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    53660bull penisu cum

    Uploaded by bull51388 · Rating: 3.8 (255 votes) · 80241 views


    im game if u control him

    nailmesweet54, posted

    let him fuck you.. i would let him fuck me

    megamuscle, posted

    hey ^^ gibt es hier noch andere die unter 18 sind so wie ich ? schreibt mich mal an

    splicer1234, posted

    хорошо отсосал у быка,только хочется дольше смотреть

    gtxfnybr, posted

    lust zu chatten? bin 21 m und suche jungs um erfahrungen auszutauschen. bin noch ziemlich unerfahren, hab bis jetzt einmal den schwanz meines nachbarhundes gelutscht. freue mich über eine antwort :)

    lacall, posted

    wow awesome bull cock - would love to taste it also

    Jim70, posted

    Hi im on skype - stevebutt69 or stevo1953@live.co.uk or stephen.fletcher69@yahoo.com hook up and cam chat etc.

    stevebutt109, posted

    I am looking for people who want to show off skype. nic alexsunmen. I write in English through a translator

    sunmen, posted


    kevdawg1, posted

    make it longer next time :(

    hefadog77, posted

    ja, genau. schön den Bullen leersaugen und das Bullensperma schlucken.

    manloverD, posted

    cia tai jam paviddziu jis gavo is jaucio spermos ir abu buvo patenkinti bet as noreciau kad jautis mane per uzpakali padariti tai jis butu daug laimingesnis ir man labai patiktu

    bulius161, posted

    noreciau netik paciulpti bet kad man ir analini bulius padarytu

    bulius161, posted

    Mmmmm god i so wish i had a bull would love that cock down my throat and in my ass!!!!!

    horselover192, posted

    Awesome! Just absolutely delicious looking.

    boxsniffer, posted

    this cock could go all the way down your throat nicely and shoot ropes of semen into your stomach

    tectronic, posted


    gbs1997, posted


    lumynita74, posted

    Looking for horse owners near Palm Springs CA to video me - without blocking out my face- sucking their stallion's cock or eating their mare's cunt.

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    Mmmmmmmmmm I'd love a chance to suck bull cock.

    keristal1, posted

    its very nice tool

    frany1953, posted

    I LOVE bull´s dicks!

    dogman8, posted

    super job-love that !

    dan40tm, posted

    was sooooo nice I wona more of the vid

    jaspergriffen, posted

    I want to chat with this guy to know how to realise a such action with bull. Very good, I would like to hold the camera.

    bernard32, posted

    02-06-2010_00h32 Sehr schöne Nahaufnahme -leider zu kurz. Auch das Anblasen kommt gut.

    PetOlli, posted

    Menuda polla merece ser chupada. guau

    Jordihors, posted

    Excellent movie. Gongratulations !

    passat456, posted


    Kinkypup247, posted

    WOW I would love to meet this guy

    bobaarev, posted

    Nicht schlecht der geile Bullenschwanz sehr lecker....

    RenaldoSH, posted

    Nice :D

    k9horse69, posted


    tommy76, posted

    it was to short...

    roger70, posted

    ya but still looks good I would suck it

    horse_490, posted

    it the best

    tauruss0008, posted

    real hot to suck a bull's cock

    waderpeter, posted

    It is FANTASTIC - so few vids with bulls. I LOVE bulls.

    dogman8, posted

    nice but to short

    andywaltham, posted

    hey boy your bull are beautiful....

    dijablo, posted

    Wheres the rest of the video? Seems like there should be more.

    ragete, posted

    really close up! nice!! something rare!

    enigma_magic_20, posted

    Yep, really good! I hope you don't get speared in the head by the bulls member. That would ruin a good time. Thanks for the unique videos!

    Alligatorer, posted

    very nice, too bad that so short

    LordParadoX, posted

    Wow, something new, I like it!

    camarogirl, posted

    grazus jaucio penis jis tikriausei buvo laimingas galedamas taip padariti zmogui bet tikriausei jis dar noretu tam zmogui padariti analini juk taip malonu kai gyvulis daro analini znogui gyvuli reikia suprasti ko jis nori is zmogaus o zmogus gali pasistenkti ir gyvuliui padariti visa malonuma ir gerti jo slapima jis labai sita dalika megsta ir pautus reikia jam pakasiti reikia leisti tokiam gyvuliui dariti viska ka jis nori juk gyvuliai kaip ir zmones turi jausmus ir mori kad juos kas nors suprastuir leistu jam pasitenkinti patenkinti savo jausmus jaigu zmogus gyvulio nesupranta tai ir gyvulis nesupranta zmogaus na gyvulis nemoka pasakiti ko jis nori is zmogaus o zmogus gali jam paroditi savo jausmus gyvunui ir jis tikrai ji supras

    bulius161, posted

    Ooop! Don't look now! There's a boy in the bull's pin. But insted of this bovine looking to get rode, our young lad gladly gets on his hands and knees to service the bull hoping to get a bountiful surprise from those big, low hanging orbs, and that nice, long and sticky beef cock. Definately a good few seconds of face basting, and a handsome man enjoying every moment of what this big bull has to offer. And hey, you can even see this huge and beefy bovine thrust in a bit for more of what this thirsty man has to offer.

    Loider, posted

    A very nice short clip of a man licking and sucking a bull penis. Very rare and nice to see, seems both enjoy the actions. The bull's penis looks ready to blow a monster load all over the man's face and the man couldn't be happier to receive it! Always nice to see a nice bright pink bull dick, hard to find! The man is very lucky to have such a cooperative bull at his disposal! Would be fantastic to see more of what goes on between these two. The bull's dick is nice and skinny but very long.

    jordo11, posted

    this has a good shot of the bulls cock just a pity we could not see the bull empty its load in to the guys eager mouth.i would have gladly gone first,the movie is a bit short, but is of a very good quality.the guy looked as though he was eager to take a load off the bull but the bull although erect wasnt forth cumming.just a pity the movie didnt last for a little longer but hopefully the guy will have acccess to the bull an will shoot some more longer videos.would have been better if he had wanked the bull and then maybe sucked for a greater time

    nastynick45, posted
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