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    Man Fuck Dog 2


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    Man fuck his Dog

    Uploaded by scanbear · Rating: 3.2 (411 votes) · 64996 views


    this is called raping a poor dog I wonder if this man has a wife

    arotella, posted

    This so gross. You are a desperate dark soul

    arotella, posted

    cumhore -YOU ARE FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!

    silversssky, posted

    15 year old boy looking for a person with a female dog thats willing to let me fuck her... in the irving tx area

    Fuckingdogs001, posted

    fuck that bitch! It's not about what they want it is about what you want. fuck that bitch hard. it's there for your pleasure tear it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    cumhore0000, posted

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    hornyasscock, posted

    shame no sound x

    shygirl1985, posted

    Straight 20s couple in the NJ area. My girlfriend wants to watch me have my first time with an animal. We can come to you. Message me if you can help! :)

    topshelf, posted


    rhinocock5589, posted

    Awesome how much he makes her back hump up, esp near the end when he pounds into her fast.

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    that dog didn't want to be there

    furryking, posted

    nyc guy all travel to any state for beast pussy/ass...watch or join...vgl guy here. pvt me

    nycshaun, posted

    vgl guy here...wanna be a camera man for this. pvt me if you have some pussy for us

    nycshaun, posted

    got off 2 x watching this it reminds me of the good days

    mrcooldudeplay, posted

    add me on skype raj.jay5

    knavtaj, posted

    id probly put 2 loads cum in that bitch, SHE hot :D 8========>~~~~~~

    Wyld_WolfDragen, posted

    rough fucker...should be fucking my ass like that.

    seatlman, posted

    What a beautiful toy !

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    someone fuck me! hmm im super wet my pussy is dripping, if someone can get to me id love to be raped, and raped hard agressive, ill do w.e u say

    lpitts, posted

    fat man raping gsd would be more appropriate topic

    zndxxx, posted

    this poor dog aggressive abused, this is not to enjoy

    suaveprofundo, posted

    Needs sound.....

    jymir22, posted

    So horny right now, msg me please, im a horny 15 year old <3

    Young_one_64, posted

    sehr schön man sieht wies dem mann gefällt...

    sweetgirl112, posted

    oh my gad i am coming

    hsan1988, posted

    I always think its cool to see a bitch get fucked, hell Im all for fucking the shit out of these bitches but he was a bit ruff....

    lob78, posted

    mmmm i loved that video made me so horny >.< Please any one there msg me im a realy horny 15 yr old bi boy looking for a fun chat mayby trade pics >.< CUM GET ME NOW

    Young_one_64, posted

    azure2011, Rabbitfucker Both of you need to be beaten within an inch of your lives and have your own fur pulled out then. It was obvious she nipped him on several occasions because she did not like what he was doing. Now I am no expert on this,. far from it as I am inexperienced with a female dog. However I know that real mating can be rough at times. I have also seen females tear the males a new one when they don't wish to fuck. I'd say she didn't wish to mate and it is supposed to be up to the female when she is ready not the male. Also looked a bit like she nipped cause he was hurting her when he gripped hold of her skin/fur and was yanking on it to jerk her back on his shaft. No sound to it though to tell if she was growling or whining. I'd say this was a pretty bad vid really and I feel sorry for that girl.

    zionwolfspau, posted

    @azure2011 I can only fully agree with you !

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    that wasnt a good video at all. why do they even add these onto the site?

    lolleepop, posted

    fat boy doing a rough fuck. I am surprised she did not try harder to get away from him.

    greenvalleyjoe, posted

    id fuck ur k9 everday day man. lol nice vid

    ac101285, posted

    I think it could have more light, and showing more of you going in and out of the pussy. Or maybe a cum shot the over all was good to short but nice.

    w-1234, posted

    un poco granuladas y fuera de foco debido a la poca luz, pero lastng muy sexy y lento y Loong! Pastor alemán perras son tan agradables y éste parece ser de buena crianza y muy feliz con su hombre de estudios. Ella arquea la espalda muy bien y le permite aferrarse a su piel y apoderarse de sus caderas y tire de su profunda en él. Se arrodilla en una rodilla, presiona su vientre contra el trasero peludo, y goza de la íntima conexión entre su perra y su hombría. Él hace ajustar la cámara un par de veces sin embargo, que algunos podrían considerar molesto.

