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    Man Creampies Bitch


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    The movie started off somewhat confusing. It took me a while to realise it was upside down; the camera was probably put on the floor to capture these intimate moments. And that wasn't a half-bad idea. The man slowly starts pumping into his lovely dog first, taking his time. Further into the movie he picks up the speed. All the while the smart positioning of the camera allows you to see every detail of his cock sliding in. He ends with his member pulled out but pressed against it, and you can see his seed drip down (or well, on screen it drips up because of the angle). Even though the lack of sounds is a pity, this clip is definately worth watching in my opinion, and a good example of what a nice go with your favourite k9 could be like.

    Uploaded by phxstorm · Rating: 4.2 (401 votes) · 143907 views


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    FURRY5, posted

    would love to have been there to lick cleanup

    jrpa, posted

    Vids without sound.........suck the big one!!! Pointless!!!

    666pedro666, posted

    Man Creampies Bitch

    www.petsex.com, posted

    Nice the endimg in completion.

    bottccia, posted

    so hot i m in love with it great performance

    zineb, posted

    thanks for sharing great video.

    COWBOYCOCK63, posted

    love it

    nightsurge, posted


    piglett801, posted

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    tomnomkk, posted

    fuck thats hot i must say this guy does her almost as well as i do my bitch! great job especially considering his er... impare ment if you know what i mean...

    leopardesslover, posted

    fuck me m8 nice vid wish i could do that i`m from suffolk where are you?

    oberon2008, posted

    That was a good clip. HOT. Any guys near Winston Salem, N.C. want to hook up hit me up at wte1intriad@yahoo.com

    wet1intriad, posted

    que ricoo... alguien tiene mas videos msn?

    zoo_peru_bi, posted

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    KangarooBoy69, posted

    WOW great stuff :)

    JULZWOLF, posted

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    Iwanttogetlaid, posted

    sadly, i only have a small cat, so i will need about an hour to jack to thnx to this ;)

    dogassluver6969, posted

    that's pretty hot, wish there was sound with that..

    indeep2cum, posted

    Awesome fuck! the cum shot was magical. I know that bitch was satisfied!

    Lat-anim2, posted

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    ilovetocum, posted

    THOSE BALLS...woof!!!

    BAREBACKONLY16, posted

    You guys do realize this is not a female dog, right? There is no vulva, so it's a male dog being fucked in the ass.

    puppygirl01, posted

    anyone looking for a 16 year old guy who has a really tight ass? btw great video love it

    imashleyduh, posted

    So hot, loved it!

    RandomWriter, posted


    alanso, posted

    love fucking a tight bitch pussy seeding her deep GREAT VIDEO

    cumpig31, posted

    fireass use sum lube??????

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    jn5w7ike, posted

    This is a good movie, but I can not turn back after they finish playing, and no means to upload, please so that I could upload this movie

    ahamdany, posted

    how do i fuck a dog in its i tryed to but it wont go in?

    fireass100, posted

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    bingdog5, posted

    hot! thanks for sharing, please make more. :)

    south2, posted

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    npcycnp, posted


    raf-500, posted

    pretty hot

    hellcat13, posted

    dick so little

    prettyboijuan, posted

    more please

    lotfitifo5, posted

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    sacolini, posted

    ¡Great video! Nice and very good.

    oroblanco, posted

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    Emos86, posted

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    XXmrshlongxx, posted

    good fuck nice ass on him,.

    asslick5, posted

    I would love to do that wearing my stockings and heels.

    keet_in_heels, posted

    mmmmmmmm! That looked so good!

    Londontower96, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    Nice view, and good camera control. Loved it.

    lizard_lover, posted

    love watching this video I was wishing I had enough alone time to mount my bitch but sadly only had time to watch, love the cum shot ending too...

    malexen, posted

    I leaked soo much pre-cum from this

    Rockedknot01, posted

    Very hot video. I want to fuck a bitch so badly. PM me if you can help.

    ronspeed, posted

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    Pferdeliebhaber, posted

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    tireddick, posted

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    allah71, posted

    HOT.... would love to try fucking a bitch sometime!!

    swallowall, posted

    so fucking hot. anyone in MI wanna help me out? need a dog... horse... whatever!

    mustang72884, posted

    Loved this video... enjoy seeing cum oozing out!

    swallowall, posted

    Geezus baby...do you know how hard you just made me??? That is soooooo fucking hot....you going to get the bitch ready for me baby? You going to finger her pussy and taste her juice? Mmmmmmmmm

    darkhawk181, posted

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    beastboycll1988, posted

    baby, i want to watch U dump your load inside a bitch so bad - then i'm gonna suck your cum out of her!

