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    Anal With Great Dane


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    A man gives his female great dane anal. Short but sweet

    Uploaded by Sora_Mea · Rating: 4.1 (261 votes) · 90706 views


    anyone on merseyside into dog sex

    cable22a, posted

    looking for female animals in NW PA who's owners would let me fuck the animal and i'll let the owner fuck me ;)

    ppjsy, posted

    no poop :(

    ftyuijiasd98, posted

    Hot fuck - nice big fat cock stretching its ass .. hot ...

    lazarusheights, posted

    i fuck my dog anally ask for tips rajan3_gangsta@hotmail.com

    knavtaj, posted

    Man :) I love the vid but why not go for that pussy?

    brdunn97, posted

    Would love be your camera man...

    Chris506, posted

    how do i get a dog to let me do that

    78austin, posted

    mmmm id love to fuck that dog tight ass to looks fun

    inuyasha86, posted

    god you have a great cock wish yourd fuck my ass like that! please say you live near brighton in the uk! x

    pretzil, posted

    male looking for female or any animal to fuck in VA

    dude100000, posted

    what a cock!

    solotu, posted

    nice fuck

    matario, posted

    nice cock. that had to feel great

    playingalone, posted

    nice dick

    Alleswoller, posted

    attractive london UK male looking for dog owners for fun times. naughty_discreet @ yahoo.co.uk xx

    bingdog5, posted

    Uuuuffff,is hot!

    oroblanco, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    Muy bueno video, pena no tener audio y cremita...me calienta

    sakuraten, posted

    don't really like dogs

    dave26, posted

    Tryed to fuck my danes ass! She let out a yelp! So i stoped and when back to her pussy!

    ydal, posted

    if you afraid of a disease then just don`t do it

    waffa, posted

    could someone tell me how to have anal sex with a dog like how i can raise a dog to let me penetrate its anus and experience dog anal at least one time without getting a disease or anything

    analfreaklyxxx, posted

    anal looks better than vaginal but witch is better feel wise

    analfreaklyxxx, posted

    wish it was the pussy instead,but not bad

    centreno6, posted

    very nice good anal

    bajiujiu, posted

    I liked when the pussy was living with the action. Piski

    Piski, posted

    I lekedwhen the pussy was living with. Piski

    Piski, posted

    I like it. Thanks for sharing.

    Chameleon, posted

    wow so gud her pussy looks great i want to fuk it so badly

    dogfucker03, posted

    very nice good anal

    power1, posted

    There is no sound in this short clip, but the camera is clear, so you can see every vein on the hard penis as it plunges in and out of what preumably a Great Dane. The butthole is big enough, anyway. One watcher said that he was not sure. Although the idea of your cock penetrating a beautiful ass like that has to give anyone a rise, there is no passion in this clip. And at the end of the final fucking, the man stays buried to the hilt for a bit longer in the way we night when we were cumming inside the hole, but we don't see any cum trail from the penis when he withdraws. My rating: 3.7.

    boyoboyo, posted

    Хуйня полнейшая

    rabota1969, posted

    would be better if the guy was bigger.

    doramaar, posted

    very nice! i bet she loved it

    elpezal, posted

    geiler fick! gefällt! ;-)

    sweetleo, posted

    great penis great dog! geile penetration, i wish i had also a cock and a dog!!! great!

    hundefuehrerin, posted

    is that cum leaking out of her ass ????

    zndxxx, posted

    yes fuck this nice doggy ass

    gerne325, posted


    mssxymexslt, posted

    That's what doggys need

    doggyass, posted

    haha did that feel like a person?

    gaymananddog, posted

    nothing hotter than fucking a dogs tight asshole

    DaAndere3, posted

    should of had sound. i wanted to hear that bitch holla.

    kitpusinboots07, posted

    that is a nice sight. pussy jiggling and sticking out. fuck that ass!!

    dvleone, posted

    good Boy

    Dragongolf, posted

    You wish that was a great dane. ha.

    sirdane, posted

    That looks like a very good Assfuck . He really try to give his girl what she need . Thwe quality of this video is ok but no sound very sad so i cant her him or her. But relly good fuck performance and a really good dog wish i had one of these too. its a really hard job to train a dog to this that he trust in his owner so much that it let fuck him . This guy has my respect his dog likes it too and he dont hurt her so tzhey are so wonderfull together i hope they stay togehter a long time with a lot of love and anal sex activity

    Mexanier, posted

    In this video clip the guy pounds his girl in the ass while she stands there seemingly enjoying to take his fat shaft! She doesnt even seem to struggle as he attempts to bury himself inside her rear entry which shows this isnt their first attempt at doing this. It is a good clip but rather uneventful, it would have been better to see him pull out and cum on her swollen pussy but its definatly worth watching! Over all it is a good clip of anal with a bitch which you dont see a whole lot of so in my opinion its worth watching!

    ZzXxCc, posted

    The picture quality is ok and there is no audio wish there was. Your dog has a very nice looking pussy and her asshole looks great with the dick in it. Looks like it is really getting stretched out. Bet you it was very tight and hot. Love the video angle from the bottom you can see everything. Dog looks like it is loving it and looks like she is very obedient. The angle from the side was ok there was not that much light but I love it when you go all the way in very deep and hold it there for a few seconds (I know that felt great). Would love to see one of her getting her pussy fucked. Pleas make more videos.

    april89, posted

    Nice start straight to the action. Quick view of the ass and pussy then in goes the cock. Good looking bitch nice colouring and a delightful looking pussy and the penetrating looks awesome but then I’m a big fan of a nice cock up a animals bum, what we all wouldn't give for a bitch like her to have to ourselves I assume he cums inside her but I would have preferred a facial to finish doesn't feel as nice but looks better and seems to cut off too quickly as soon as the cock flops out. As with al short clips we always want them to be longer but good for a quick watch Keep up the good work and post more

    Rolfy, posted

    A really well-done move. the camera angles are excellent, from the first moment of the man sliding him-self conformably into the bitch's ass is perfect, the action through out is perfect as the man slides him self so smoothly to provide him self and the bitch pleasure, the bitch clearly enjoyed her self as the Dane provided no resistance, the room was well lit so you could see every detail with ease, this video length could be a little longer but it is not bad and you can still see a lot of action in the fifty four seconds of footage

    voctor, posted
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