    usuario.com, posted

    28 looking for bitch to fuck with! only had one a very long time ago

    dukeit, posted

    The worst. She ran away as soon as she could.

    usenetemailaddr, posted

    the dog kinda looked like it wanted to stop and clean her self. but she was panting so she looked ok.

    ac101285, posted

    I want to Fuck a bitch in suffolk near ipswich can any one help me by letting me Fuck there bitch and if you like it I will Fuck you to or some sort of fun. williamhagger@hotmail.co.UK I only email and text when we get talking

    lookinside, posted

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    likesitbothways, posted

    nice fuck that bitch

    lundsteen, posted

    verry good

    thanhtrung00, posted

    fuck this shit is hot though when it tried to nip him i would have beat its face in on cam or not i woulduve pulled its fur out in clumps if it didnt stay still!!!!

    azure2011, posted

    why did he keep grabbing the dog by her fur?she obviously didn't like that :(

    Mark_17, posted

    anyone who report animals abuse videos out there don't you know that you are also beening look into because animals sex is the same as gay sex it is a sin (i may like to do these things too)i am NOT stupid to put my shit on any site to have those fools at my doors. so good luck out there

    BlackFoxs, posted

    if the dog didnt want it she would have bit that is all there is to that

    echoecho, posted

    u can tell the dog did not went this at all

    inuyasha86, posted

    made my pussy wet

    NeedsIT69, posted

    Aww poor dog looks like he didn't enjoy it

    blueeye01, posted

    woo XD muy interesate

    milissa, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    •Aluzky• PUSH the REPORT button and report this for ◄ RAPE ►

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    or rape me fuck tht dog

    lpitts, posted

    wie kann man nur ... erstens will sie (er ) nicht und zweitens krallt man sich nicht ins Fell rein und zieht. Wenn geilheit dumm macht ist das das beste beispiel... * das muss nicht sein

    ColdestBlood, posted

    This animal obviously didn't like it. IF it is a male, have him start ejaculating before anal, so at least it doesn't hurt as much. If it is a female, don't bother. Your quite brave (or stupid) to put such an obvious abuser video on this site. Fool.

    JOO2621, posted

    Poor animal... Rape your mother! Not the dog!

    abylitset, posted

    •Aluzky• Push the report butong and report it for animal abuse so it gets removed.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Mal Video

    fidelrueda, posted

    from PA near philly hit me up in message box if ur looking to have some fun girls or guys does not matter so plz message me im horny

    followdreams, posted

    This video CLEARLY fits into the animal abuse and rape category! For those of you saying "Oh this video is hot" or "That bitch was enjoying it" are completely out of your fucking mind! Can't you see the dog trying to get away?...Seriously....And on top of it all, the ASSHOLE kept pulling her back towards him by her hairs...Very brutal..........If he wants to rape someone he should come by rape me...He could pull my hair all he wants....And I won't bite...Not unless he wants me to:)

    spacealien22, posted

    Clearly that pouch did not enjoy the fuck. And why pull its hair when it's so obvious the dog hates it.

    Paxon, posted

    stop pulling that poor dogs hair she obviously doesnt like it!!!!"

    naughtygirl2012, posted

    i agree very poor lighting it could hav been good very sexy

    joseph3336, posted

    very poor lightin and very hot movie

    tika71, posted


    BlueJellyDonut, posted

    would love you to do this to me. x

    cottee160, posted

    •Aluzky says• Bitch wasn't turning to look back, she was turning back to show the fangs and bite him (did that 2 or 3 times) she tried to get away many times (succeed at the end) and the stupid human is holding her by the hairs and pulling her (that hurts) while he is raping her, clearly she didn't want to be penetrated, there is another poor dog in the background, who knows if he has worse luck than her. ◄ I reported this movie as animal abuse hoping it gets removed, hope you can report it too if you don't support rape. ►

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    i wish i was his bitch

    jmessica, posted

    i am from PA i welling to do anything so hit me up in the message box

    followdreams, posted

    Poor Quality, Needs Sound, but GOD I loved it.