    K9_Curious_CDN, posted

    Lovely. Can I have a go too? Simon

    simonstevin36, posted

    nice penetration

    outcast65, posted

    Even though it was shot upside down I liked it a lot...slammin a dogs asshole is tight and warm...and really handy when her oussy is too small for my dick...only down side is the shit on your dick...

    buggerboy, posted

    i enjoyed the vid and glad to see the stud creampie the bitch, different angle of photography though

    luvembig, posted

    diese heiße enge Hundevotze wird richtig gefeilt,

    klettke, posted

    Wonderful vid. Wasn't sure if he was doing her up the butt though. Thanks.

    Rezo43, posted

    GREAT vid :D I LOVE anal vids ;) Thanks for sharing :)

    k9horse69, posted

    any1 live in california and has hot female bitch plzlet me no i need to fuck a bitch with any1

    ThiagoS, posted

    good movie shame it was upside down but good all the same

    hunter6662009, posted

    WOOF! HOTT! Love the cream pie. Some nice shots of your ass and your hole! grrrrrr

    txndck, posted

    god damn! someone please share! anyone in Illinois area?

    fuckcraz666, posted

    Ok vid but I would rather see him do her puss. For you goofs that think that is a male dog because it is in the tail hole - where is his twig and berries??? - Now that verticle slit that the guy pushes his head into and that channels the cum straight down - that my uninformed friends is a bitch pussy!

    udpets, posted

    HOT fucking wish you could do that to me

    wolffucked72, posted

    Is a nice shot of male dog ass getting pumped hard. Brings back fond memories.

    o1cougar2many, posted

    That is hot wow the guys get so horny when they fuck bitches, I would imagine it would be in a nice remote outdoors where no one but u and your female would be a real hot fuck and it's hot to see him cumm inside and pull out after and show that he did, they must both enjoy it got to be.

    alright454, posted

    Super hot fucking! Dog seemed to really enjoy the sex as well. Way to cum in it!! :-)

    Sassy4Animals, posted


    SSYYMM, posted

    nice ass fucker! dog ass must be verry special! i would like to have a cock!!!

    hundefuehrerin, posted

    loved seeing him cum in her or him

    Goldie1964, posted

    mmm...hot, lusty dog fucking.

    jockstrapslut, posted

    Loved watching the bitch hump your nice cock wow

    aaalll, posted

    Hot action - love the angle .. 2 hot holes and 1 great cock both be good to fuck hard and deep .. wanna cream them both ..

    lazarusheights, posted

    cool, cept, thats not a femal, its a male dog

    Blair_M, posted

    mmmm mmmm good what a hot fuck

    hotkittie33, posted

    what a hot video and a hot camera angle!

    febfantasia, posted

    lucky bitch!

    FAIbeastboy, posted

    so good ,thank you so much

    616071889, posted

    nice anal

    forestdweller25, posted

    nice !!! look like my female dog

    Hyena_69, posted

    mmm is that tight

    ohyes, posted

    Dog get's fucked good smooth and by the look of it,shes ok with it.He is enjoying it.He looks like it's smooth inside enough to make u have the best orgasm possible.He's not wanting that dog to ever go,and if i was him i wouldn't stop.He wants to tare that shit up so badly and he looked like he wasn't thinking about anything but that smooth ass on that dog.It look like it was so warm that no pussy could or would compare to it thanks to that man i might try it my self i go for the horse but the way he looked like he was enjoying that ass hmmm that looks nice is all i can say haha so yeah if u dont like my report that sucks but thanks anyways.

