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    Grey Mare


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    Man and Mare

    Uploaded by conan12 · Rating: 3.8 (43 votes) · 28160 views


    I love wet mare pussy all over your HARD DICK!!!

    brock8876, posted

    anybody up near toronto canada

    artac1, posted

    Oh my i would love my cock making those sounds in a warm slippery wet winking mare pussy!!!

    marelover999, posted

    loved hearing you fuck her, wish it was longer

    summerrayz11, posted

    fuck her cum in her repeat 10 x then repeat

    shorttom, posted

    i have a mare if anyone wants to fuck her with me jaygayhappy@yahoo.com im in pa

    filigr, posted

    anyone in upstate south carolina willing to let me fuck there animal? i want to fuck and cum inside too, if so message me

    fordkid302, posted

    sounds grate

    eronphillip, posted

    I would love to be in her place

    bredmare, posted

    mmmmm boy does this bring some beautilul memories. so wet and hot. is there anyone in the dallas area or withinin 100 miles that would help a man enjoy his kid and teen yrs again? tex

    texson, posted

    short. but awesome sloppy horsepussy noises!!! lucky guy!

    bbdog999, posted

    short but sweet! The sounds were hot.

    febfantasia, posted

    I have to say I'm really surprised no one has written a review on a video that may be short, but awesome for what it is. It starts straight into the action with a guy that has a good sized dick, diving right into a rather puffy, large and thick mare pussy. She's winking with sounds that would make you want to cum on the spot. It's awesome to watch as her puffy pussy puffs out more as he'd sink in and shrinks each time he pulls out, making it look like one beautiful wave. It would indeed be nice if this video was a bit longer and included him cumming inside that mare, but for what it is, definitely recommend watching this one!

    Naga121, posted
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