, posted

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    michele119, posted

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    eriked86, posted

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    knightfox, posted

    anyone wanna skype me and let me watch them fucking there animal?

    khaohtic, posted

    Skype? Fuck your girl dog while I watch

    vinceeeee, posted

    Anyone in or around Canton, Ohio that has any female animals to share? Also would love for someone to fuck my big fat ass, I'll fuck you 2 and i dont mind being video taped. Message me for more info

    bigcaboom1, posted

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    getmeoff9999, posted

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    Young_one_64, posted

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    animalfucker23, posted

    isso é excitante....

    karmem, posted

    i want to try, in ohio

    dwrice12, posted

    any1 live in Az into animal sex ? i want to try, any locals that can help ?

    camarodude502, posted

    Hey, I'm in the Ca, bay area, anyone got any animals I can play with? I'm not picky, hit me up.

    KangarooBoy69, posted

    i want my tight ass fucked

    summitkid96, posted

    Its gotta be nice to have that big strong rear end to penitrait and bang hard to get in every bit. A good strong body that can take what you give it.

    hardflare, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    geiles vid...suche in berlin

    nitrambln, posted

    tight male ass looking to get fucked. message me and i will fuck u too if ur a girl/or guy

    summitkid96, posted

    From Cumbria in England. Anyone owning male animals of any sort contact me at queenofchaos94@gmail.com coz I'm in need of a good, hard, massive animal cock in my vagina and ass!

    lilino, posted

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    rockeres, posted

    all for the mare's but why the hell dose 60% of the vids on here have fucked up music???

    rockeres, posted


    nitrambln, posted

    did the horse have a baby?

    kidwtw, posted

    Hey Aluzky, I willing to bet that that horse is not bothered at all by being bread by a human. not enough cock there do more than dent the horses pride. :O)

    Bigpaws, posted

    •Aluzky says• Lucky human to find a horse that would let him do that. XD

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    nice cock

    kipper1, posted

    nice cok sutch a wast

    bobbob27, posted

    ad me ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted

    jaimerais vraiment etre a la place de lanimal!!!!ca donne envie sa belle queue

    girly88, posted

    nice cock and balls. They look good enough to eat and suck and fuck

    joecb, posted


    myember, posted

    Québec moi aussi!!

    phil84, posted

    je suis du quebec

    Sampik, posted

    I wish i was the horse <3

    dreamsex, posted

    Mmmmmmmmmmm, love it!! he really fucks that ass very quick, the cam. cannot keep up lol. wish he could fuck my ass like that mmmmmmmmmm!!!

    johnhourny, posted

    horse ass looks good too

    sandra23perv, posted

    too damn fast

    marelover134, posted

    how good does a horse anus feel on a scale of 1 to 10 1 being not to good and 10 being fucking amazing

    analfreaklyxxx, posted

    The video is playing twice as fast as it should, so it finishes halfway through...

    WhiteHuskie, posted

    i need to find someone with a healthy disease free horse that i can have anal sex with that must feel so good

    analfreaklyxxx, posted

    the beginning is the best when he inserts i wish i could have anal sex with a horse

    analfreaklyxxx, posted


    lukas16, posted

    oh good

    alsaqr, posted

    note the ref to p.shaffers equus

    andc, posted

    f-king swizz...........

    andc, posted

    Very nice video so much cum xD

    kuronocook, posted

    freezes at 1:08... nice video would love to see cum or something more

    winterdreams, posted

    does anyone know this song?

    chibi5, posted

    It freezes at 1:08

    bloodgod245, posted


    mssxymexslt, posted

    i love watching men fuck animals..makes my vagina so wet.

    tigerbirdy456, posted

    One thing's for sure, watching guys fuck the hell out of an asshole is pretty damn hot! And stallions have such beautiful anuses<3 luvembig: The video froze at 1:08 for me as well..