    Fayt_5, posted

    anyone like to exchange emails about animal fucking?? or human fucking either?????????

    greenvalleyjoe, posted

    She was loving it!! Whenever me and my girl fuck like that she starts danceing and looking back at me watching me fuck her too!

    ydal, posted

    I like it best when the dog is standing not laid on her back. noticed that she just stood there without him holding her when he was slamming it to her. also that she looked back to see who was getting her. liked it very much

    greenvalleyjoe, posted

    ad me ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted

    Very poor lighting

    tbreyes, posted

    any 1 that can help me or just wanna chat hit me up

    cumdog88, posted

    Wicth desease can you get fucking a dog Bare? lol

    kaiomoreno, posted


    humacyrnus, posted

    Could have been alot better. The picture was really grainy and out of focus. He could have done alot more in the foreplay department. Would have been nice to see his cock and what he had to offer her. Also wold have been nice to she her cunt once in a while. She seemed to be a real gentle willing bitch so he should have been able to get some really nice pussy and fingering shots. The whole flick was just alot of a cubby guy banging away at the poor little bitchs cunt with no other stimulation, don't blame her for taking off at the end, she was probably getting raw and sore!!

    minniecat, posted

    The dude in this video is fat but he is killing that ass

    gothicchick236, posted

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    dentamana, posted

    kein schönes video weil es ganz klar eine vergewaltigung ist !!! würde es dem typen gönnen , das er es mal selbst erfährt wie das ist wenn man vergewaltigt wird ...

    10n01, posted


    fredpotts, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    id say it arouses

    joseph3336, posted

    Ich find es ekelig....der typ nötigt das arme Tier und sie bekommt Panik o.O Außerdem ist der fett und hässlich >.< Da wär ich selbst als Schwein noch abgehauen, wie der das Tier behandelt...

    strawberry-king, posted

    i like the vid.but damn she can run @^@ see very hot

    BlackFoxs, posted

    der typ vergewalt diese Hündin,nicht mehr nicht weniger. Er reisst ihr am fell rum sie versucht zu schnappen und versucht zu flüchten.Er ist viel zu grob.Am ende rennt die Hündin panisch weg. Schön ist was anderes

    FickMichHart, posted

    none of you can possibly think shee enjoyed it she runs away at the end.... but it was sexy!!!

    tigra, posted

    really like the way he was fucking his bitch. i wish the pic was a lil clearer though. the way he would grab the dog from behind and pound that pussy. he let that bitch know that pussy was his. i wish could hear him grunting while he was fucking that bitch. the first mnute and a half he was dicking that btch pussy good. the bitch didn't seem to mind him pulling on her fur. even when he was pounding her she just took it like an old pro. like to see more of these two.

    rockbottom69, posted

    well used bitch

    sandra23perv, posted

    heya all im kida new to all this lol so if any one knows of some good sites or wants to talk email me at pet_lover666@yahoo.com

    petloverDraco, posted

    geile ficksau!! ich bin so geil muss meine muschi reiben! ja mehr davon!

    darkliebe, posted

    i love all theses nasty vids just wish i could make sum join sum animal loving freaks... yummie mssxymexslt at yahoo so cal bby...

    mssxymexslt, posted

    @ slouchmcgee: Better buy yourself some glassses....or learn something about canine anatomy. Its a female. What you think thats a sheath....thats her tail. -.- The point where he enters the female...is way to low for some anal. If you look closely at the end you will even see the pussy covered in some brown colored fur. Now my comment on the video: The female doesnt look like shes enjoying what happens there. Poor doggie

    Gaydoggie, posted

    2:00 to 2:02 minutes, look under dog. There is a sheath. This is a male enjoying some anal love

    slouchmcgee, posted

    Ein ganz toller Film,leider etwas schlechtes Bild. Würde auch so gerne mal ein Hund oder anderes weibliches Tier ficken. Wer hat für mich ein Ficktier, bin aus Germany / NRW

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    except for focus, damn good fuck film...wish had me a bitch to fuck again...I'd eat her out for a while first though...for some reason, zoo pussy tastes better than human...

