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    Big Dog Cock


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    nice doggy cock

    Uploaded by Ilikeit555 · Rating: 4.0 (70 votes) · 12619 views



    waldl32, posted

    waw waw - what a great dick that dog got - I get me a hard boner just looking at it - would like it up my butt - alainbanan@gmail.com

    alainbanan, posted

    17F. would love to have that massive cock inside my pussy

    inumiko, posted

    yeah, that would be great to have that cock pounded in my ass...and that knot would sure feel wonderful going in...maybe not so much coming back out, but I have had some k9 that large and it is great; especially when they fill u up with cum; they can fuck a lot longer than most men can; and work it hard and fast...it is super HOT

    curthuff, posted

    i want get that dog cock in my ass, or any big cock dogs cock

    FinBeast, posted

    Never sucked one that big...wish his fingers were pushin' against my nose & that cock buried down my throat!

    joesucks, posted

    Looks like a perfect fit for my asshole. All the way in!

    Cindy781, posted

    Man you know it would feel Great that massive cock buried deep and filling you to the Brim ohh yeah

    analmania, posted

    id love to have that thing DEEP inside me pumping all that seed in me with that huge juice cock and knot

    inuyasha86, posted

    love big cocks like that . I lived with a breeder of imported giant shepherds with cocks like that . 2 studs . the fucked me all day n night over and over . they tied with me for bout 15 minutes at a time and the knots were usually stuck in my second chamber their dicks were so big. iv fucked a lot of dogs but those sheps were the best. I used to invite people over to watch me get bred by them . id love to find someone with a couple big studs and id love to have a horse fuck me. get fisted real good to open me up then take that big horse cock fully into my body and let him pump away till that head flairs out and he pumps a quart of cum in me !

    knottybutt2000, posted

    that's a massive doggie cock... I would love to suck on that and put it in my ass as many times as it would fuck me..

    doggiedicksucka, posted

    HOLY SHIT!!!

    dragonsgirl, posted

    make a movie with you sitting on that dick.

    bepi, posted

    nice! lots of cock

    sissybutt, posted

    What a fucking monster!

    asteve76, posted

    love to see that in a chiuaua

    provito, posted

    koliki kurac! zato volim pse!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    Was für ein geiler Riesenprügel !!!

    peted77, posted

    Would love sucking it

    johhnys, posted

    Russian guy wants to look at sex with animals in skype. NIC alexsunmen

    sunmen, posted

    Damn his big cock and knot remind me of my late english mastiff's cock that felt so good knotted up my asshole ;) ;)

    robaskagain, posted

    wow, sau geil, hätte gerne das sperma geschmeckt und mich von ihm ficken lassen ;-) ^^^^suche gleichgesinnte in berlin-schöneberg und umgebung ^^^^

    nitrambln, posted

    ja der ist echt sau geil =)

    master_20, posted

    Hey if there is any young guys who live near Calgary, send me a message ;)

    AllenGay, posted

    I would suck on the beast all night long! Swallowing all the cum he gives <3

    funnyperson123, posted

    thats a wolfs cock

    ill1ills, posted

    holy shit that thing is huge

    scooby22, posted

    this vid is on this site about 20 times by about 20 different people all claiming it belongs to them.

    ratto, posted


    konjipsitipovi, posted

    wow, ein sehr geiler, fetter rüdenschwanz, ihn zu blasen oder von ihm gefickt und geknotted zu werden muss ein wahrhaft geiles vergnügen sein. beneide den boy, mann, kerl der sich sein herrchen nennen darf. immer und zu jeder zeit so einen geilen rüden im haus zu haben muss was wunderbares sein. leider sind bei mir im haus keine hunde erlaub,durch absprache aller mieter :-(...kann mir auch nicht vorstellen das es mal langweilig wird so ein tier im haus zu haben. was für mich auch sehr wichtig ist, beide müssen daran spass und lust haben und nicht einfach das tier ausnutzen oder mehr oder weniger vergewaltigen. ich liebe tiere und achte sie und ein tierliebhaber erkennt ob ein tier lust oder spass empfindet ;-) ^^^^suche gleichgesinnte in berlin-schöneberg und umgebung ^^^^

    nitrambln, posted
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