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted

    a good fuck with a nice dick, the music seen a little bizarre but then i saw it went almost stroke for beat with the movie. the initial penetration shot at the beginning almost made blow a load in my pants. the vid froze at the 1:08 mark, eventually continued but without picture, ashamed as it was a good vid.

    luvembig, posted

    what kept this video from being a great video is THAT STUPID FUCKING MUSIC!!! who the fuck wants to hear MUSIC while a guy is fucking a horse in the ass???? not me. on a scale of 1 to 10, this video gets a 4. another negative is that at some points, the video appears to be intentionally sped up. very bad idea. speeding up or slo-mo effects are a DETRACTION, not a benefit. let's just record and play the video in REAL TIME....no "enhancements" are needed. and for god's sake....GET RID OF THAT STUPID FUCKING MUSIC.

    mikef70118, posted

    a video of a man fucking his horse in the ass. looks like he really enjoys it, and the horse didnt mind either.the camera angle is ok. it could have been better, but you can see the mans hard cock ramming the horse! I think the music in the background adds a little to it.Also the speed of the video adds to the pounding the man does to the horse. seeing that makes me want to be pounded that hard and fast! I WISH i was that horse. I hope to see more. :) he was probably very warm and tight :) Too bad it wasn't long enough to show the cumshot, and he pulls out of him and hanging there showing off his cock. Would be hot to see cum dripping out of the horse. The video would also have been hotter if he had shot it from further away, so you could see more going on, the angle was a bit confusing at first. the only negative thing is that at 1:09 the video stops and the music keeps play but nothing else. overall it was ok.

    vball115, posted

    the movie is a bit speedy, it would nice if it was in normal speed, but it is so hot! i love horse assholes and specialy those of stallions. in the beginning you can see how the dick slides in the nice ass en starts pumping, then after a few moments of heaven, it slides out just as sexy as going in. after that we can vieuw it from another angle. then we get a really nice close up from the stallions arse and the movie ends. i really wanna do this sometime, it looks so tight, but i think there could be a much bigger dick inside then a men's dick. sometime i find myself a stallion and try, it made me cum already

    noodl2, posted

    This is a fast paced video of a man and his male horse. The man seems to waste no time in taking the stallion, as the video (which in my opinion is slightly fast forwarded) shows him entering almost immediately and proceeding to take the horse in fast thrusts. The horse seems to love it, as he displays not a single bit of discomfort from his partner's pounding of his rear end. Obviously you can tell the man is enjoying himself, as the various angles imply. All in all this video is top notch, and definitely worthy of a fine place here. Good camera work, a good sexual act. The only thing that bothers me is that is too short!

    zarrock, posted

    the movie wasnt as long have cum running out of the horses ass give the horse a blow jow or at least have the horse fuck him dont show a close up of the horses ass and end it there the movie was suposed to be over two min longit was boring you see one hores fuck you have seen them all some are better then others i like the ones where the horse fucks the man and cums inside and you see it run out you know that has to hurt but i would like to try it iv been fucked by dogs and been knotted thats fun iv also jacked off mule and tried some of the cum it was good

    lover.3110, posted

    This was a good video with a great view. The guy starts the video out straight butt fucking the horse, pulls out, then cuts to another scene of butt fucking. Over all great video but ends half-way through with just a blank black screen and music. The music is not a vary desired song, and I would have liked to hear actual noise of the horse being fucked in the ass. The horse has a very strong asshole and looks like it would be a pleasureful ride to fuck that ass. I give this video a rating of seven out of ten.

    guthlix, posted

    Man hammers his stallion with his nice thick cut cock. He starts us off with a side view of him ramming his amazing rod into his lovers tight hole, then gives us an amazing look underneath this wonderful encounter of man and beast. We get a beautiful close up of this stallions hole. I wish I could of seen much more of this amazing meeting, but alas it is a mere 3 minutes long, sad really because I could honestly watch these two beautiful lovers all day long. Aside from the kinda "weird" music I'd have to say this is a must see for anyone who loves to watch man and beast merge. Please give us many more videos of you and your delicous lover.

    guyfreak85, posted

    A guy fucks a stallions ass. This is pretty nice video that has a man with hairy balls and a stallion that has nice ass. The video stops about halfway for some reason... One thing I didn't like was that there was dried shit all over the stallions butt. Also there was no cumshot in the video. Still there was one thing that was really good and that was lighting. All videos should have lighting as good as this. Id give this video 5/5 for angle and filming but 4/5 because he didn't clean that stallions ass and that there was no cumshot. Also the video could have been longer.

    naap, posted

    nice idea for a movie but i hate the music no natural sound.the video is edited way too much it doesnt play well. it kept freezing and choppy. i wouldnt recomend this video to anyone. no one really seems to like it and i can see why. the man has a nice cock a little hairy needs a trim and he fucks the horse good and hard but then it turns into all the crazy editing and music ect. the quality is good though its not grainy which alot of the videos i noticed are but really hate all the editing