    buggerboy, posted

    this is one hot vid. i have not plumbed a dog since my twenties preferring big hoofed animals. watching this movie makes me want to get a nice one and man breed it. i really like the way the stud works his mate over and luv the way the bitch arches her back.

    luvembig, posted

    This was a fine work of art the quality a bit sketchy but it made up for it in the guys slow thrusting making the video last over four hole minutes witch is hard to find a free video that you don't have to download that does.The man seemed to know what he was doing but could of moved the camera closer or in different angles even though this video was so good.I would recommend this video because it is extremely long fairly okay picture especially as its free and the action you can see isn't too bad.

    hosepussy, posted

    es una hermosa perrita, lastima de la iluminacion, motivo por el cual queda un poco bajo de calidad, en un rango del uno al diez le pondria un cuatro de calificacion, hay momentos en los cuales el clip se hace un poco aburrido, pero se agradece el esfuerzo del productor o de la persona que lo grabo, si se cuenta con una camara de video de baja calidad hay que ayudarla aumentando la iluminacion de la vivienda, ya en este caso aprender de los herrores para mejorar en un nuevo video, en muy pocos momentos se ve la cara de la perrita que siempre es importante para ver que esta disfrutando y que no esta sufriendopor aquello de los defensores de los animales, pero se agradece buen aporte

    lolome, posted

    It was really good. The dog defini tely enjoyed being railed. I would have loved to have gotten it in on that dog. The film is out of focus and a tad grainy for most of the movie but all in all it isn't terrible quality. Sound would have made it much better. I really enjoyed the different camera angles though, it made this movie from good to great. Five out of five stars in my humble opinion. I give the dog much kudos for taking a pounding that it was given. Make another movie with maybe some oral action

    razorinflux, posted

    that wus hot ass a bitch's pussy i wus crazy i liked it alot i jissed like ten time it wus that sexy i will not stop likeing this video it wus that good dam that wus hot =) and i will ceep on watching it for a long time maybe for ever lol i must scribe this to my frends online to all realiy lol ad ad ae aefa wggwdfh weh wt hwrt h wd hw we ry r gw ery ert 2 tw e g2 hhw etthh tth rh ertt hwr 3t t h3 rth 3rtt h3 t3rt 3rt h3 rj 3rtj 3r tj 3y j rth rt u3r h 3 3r th 3th 3r tj3j rt h3 tj rj3 hj 3th 3 j3 y5h3 th 35th 3t h3 hj3 th3 tj 3t hj3 tj35 t3t h3 th 3th 3th3 th 3rth 3 th 3th 3r th 3rt htth r nbrbr nejk j qe fv

    xxxtiy99, posted

    That was hot to see the dog enjoying it not fighting back, oh my god each time I watch this I always jizz the first 30 seconds of this. I remember my first dog holy shit I got addicted to it and now I want dog ass all the time. how its so wet warm tight and the insides feeling to juicy and soaked, is making me hard just thinking about it and I cant stop jacking off every time I think of dog ass. you did the dog good that was hot man thumbs up i would love to watch that live and jacking off while seeing you fuck your dog, mmmmmm fuck yeah so fucking hot

    Tobygk, posted

    wow!!! it is very amazing movie i like that very much amazing animal fucking very juicy bitch i wants more movies like that so fucking hot man i so love to fuck your dog too Wow! This big guy is hot. What big, awesome thighs and asscheecks as he nails the little male dog. I wish I was that dog, having the guy hold my legs up in the air and trapping me with his big hands while he plowed my ass. This was one hot vide, to be sure, probably my favorite. Would love to see the dude's whole body.

    sachin10, posted

    A hot video in all- however it appears to be a little forceful on the persons behalf. Grainy quality, no sound and failure to show the full dog. The animal recieves a penetrative sexual encounter with a large person, whose sex is male, but gender identity unknown. The dog reacts submissively for the most part and it appears that the person is experienced with a submissive dog. There are claims of rape throughout the comments, yet the description itself lends the idea that the act is consensual on behalf of everyone involved. For a hard, fast, penetrative video without the sensuality- this clip provides.

