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    Bull Ejaculation


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    53660bull semen face shower

    Uploaded by bull51388 · Rating: 3.0 (158 votes) · 53014 views


    anybody up near toronto canada

    artac1, posted

    I would love to have that in my ass

    eddiewhitafu, posted

    id love to taste bull cum

    uk_horse, posted

    hey ^^ gibt es hier noch andere die unter 18 sind so wie ich ? schreibt mich mal an

    splicer1234, posted

    I would love to suck that cock and swallow his cum

    cdkerri, posted

    looks like a worm

    LadyUndead, posted

    nice bull cock and great cum shot

    Jim70, posted

    nice cock u have cna i have some ?

    megadisc, posted

    I wanna try a bull

    beast1469, posted

    beveik nieko nesimato

    bulius161, posted

    love to see you catch in a rubber

    smokinjockdude, posted

    Poor camera angles make this a poor shot, would have liked to see more of the bull.

    xbgold, posted

    sptitziges mov, aber bitte nicht ins Stroh, ist doch viel zu schade um den leckere saft.

    Eisbr, posted

    i agree with the crit comment; i always love your videos but for god's sake stop teasing us with crap quality of EXCELLENT ACTION.

    myrtlerockbell, posted

    add samael_miranda@hotmail.com camxcam i'm from brazil

    samael86, posted

    this was awesome but next time back the cam away from the subject just a tad.. you are TOO close.. Close ups are nice but when the camera is this close it ends up missing the subject being filmed all too often and we (and you) miss out on important parts of the vid and get dizzy in the process watching the world go round and round.. . ) But it is still an excellent video none the less..

    intokniners, posted

    Yesss, a nice bullshot. Post more P L E A S E Ombull.

    dogman8, posted

    can't see shit!

    Just_Me, posted

    we wanna more such videos!!

    ixxic, posted

    its like a pink eel! lol :)

    enigma_magic_20, posted

    nice ejaculation I wish to see him cumming in the ass

    LordParadoX, posted

    its a good video but its lagging a bit, but its not that much that its destroy the video, in the video you get a great view, and agine this a but, the camara it sheaking a littel bit. i have seen better videos but ita a okay one when its free. you can get a good queality for free. and then i think that was it, a fine exempel of a free video. that was a review from me, and my meaning to the video, and what i think could have been better, (not that i can do it better, i will not try).

    sexdoganal, posted
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