• male gets anal from male dog

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    Iruuka, posted

    to short vid.

    babypet3, posted

    Can't wait to get boned by a dog. A big dog like a German Shepherd.

    gfggffgfdggdf, posted

    wow! does that beautiful k9 know how to fuck. your a lucky man

    dtguy, posted

    ny near syr

    oriole, posted

    Great fucking - so hot - wish that dog would fuck my ass like that

    Jim70, posted

    i love your hairy ass

    furryfan12345, posted

    Jejeje cono monta el perrito XD

    LabradorWhite, posted

    very good fuck

    akmr, posted

    great shot of all the balls ! but wish i could of seen the hole and the cock ?

    hogwild73pont, posted

    That is a GREAT fuck. Reminds me of a Rotty I dated for about a year named Benny who used to do me so hard and so often my ass was loose all the time! I definitely fell in love with Benny, but he dumped me for a younger dude (Benny's Master who introduced us told me Benny prefers blondes and smaller, so I should have seen it coming.) He was also a VERY wet kisser and would make out for hours! Of course, when it came to breeding his bitch, Benny was all business and very aggressive. My ass never had a good time under that stud . . . which is why it was ALWAYS a great time!

    MuscleBottom4K9, posted

    If anyone out there lives in Texas and has a good hung dog. Pleeeeease help me out XD I dont mind being recorded.

    SiberianSoftie, posted

    Wow this is so cool! Would love to try something like that.. Any guys with a dog around london? PM me please! :)

    blunderguff, posted

    dog really gave that guy's ass a good fucking!!

    jayshaw, posted

    Lucky lucky guy! Would love a bi-guys dog to do me like and i could suck his master cock off at the same time especially if Im dressed in my black stockings. View my profile if yuo are in the UK

    malefarmbitch, posted

    love him to do me as well.

    cherokee2000, posted

    my dog is never that eager!! can i try yours? :)

    dirtydog33, posted

    fuck, hot! i want ur dog

    dtguy, posted

    reminds my of my first k9 lover. he was willing to give it to me. I sure missed him

    ontariomale, posted

    omg I want tht so much :)

    jamessexydb, posted

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    Great movie. Loved the camera angle and the lighting was great enough so you could clearly see the dog mounting the guy from behind. You can't really see the dogs cock but you just know that he went in by those wonderful sounds and his eagerness to fuck his owner. Personally I've done this several times my dog and can tell you the feeling is amazing becoming one with the dog, it makes me cum easily!! Would have been great to see more of the guy's cock and to see the dog have a knot but still it's an amazing clip.

    gummipolacca, posted

    In this short but enthusiastic mating, the dog almost frantically pumps his master's asshole with a joy he's experienced before. The submissive master clearly loves every stabbing thrust, as he humps his ass up for his lover's easier entry. The dog dismounts and then pleasures his master further by gratefully licking the asshole he has just filled with dog-sperm. You can almost feel the long tongue gently penetrating and tickling the leaking channel, now hyper-sensitized by the pounding it has just taken. Another few seconds and the master's own turgid pole would have exploded in ecstasy, spilling its seed on the floor below. Wow!

    shebatiny, posted
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