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    great clip of guy and donkey

    Uploaded by phxstorm · Rating: 4.1 (353 votes) · 93686 views


    Hi! I will meet frend who want real relationship whit male. I am 32 and i have a dog boy. I live in wolverhampton.

    FURRY5, posted

    damn guy has a great looking body and a nice long dick wish I was there

    shivolley, posted

    That's one lucky donkey!

    Jake07, posted

    Breed and seeded.

    hogpig, posted


    anthony1228, posted


    feo2012, posted

    kako samo ubrzava!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    that almost made me piss waiting for him to stick it in her, wish I could have been in her place.

    bredmare, posted

    geiler schwanz.nice cock

    women_1, posted

    FUCKING HOT!! Cute 28yo white guy in Wales, UK, up for chat n meet. Sype: nick_jenkins_dirty (feel free to add me) and email michael.zheng.informtech@gmail.com. Am up for anything lads.

    nick_jenkins, posted

    yeah, richtig gut gefickt! schöner schwanz!

    mika.ball, posted

    yeah! richtig gut gefickt! schöner schwanz!

    mika.ball, posted

    yeah! richtig gut gefickt! schöner schwanz!

    mika.ball, posted

    NJ anyone to fuck a mare with me???

    js2011, posted

    Oh yes he loved it wasn't in long before he came hard!! Very Hot!

    DoGGyrl, posted


    mario10, posted

    any1 in Arizona ? looking to hook up with animals, any1 to help out

    camarodude502, posted

    im 14 from germany i search a woman for sex ;)

    cihano6262, posted


    soulboy82, posted


    ciombe, posted

    A very nice fuck

    mrsbiggirl, posted

    I love this nice dick

    Turridru, posted

    han knullade åsnemärren fint bra jobb med kuken

    CHOOSE, posted

    shit thats was so hot i nearle watching.loved his cum after he been inside

    alwaysrandy, posted

    schön gefickt

    sascha4711, posted

    fck u

    moulya, posted

    That guy has a great looking cock!

    BBenner079, posted

    Anyone have stories of fucking animals please let me know mountain.glen@yahoo.com

    glennie1228, posted

    Wow looks fun! Nice cock and body. Wish he would fuck me!

    glennie1228, posted

    My only cum-plaint is that it's too short. Hehe.

    PhxPisser69, posted

    Lovely donkey mare fucking. Like the ull out/ cumming on her backside. Personally I would have exploded inside and pulled out with dribbling cream on the way out. I wonder if he ever put it in her tailhole?

    Killerrog22, posted

    This guy really make love to this donkey and she also love it. I would love to be fucked by that beautiful cock also. Nice load of cum, could really feel it pumping into my backside. Thanks

    georgewi, posted

    i still can't believe they don't use straps on the animal's legs, what a risk they are taking

    horseryder, posted

    Nice ! Just shame the guy didn't cumed inside her though. :P

    furmidable, posted

    Nice 15/10!

    mafagafo, posted

    how come people dont cum inside horses or donkey's?

    randycenafan92, posted

    Man u have a beautiful cock....wish i was that donkey to it all!

    kokassluver, posted

    I'd love to be that

    chenyongsony, posted

    i have to get a donkey

    pokey66, posted

    this guy loves his donkey long, slow and deep! enjoying every second, no complaint from the willing beast either. why not? its there for the taking and it'll never tell.

    browneyedog, posted

    im 14 male i live in williamstwon nj message me if u wanna burst my cherry ^^

    zengestu5, posted

    I'd let him fuck me, but I'd want him to go for a home run.

    bredmare, posted

    good work my friend, next time do it closer to the camera

    freesecond, posted

    Love the guy... nice dick hommie

    jay8891, posted

    best video ever

    ferksd, posted

    hai ketan what your national

    purwaagung, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    nice cock on the guy. wish i could suck the cum out of his cock.

    jayshaw, posted

    very nice cock i want that in me

    dewayne64, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    u kno wut for all yall faqz on dis web sites should think about wut yall doin 2 dis world n yall need 2 fuk womens

    haseo420, posted

    god i love that

    kch1996040, posted

    ohhh yesssss

    lillyfrench, posted

    she is love you man

    gay_ghanem, posted

    love to join with him i love female donkey

    farsag, posted

    Love to join in and lick up all that yummy,cum,sweetie!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    great fucking, and nice moves from the donkey mare

    dog1262, posted

    fantastico,fenomenal adoro jeito que ele excita o animal, fico louco de tesao quero fuder ela tambem, adoro sexo zoo Eric// msn keromais-@hotmail.com

    negrotarado, posted

    looking for hetero, bi, gay-group for donkey sex. mail me. benny_5501@hotmail.com open for any pervert animal games and without any limits. real pervert fucking guy

    Benny66, posted

    very nice

    kittipun, posted

    omg more video pllzzz you aure so hot men

    rimkoscar, posted

    I just love donkey sex! This is a very nice and hot clip of the way to treat a mare donkey. I do and they respond in kind.

    Maikol, posted

    i like how you fuck your Donkey i like to try it too i'm Glen if you like to have a talk 0430032446 and my msn is adelaidestud20@msn.com and my Email is adelaidestud20@bigpond.com

    adelaidestud, posted

    man was well hung, great cock! would have been great to see him cum inside her. great vid!

    littlelana, posted

    I like it. Thanks.

    Chameleon, posted

    Very nice...would rather he was fucking my ass and I was sucking his cock...

    cyapac, posted

    how swift n gr8 wer those moves while he was pushing in .... good one

    ajay135, posted

    I like pony mares good fuck all day.

