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    Dog Actually Sucks Guys Cock


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    A Golden Retriever takes a man's cock in it's mouth and sucks. Most amazing trick I've ever seen from a dog. Trully man's best friend here. Wow

    Uploaded by Sora_Mea · Rating: 4.6 (1303 votes) · 107375 views


    great job! i would have to get sucked at least 3 times a day if i could get my dog to do that!! OHIO

    spartan6996, posted

    wow~ how can i get my pup to do that?

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    wow! that was great and hot as hell. i have never seen a dogsuc a cock that good. i would so love to have that dog sucking me till i cum

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    WOW, that was AMAZING.... I have never seen a dog so happy to suck cock. I've had many dogs that liked licking butter off my asshole and cock but never ever one that would actually suck cock..

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    This was the first ever k9 movie i watched. To this day it is still very much my favorite =]

    dogloverinbed, posted

    wow terrific vid, how did you get ur dog to suck like that.

    dannyboi6954, posted

    Would be a bonus if my dogs could do that my will lick me but need to work on to get them to suck it looks like it would be nice

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    Love K9 talk..have a lab that sucks me..eats load after load..fuckin the best. Anyone want to talk..let me know I really get off on this. Also take my neighbors dog,and young stuff..

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    The greatest golden ever, love to have him.

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    I cum everytime I watch this

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    oh my god I want a dog like this so bad now and watching that dog giving him a bj made me so wet and horny

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    Wow this so hot. What a great cock sucker that dog is. You are a lucky guy.

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    lol, that smile at :09 This was an awesome vid, and a lovely dog you have there! Would like to get eaten like that one day, heh

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    wow that would be great to have a dog to do that

    rgw3, posted

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    doggy just waitin for the treat to pop out

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