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    Cute Guy Doing Donkey


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    A great video of a nice, trim, fit guy ass fucking a donkey. Filmed outdoors, you can see the guy pump his dick in and out of the donkey with ease as beast enjoys with calmness and curiosity. Decent camera work allows you to see all the action whether it be close ups of the guy delivering nice long strokes or full views of man and beast. The only oddity being the audio; some kind of song or chant? Also, nearing the end of the video is a quick view of a hot pull out/slip out of the fit guy from beast. Only downside is the lack of a cum shot, but a great video through and through.

    Uploaded by hot4animal · Rating: 3.8 (258 votes) · 73840 views


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    babaooo, posted

    Hei everyone...he is from Albania! I know their language `` O moj e mira mori neper therra``

    Lenoardo, posted

    wow que rico, quien tiene una burritaque me preste para darle duro

    Cbastian28, posted


    spacealien22, posted

    I don't understand what he is saying,but wow...what a pump job....and the donkey just stands there and takes it! Sign me up! Me next,me next!

    maremount68, posted


    ABCDE06, posted

    any 1 in dallas tx into animal sex?

    julioma, posted

    this is witch craft ... hence no face from the guy.... YUCK

    sorigen852, posted

    mmm im a virgin girl cuming to this video

    lpitts, posted

    I love donkey sex can anyone please send me videos of men fucking with female donkeys. 254848996@qq.com frank_78825@163.com

    886886, posted

    realy cute :p

    darkzoone, posted

    Great video and well hung cock, with good strokes. Thanks, great cock !

    georgewi, posted

    Hot and funny! XD!

    mafagafo, posted

    any guys in middle tenn area text 931-510-2726 anytime to chat, 27 sexy hung guy here curious, into guys younger and older

    boytopperbi, posted

    hey, why not, its there for the taking, they'll never tell!

    browneyedog, posted

    sexy boy.......

    popi6789, posted


    ketankumar, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    beats the donkey rides ive been on at the beach -stevo1953@live.co.uk or stephen.fletcher69@yahoo.com c2c anyone

    stevebutt109, posted


    rackie2000, posted

    slt j'ai 18a alsace je ch reel zoo atlas147@live.fr

    rimkoscar, posted

    Again about that song, as already posted some months before: That clip was very poular in Serbia at the time of the Kosovo war in 2000, shared by the locals to taunt the Albanians. I've seen it in the next few years several times and everybody told the same story about it: It (obviously pretend to) show an Albanian boy fucking a donkey and the song is somewhat about his love for that animal - actually it's about a female donkey, no matter that the one in the clip is male.

    homo_erectus, posted

    yes great video

    cnr1734, posted

    by the singing... sounds to be some sort of religious ritual LMAO

    mrfaceless, posted

    not a mare...

    chew988, posted

    lucky mare

    patapi, posted

    Ok... What's with the singing? XD

    ShuN1981, posted

    im a french young men 18 years old and i would meet zoo men

    rimkoscar, posted

    That's got to be the craziest thing I've ever seen!! I also think it was a male donkey--no thanks.

    kaaty, posted

    they do that all the time in iraq

    hole4hand, posted

    that man needs to shut the hell up

    gay17, posted

    I got sent this on my phone! Such a shoke to see it on here!

    annoyingbutdog, posted


    animal38, posted

    Hot guy with fine cock real nice farm sex movie!

    gonetothedoggs, posted

    sexy guy

    goldenboi23, posted

    lol he this sing is bad !!!

    Hyena_69, posted

    iv got this vid on my phone, it doesnt have the singing in the back ground just the original audio.

    tetlo80, posted


    andywaltham, posted

    that guy could fuck me too

    ekie, posted

    lucky donkey

    ontariomale, posted

    is great to see that this guy is fucking donkey who is enjoying the big cock of the guy ..... humm delicious ...

    morbozoo, posted

    That clip was very poular in Serbia at the time of the Kosovo war after 2000, shared by the locals to taunt the Albanians. I've seen it in the next few years several times and everybody told the same story about it: It (obviously pretend to) show a Albanian boy fucking a donkey and the song is somewhat about his love for that animal - actually it's about a female donkey.

    homo_erectus, posted

    Wow! The singing complemented the video NICELY! But, I wonder ... Was that some kind of ritual or something like that? And who was singing? The camera person or the guy doing the donkey? Plus, the donkey was a male, so fix your description! Please? :)

    jacobmartin, posted

    Singing BAD... but donkey lucky..

    swallowall, posted

    LMAO singing is bad i can do better, love the guy though mmmmm

    djdave26, posted

    yes it is a male donkey!

    hladps, posted

    i loved it too

    alquoz123, posted

    ummmm...i love it nature

    aniandy, posted

    Did anyone notice that he was fucking a male donkey?

    bigblkdik4zoo, posted

    Cute??? The guy has his face completely turned to the side. How can you tell?

    studboy23, posted

    That guy was CUTE! I'm jelous of that donkey. The vid was awsome.

    viewer2293, posted

    absolutely loved it!! I love your vids!! You have alot with cute guys too!!! You're my hero....

    dogpussy, posted

    Ja das kenn ich schon xD. Mit dem gesang ist immer wieder funny xD

    TheSnooge, posted

    I did enjoy the visual The audio on the otherhand.....not so much

    braioch8201, posted

    This video is very exciting, the boy slips back strong in the donkey and another person who filmed the scene for what is best for those who see the guy moves and shows the details of the penetration, which is very exciting. I think the guy could be naked to show more involvement with the animal and demonstrate tb more excitement and the music is not great but it's still a video worth seeing several times, because I saw ... often! Another thing is that I have lust to see the guy sticking his dick in the ass or pussy animal and see hin in enjoying ... In this video missed it! The guy is very nice and put the donkey, but Could have saved more time so we Could see hin enjoying. But overall it's a nice video and Gives horny to see, it pays to access and delight, Not Only That, But Also with the other videos this user has a good taste to choose what suits you and I can please most who go there and check it out. So this is personal ... come, see, have fun and enjoy!

    dionboy, posted

    wow was a big donkey dick on him and shame we never saw his face or his cum was real hard as well and looked like the donkey was liking it i think the donkey was a jack donkey so it was gay sex! i think tyhe singing was a shame in the back round but was a nice guy doing the fucking i wonder how many times that donkey has been done as it was not restrained in n e way i think it was really enjoying the fuck it looks a really old film but was really horny

    farmer111, posted

    Wow what a great video. The guy is not only fit but has a great looking cock. From what I can see of his face he is handsome. I wish I could be out in the open fucking a donkey while my friend filmed. Great video and got me hard and jerking haha. Too bad you don't see the man cum but that is only a small complaint. Would love to know where he found his donkey friend there that is so willing to get fucked in the ass. Hot video!! Hope to see more of this man and in the future.

    Rybrum, posted
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