    Unstability, posted

    it was good but could have been beatherd by some anal and licking your dick but over all it was good good good good goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.fdbv;fnb;slkjfnb.,fbdsunbs.ggnbj ljjhgbdfnfs;lithgdjkrfhgieghu uioehgusuhsigbiu kuehreluuhtglwnfluurthgiu kjhglkerhhgurewhtuihrelkbjn ;khgftlkhjreghrtgb kjgdlkhrtoigph j,djbnls .kdfgb ;kldjfgb ;,nrgb;j jljhgfdhb ;jlrnhb ;ljjnnfgh; gb jg jndfbg j j j j j j j j j j j j k k jkfg f f g g r d ff t r d g hrte hgsdfg gh ehgs hsg hsh sghsgh rgh rgh wrghwr hw rhwr hwr hr hr th rwth rwth wrgh wrh w thrh wr hwr hwr hwr hwre thwr hw hsrr h hw w rhgrw th wrth rt hrt hwr hr hwr hwr thr hr hr th rthr ewh rw hwr thwr thwr hwr htrw eh rtthw rhw rhw thwr hr thwrt hrt

    mdragon69, posted

    Dogs sure don't fight when they get some man dick up their hole. this guy just piledrives this hot german sheperd. The heat is intense and the sex is really hot. this is one hot scene. the guy has a really nice bod, maybe an older dude, but the dog doesn't care. This dog just takes this guy and seems to really like it. Is that a male or female dog? Don't remember anything being mentioned. It's still sexy and really fullfilling to watch. I imagine this is a pretty regular thing with these two! The sheperd is leaning into the guy and totally taking his manhood. It is a really hot video.

    swededoggy, posted

    Poor lighting and semi-constant angle changes aside, this is one hell of a good clip. The most important thing in a zoo film is for the animal to be enjoying themselves, and the dog in this clip seems to like what's happening most certainly. Then you have the way the guy tends to go slow and keeps the hotness in his control like a good dominant should. The first time I saw this, I came before it was even half way over! He kept pulling his dog's rear firmly against his hairy crotch and I couldn't stop thinking how much I'd like to be on all fours and having that thick, slick salami slid up inside of me instead. He's probably straight though.. Anyway, I give this vid four out of five woodys.

    Soso88, posted

    The quality of this video is a bit grainy and it would have been nice if it had sound, but it is still a great video. (I didn't mind the adjustment of the camera.) The length of this video was great. You can clearly see the man thrust his cock into his awaiting bitch. You don't really need sound see how much she is enjoying it, just look at how she arcs her back and pushes back on the man's cock. She allows the man to hold onto her fur and hind legs to further bury large his cock into her vagina. I would give it an 8/10.

    foxxfirefan, posted

    cette vidéo est vraiment tré bien faite quand on voi lhomme enculer sa chienne avec sa superbe queue et quil accelere les mouvements,cela donne tout de suite envie de ressentir la meme sensation de plaisir quil donne a sa chienne qui aime se faire prendre par son maitre.ce que jaime le plus cest quon voit les mouvements saccelerer de plus en plus vite et on le sent quand on regarde la vidéo que lhomme jouit a linterieur de sa chienne qui jouit egalement et ils ont raison.merci de nous faire partager un moment si délectable,on a envie dy etre...

    ketty88, posted

    Wow. Great, he really gave her what she needed. A good Fucking and even though the quality was not as good as it could have been it was still really hot and exciting to watch. Would definitely watch again in the future. Maybe next time play with her a little more and try Fucking her from different positions. That always gets me hot and bothered. The camera moving around a lot can also be a mood downer. It's better to set up multiple cameras and edit them later. But over all good job. I recommend it to everyone and you should totally watch it.

    remusblack992, posted

    a bit grainy and out of focus due to poor lighting, but very sexy and slow and loong lastng! German Shepherd bitches are so nice and this one seems to be of good breeding and quite happy with her stud man. She arches her back nicely and allows him to hold on to her fur and grab her hips and pull her deep onto him. He kneels on one knee, presses his belly against her furry rump, and enjoys the intimate connection between his bitch and his manhood. He does adjust the camera a few times though, which some might find annoying.

    nordicdog, posted
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