    Idomares, posted

    wow love it

    wolfhh1, posted

    i love to see and hear the man cum...thats my favorite

    lovinhorse, posted

    nice ass and dick on the stud, the donkey seems to enjoy the encounter. stud had a thick long dick and the donkey can feel the thrust.

    luvembig, posted

    good job

    gtr.gao, posted

    oh nice one gets mi so hard.nice dick tho

    animallover225, posted

    warum dürfen wir jetzt nur einmal den film sehen? schweinerei! irgendwann können wir nichts mehr gratis sehen, keine zwei min mehr!

    hundefuehrerin, posted

    Awesome cock. Very beautiful.

    maxguevarra, posted

    great man but cum goes inside donkey not outside then it leaves a nice cream pie please

    pussey, posted

    I don´t like it when they take their weiner out before they finish. Who´s gonna really do that? Nobody.

    minnie, posted

    I like watch.

    zhanghua2533, posted

    nice cock and lots of cum

    ichliebe6, posted

    Can I be the donkey??? PLEEZE!!!

    wild4cum, posted

    I'd love to be that guy...

    longarabian, posted

    i'd ride him like a horse

    lana_o, posted

    i would been that donky

    raino00, posted

    Yummy! I would have loved to have been that donkey!

    katefaurot, posted


    tan69, posted

    nice video

    7645, posted

    Lol weak

    g-unit_666, posted

    Man, he's got a beautiful body and cock. That lucky donkey is just enjoying it. Having that big cock slide in and out, it got me hard in two seconds. I'm jealous of that lucky donkey, wouldn't mind having that man's cock inside me. At the end he cums his load on the donkey's ass would have loved to see him stick his cock back in after he shot that beautiful milky white load of cum onto the donkeys ass and asshole. What a lucky donkey. Can't wait to see more of this hunk fucking his donkey. closer up would be even better.

    Docustudy, posted

    wow what a great clip. I love how he plays with her pussy,fingering her, before fucking her. I like how gentle he is at first with her ,and then when it seem like she's enjoying it , he really goes at it ( BTW I like the size of his cock ,he is nice and hung !and the muscle tone of his ass ) I love the fact that you can see her enjoying it , she has some spasm of pleasure that are very visible. And to crowned everything we have a cum shot from him, wich made me do that same ! really really good clip

    tintin37, posted

    this was so awsome i wish i was that cow your cock looked awsome im quite young and i haave wanked off a dog a horse and a young boy i live in northern ireland im 13 and im kinkey if you wank me reply a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a aa a a a a a a a aa a a aa a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

    jonnieladd, posted

    omg i dream i will wish i was him and fuck the donkey i cant explain how muc i will fuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck itfuck it fuck it fuck it

    hrpunkdan, posted

    The movie starts with the camera positioned to the right of the donkey, he strokes his cock for a few seconds before penetrating the donkey. Grabbing hold of the rump he pumps into her ass, keeping a nice slow rhythm. She stands there and enjoys the motion of his cock in her pussy. Increasing his speed he pumps a little more vigorously into her. Finally letting go of her hips he pulls out of her and jerks off, spraying his cum all over her moist pussy lips. Overall a good movie, however there were no closeups which would have made the movie much better.

    55sarr0, posted

    This a good video clip because the donkey is into the fucking. The guy comes in and pulls his cock out and holds the girls tail aside and slides it in. All the while, you can see how much the donkey is enjoying it -- moving her tail aside herself, twitching and winking and giving a little buck to aid the guy as he slides in and out. Who doesn't want to be in his position? If I were there to help him I would have moved the camera a little to vary the shot, but not much else. Well-done video with a willing jenny and some good humping action.

    nordicdog, posted

    inok maktoom ala ganeer mgrantra ntra se ra kuhoe tavhea ala ganeer!!!!Soehy ha harmok toom.....................Ela, GAMOTTO.Isn't it just wierd how watching this movie can let U feel a bit turned on by it,only problem I've got with beasteality is how does the animals normally react the first time around?rashimma mikalos neritso billa fon nopel jummalu...In either case, the file you are attempting to open should be treated as infected until you have updated your antivirus software to the latest updates available from the vendor. All major antivirus software manufacturers have created updates to address known compatibility problems with Microsoft Office programs. They also usually provide a virus signature file that is available for download from the Internet and must be updated regularly to properly scan for all known forms of viruses. If you are experiencing this problem on a computer where a new version of antivirus software was recently installed from a CD-ROM, connect to the Internet and download the latest updates available from the manufacturer. If you are experiencing this problem on a computer where the latest version of the software is installed, all signature files are up to date, and the file will not open (but other files do), then the file may be infected with a virus and the antivirus program cannot remove the infection. The file could also be corrupt (damaged) and cannot be properly handled by either the antivirus software or the affected Microsoft Office program. In this case, it may be necessary to attempt recovery of the file using the related recovery utilities that may be available with the program, although not all program have file recovery or repair capabilities. For more information about this issue, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 835404

    xlestatx, posted

    Amazing clip. I love how the donkey is reacting to his touch, like she is really anticipating what is to come. And he seems quite tender with her, no tail grabbing from what I could see, instead he's just gently holding her hips. So often one gets the impression that the men involved don't really care for the female, grabbing the tail, forcing himself on her which I feel is nothing short of rape, and so on, and so it's nice to see that there are some nice guys out there as well. Audio is good too, audio do so much for a clip, although I would love to have heard more of him to give it a more intimate feel instead of the more standard sound. Of course, one always wishes it was longer, but all in all this is a really good clip and I would love to see more of the participants.

    Cohern, posted
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