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    Guy And Dog Having Some Fun


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    The move is from a angle that viewers often like. Also for most the guy in this clip is younger than those found in other videos. The dog in this movie seems to be of great size or almost out weigh the guy himself. Thats kinda cool. The length of the movie is ok. Its long enough to get guys or girls turned on. The sound quality is great as well. Even though this particular movie was done at home using a personal web cam it turned out great. The title of this movie fits great. "Guy and dog having some fun" it is clear in this video that both are having fun. I would like to see more uploads from this user.

    Uploaded by lithium31 · Rating: 4.2 (565 votes) · 66162 views


    One of my all-time favorites!

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    saddleupnow, posted

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    norcal15, posted

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    newsie, posted

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    dna1267, posted

    Every time I look at this, I get SOOO turned on!

    GilesGoatboy, posted

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    tigra, posted

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    Alleswoller, posted

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    GilesGoatboy, posted

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    Hyena_69, posted

    damn shame the boy was only interested in taking cock pix of the dog; would have been hott to see his facial expression if the dog knotted in him!!

    shane101, posted

    NICE! It's clear the guy enjoyed it - too bad he couldn't be more vocal in his pleasure!

    bearsouthnc, posted

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    bigdicky, posted

    Very hot. Love how eager the dog was. Would have been better if the boy had been more into it and not taking the pics.

    Decemberist, posted

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    tierlover_nrw, posted

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    RenaldoSH, posted

    3:12 i coulda swore i saw someone walk in, in the reflection!!!!!!!!!!

    nijublu, posted

    good clip I want more for this dog ♥

    IanYanner, posted

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    llunou, posted

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    Chicagodude, posted

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    fuckcraz666, posted

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    toppin4u, posted

    This is the hottest video I've ever seen. I have only seen it on the days where it was in the free bonus area but it is worth watching over and over. This boy is so sexy its crazy and it looks like he does this with his dog very often... The dog seems to enjoy it as well, continually coming back for more of his cute masters amazing ass. I wish we could see it from a couple more angles, like behind them both so that we could see the boys nuts while his dog rams him. I wish I could suck this boy off while his dog fucked him, or me and the boy have some fun and then both of us take turns fucking the dog as well. Truly a sight to see. 5 stars indeed

    tygooo, posted

    This move is awesome. No time wasted; that doggie mounted that hot, hung young man and went to work humping that manpussy. Over and over again he mounted that dude, and it was easy to tell the dog was enjoying it, and I'm sure the young dude was too. He kept encouraging the dog each time after a dismount to come back and hit it again. It's clear from this movie this was NOT a first time for this doggie and this dude. They've been on a few dates before... Yeooowwww! This movie is hot and it will have you sporting a boner quickly. Good doggie!

    johnqpublicjr, posted

    What can I say, this video is insanely hott! I love nothing more than to see a cute fit boy being pounded buy a dog thats loving it as much as he is. This is most def one of my favorites now and will be 4/ever. If only I could be there to join and to film this. I hope that we get more vids soon. You are tooo fucking cute. The dog has a big piece of meat on him and the boy takes it like a good little bitch in heat. Def a sexy video. Just wish we could see more of the dick inside him and def more of the boys dick flopping as he is being pounded.

    ndottaylor, posted

    The move is from a angle that viewers often like. Also for most the guy in this clip is younger than those found in other videos. The dog in this movie seems to be of great size or almost out weigh the guy himself. Thats kinda cool. The length of the movie is ok. Its long enough to get guys or girls turned on. The sound quality is great as well. Even though this particular movie was done at home using a personal web cam it turned out great. The title of this movie fits great. "Guy and dog having some fun" it is clear in this video that both are having fun. I would like to see more uploads from this user.

    keithers, posted
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