    XxSilverXxFox, posted

    This is a pretty good video of a lucky guy sexing up his stallion's ass. It seems like the video is a little sped up, but it doesn't detract from the good angles this guy gets while giving Mr. Horse a piece of his meat. We get to see a nice initial penetration and the guy pulling out to switch camera angles. I think the end was supposed to insinuate a creampie happening. Would have been super hot to see the cum dripping out of the horse's ass and to have the video showing the guy fucking at normal speed. All in all, a good clip. I've watched it at least 5 times so far.

    ceeshade, posted

    A man Is fucking a Nice mare in he beginning. . . . . . . He pulls it out and sticks it back in a couple of times i wish we had more videos like this on the site. . . . . .. . .. . . . . .. . . . It is a really hot video and the man has a Very hairy cock And some good looking balls... I am reallly wanting some of this horse pussy really bad right now a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

    zackatar6969, posted

    awsome clip that guys gives it to the horse good.wonder how the horse feels about being fucked by a guy.how does the guy like fucking the horses ass.very good movie,animal fucking is strange never did it but i guess people like it.i wonder how it feels to do a animal.dont think i ever would try it thou.more about the movie why couldnt the guy mount a female horse.movies in here are awsome.like to watch them. does it fell good when a man fucks an animal.is it that good for someone to swank a animal

    lionheart212121, posted

    I'd be a liar saying that I did not like certain parts of this video "man and horse" because at times heated me watching it probably like the most of you, the image quality has a very good definition in this video, but sometimes the camera moves and also the video played at twice the speed should be, leaving the middle of the video with sound but no video, the start was good but from the middle forward may be a little disappointing compared to other similar videos, and as some of you probably thought really is a shame because it is a good video but ruined because it has those little details

    ecpp, posted

    nice cock and balls. They look good enough to eat and suck and fuck. WE RECENTLY GOT A MARE HAD A LITTLE FUN.. CANT WAIT TO BURY MY COCK DEEP INSIDE. MY WIFE GETS SO HOT WHEN I PLAY WITH OUR ROTTI AND NOW WE HAVE THE MARE SHE IS I THINK MORE EXCITED ABOUT ME BURYIN MY COCK INSIDE... might just get him to fuck me really good even the wife wants to have a horse cock deep inside her cunt. might need to let her get her cunt filled and me fuck him really good...i do have a swmaller dog here, only played with her pussy, never fucked her so is so tight, but she does lick the wife good after i shoot a nice big load in her.

    playinhard04240, posted

    So at the very begging you see the horses as and the mans dick then you see him penetrate and start to go to town. Then after that he gets a internal view of the horses ass.I think that it was a great movie until the part where he goes for the internal view of the horse. Honestly other then that it was really REALLY good. I mean that horses ass is as hot as can be. I sttill think it is good and all but I think that the internal view was a little bit too much. I give it a 8 out of 10 and would reccomend it to others.

    cronos2345, posted

    This movie shows some good close up action of a man loving his horse as he fucks his ass Hard and quick letting his nice pair of balls smack against the horse the man pulls out a few times to give us a close up his horses tight hole the angles in this clip are okay but id like to see some more from above and some shots of the horses cock would have been great This video definatly got me hard and horny and gave me something great to cum too, Id love to see some more work like this one maybe even a longer one hehe ;P

    eco900, posted

    A beautiful example of Man-Horse love. In this Amazing, detailed video, an older looking man shoves his Fully erect Dick into The stallions ass. The stallion seems experienced and very willing to do Whatever it takesto please his owner. The man repeatedly thrusts in and out of the stallion's wet asshole. the stallion doesnt seem to mind his male companion going at it with him.This is one of the best camera angles i have seen.If only there were more videos that were Up close and personal with the animals, it would be great, just like this video. -Like69Gnomes

    like69gnomes, posted

    i really love that asshole, the dick going in is the hottest part, if only there where a movie with only going in and out! wish a had a stallion to do this kind of stuff with. if you would cum at the end it would even better! but, you know, nothing is perfect, but this one comes close, really close. it's so tight that asshole, man, why is the world unfair! why is it so fast and freezes it at 1.08? i can watch this for ours, over and over again. most hottest movie on the web

    noodl2, posted
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