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    Fucking Sheep


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    Closeup of sheep taking a nice big cock

    Uploaded by k9biguy2266 · Rating: 4.2 (306 votes) · 91530 views


    Yea, I love your cock too! So must the ewe. And you her pussy, tight ..

    nhgrizzly, posted

    Love your cock. i wish you were fucking me with that big one. i love your cock.

    sweetthing, posted

    Ever fuck a sheep...They have a nice wet pussy.I raised sheep for 20 years and always had a good wet fuck with them.....

    wolfman51, posted

    I started fucking my dog..and he fucks me too.. i will post some videos soon;p lol

    jdance777, posted

    oh what a great long cock sliding in there

    jrpa, posted

    so hot

    ABCDE06, posted

    Es una vulva supremamente agradable, sin embargo lo mejor es cuando se les quita la lana, por que la vulva les queda expuesta y como no tienen casi nada de boniga no huelen mal, lo curiosos es que cuando estas sacando tu pene de su vulva, esta sale hacia atrás y se trata de estirar

    jucatove, posted

    would love to try a sheep one time

    castingrod, posted

    wow nice cock you give it to that bitch

    ABCDE06, posted

    Bet that sheep was begging for more of that big dick.

    hogpig, posted

    At first it looked like another movie. Then when that monster cock plopped out. It got mt attention. I really got into watch miss sheep pussy getting plowed like no other sheep fucking movie. It needed sound to hear the sweat and fuck noises he was putting to the pussy. Nice and tight. Being stretch so well. Its an all time favorite fuck clip.

    Broham120, posted

    i want him in me! 0_o

    lovesmen, posted

    Oh yeah nice slow deep thrusts..fuck that pussy

    luvsbitch, posted

    any1 in Az into animal sex ? id like to try, any1 have any to share

    camarodude502, posted


    freeegypt000, posted

    Sheep's hot pussy makes you cum so hard you'll be weak in the knees.

    khulaa, posted


    anthony1228, posted

    now i know why all of the shepherds in pastoral paintings look contented.

    petfucker1995, posted

    can someone tell me exactly how to start having sex with sheep?

    merlyn238, posted

    donde bajo videos y ademas es lentejas para que carge

    coricesar1, posted

    Would love to see more of this vid. I'm a black guy who loves to fuck animals and would like to see more black guys on film! I know they exist, but they don't film. My fat 8 incher would breed that sheep better than ever!

    suckmydad, posted

    Las ovejas aparte de tener una vulva demasiado apretada lubrican bastante, culean bastante rico y se dejan sin complicaciones, cuando ya han parido varias crías tiene una vulva generosa, pero cuando están vírgenes se debe tener bastante paciencia y utilizar algún retardante por que la fricción del pene en sus paredes vaginales lo hacen llegar demasiado rápido.

    jucatove, posted

    for people who lives in the city its easier to have a sheep ther flat than horses or cows do you agree with me

    casanova1972, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    add me ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted

    samma här larby!

    sony42, posted

    Vilken härlig fårfitta, önskar att det var min kuk i den!

    larby, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    seeded lots of ewes in my early days on the farm! now I live in ne ohio and would welcome the opportunity to do it again! anyone have sheep, cattle, goats, dogs?? let me know!

    farmboylove, posted

    fuck me my from turkey gümrük kapıkule home :(( tell me

    nurullah22, posted

    wish i could take that guys cock in my ass

    hairybear2039, posted

    Jesussss I cummed when I watched this video

    holly91, posted

    That sheep is sooo lucky nice cock. I wish I was her..

    mrmikemoe, posted

    how and where is it possible to actually find where to fuck sheep and such ?

    JOJ1506, posted

    Sehr sexy da schaut man doch gerne zu hoffe er hat schön in ihr reingesemmelt gibt sicherlich geile Lämmer grins...weiter so....

    RenaldoSH, posted

    amazing, man would love to be there tag teaming that hot cunt! 38yr old g/l hairy man looking for male friends who fuck female animal hole on regular basic hit me up draw.fast@yhoo.com thanks

    fastdraw, posted


    sweetsweat, posted

    nice fuck man, just remember when I was child and i did it, in my home town, was nice to fuck a sheep

    dog1262, posted

    Dry sheep, so exciting, penis shape also is very sexy

    lingjiale, posted

    Thank you very much

    asam190, posted

    he was just helping it over the fence

    tonktaf, posted

    what does sheep pussy taste like!

    dogboyboy, posted


    pat45, posted

    fantastico...cerco amici in italia che piace questo genere....cè qualcuno?

    maremmano, posted

    nice cock

    GermanDream, posted

    i would love to fuck that sheep can u tell me how u did it

    smackda, posted

    wow nice fuck

    maremmano, posted

    nice pink pussy

    fishlover, posted

    i would love to ride that bg crooked cock

    hottass, posted

    i'll do you when you do that pussy yummy

    user12345678910, posted

    wish I could join in

    iluvewe, posted

    Great vid, nice fuck! I used to have many like it mmm

    Seasol11, posted

    just the way i remember it to be

    77doggy, posted

    nice dick and a good fuck

    luvembig, posted

    big dick, tight pussy...im jealous

    donkeyanal, posted

    That's the way I like it

    mylovelydog, posted

    hot big cock

    boytoyk9, posted

    Maybe it's just the camera or the lighting, but that sheep looked kinda greenish? Don't think I've ever seen a green sheep before!

    maletom, posted

    This looks like something I've got to try. I've heard sheep pussy is really nice, hot and much like a woman, this vid kind of supports that suggestion.

    kaaty, posted

    Nice pussy, I did a sheep once and she had one hot pussy!!

    beastyme, posted

    one word HOT

    animallover1971, posted

    Beautirul big dick in a nice warm pussy

    Zoopha, posted

    lucky sheep. lovely cock

    ontariomale, posted

    very nice

    animal38, posted

    hot cock and tight pussy

    jamesdol, posted

    Better than a knitted cock warmer,,great cock.

    plower49, posted

    wow that was saweet!

    ds2, posted


    biper4u, posted

    Nice cock he has mmmmm

    Hornylinda, posted

    it was good! enjoyed the wetness! fnif ff e fe f f f f f fffffffffffff f f f f f f f f f f ef e fe f ef e fe f ef e f ef e fe f e fe f ef e fe f ef f f j n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n lol it was good sheep cum lol olol olo lo l ol o lo l ol it was good! enjoyed the wetness! fnif ff e fe f f f f f fffffffffffff f f f f f f f f f f ef e fe f ef e fe f ef e f ef e fe f e fe f ef e fe f ef f f j n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n lol it was good sheep cum lol olol olo lo l ol o lo l ol

    yo123456789, posted

    What a great movie! That is one lucky sheep to have that huge cock plowing her. I wish I was the sheep. There is nothing sweeter then watching a guy have sex with and animal unless it is two guys having sex with an animal. To see her sweet, wet and juicy pussy up close and personal made me hard as hell. I really enjoyed the slow motion effect of the camera. It allowed me more time to enjoy the nice long strokes of his cock going in and out of that sweet sheeps pussy. An older camera version but it is a definite must see video for the men and animal lover.

    zoofunohio, posted
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