    lils8er47, posted

    The vid was pretty good. The action was excellent. A nice slow, progressive stroke allowing him to feel every bit of his lover's inner walls... and for her to enjoy his cock sliding in and out. I loved the camera position because it allowed me to catch each stroke from beginning to end. As well, it didn't budge a bit which made for an outstanding view. It would've been nice to see a longer clip, but this was satisfying as it left me hard as wood, and wishing that was me stroking that pretty pussy. Maybe someday I’ll have such a pleasure again…

    safarix, posted

    Sweet movie starts out slow love the way the bitch puss grips his cock, she is a good bitch, the angle that the clip was filmed is awesome shows the way the pink bitch pussy grips his cock. Wish we could have seen the rest of the bitch to see her reaction to the fucking she was receiving, all together was a great clip and enjoyed it tremendously like to spend some time with her, can only imagine the feeling he was receiving his cock was good and wet so she is definitely enjoying the pounding that she received.Would like to know what breed that she is. Love the creampie nice load worked out his cock on the tight bitch pussy.

    rammegoody, posted

    that was great i lov how the guy fucks the dog in the untill he pulls out an cums on her pussy its a great clip i recamend any one to watch it it it very good i watched it an i couldnt help but to watch it again it is by far the best clip i seen yet i hope you get better ones up soon do you have any more clips if so you to upload them me an my bitch fuck all the time its the best thing to do in the world i love to fuck dogs

    kevinb871987, posted

    an awsome movie it looked like he was fucking a dog in the ass but he had a really nice cock god i want to go fuck my dog now. near the end when he came you could see the cum dripping out of his dogs ass i love this video so much but theres no sound so that fucking sucked i wish it had sound then this video would be even more awsome i love bestiality they need to make it legal i mean who wouldnt love that then we could fuck animals as we please then i would be happy

    pidgeot4080, posted

    Nice ass work. I loved the way he started slow and obviously showed his love for his friend. His rhythm is good and it is obvious this is his regular lover. The camera angle could have been better, make sure it is shooting upright next time. Complaints about penis size are ridiculous, not everyone has an enormous cock, this seemed like an average gentleman to me. The cream pie is very nice touch for such a short video, most lack a good cumshot. The gentle seemed very fit and had a pleasing form. Overall, a visually satisfying video. I would love to see more of them.

    1wwall, posted

    Wow I really loved this one. At first the guy started off slow as he was so into it I guess by the it bein so tight.then as it got closer to the end as he was about to nut he started goin faster.if I'm not mistaking it looked as if the dog was tryin to get away. From the looks of things he really enjoyed it and so did i.my my my I actually got off playing in my pussy watchin this guy fuckin the dog got me thinkin of bein ducked by one looks sooooo good.

    sexysexy326, posted

    The only thing I didn't like about the video, was the fact of no sound. But the greatness of his cock just sliding in and out of her furry swollwen bitch pussy was great. Wish he gave it harder to the bitch though. Would have pleasured her more. But the video overall was very great. Loved ther creampie he gave in her bitch pussy. If only he had a bigger load, It would be much MUCH better. There can be only 2 explainations as to why he didn't blow a huge load. 1, He fucked her before he did the video or two, he pussy was tight. All I wanted though was a video with sounds, of the bitchs low moans and of the man just moaning as he cums.

    RyakMoon, posted

    Great view from below. Love seeing the guy penetrate the bitch. Its ass is so tight, you can see it is holding on to his hard cock as he moves in and out. He starts slowly, but then goes faster and faster. The hottest part is seeing his fury balls press up tight up against the dog every time he goes deep. He has a rock hard cock and it slides in beautifully. When he is ready to cum, he pulls out just enough to see the head of his cock, pressed against the dog's ass shooting cum which drips down wonderfully!

    In2Flesh, posted

    Its amazing how she just stood there, loving it. And the position was great, you could see what was happening instead of just the back end view, that no fun. And the cum shot shows how bothe, men and animal =P. This video is soo awsome i hope they make another! I want to savor this video just like how that dog savored his cock, to stand there and soak it in! I also want to have a little fun with my dog myself, just cause of this video! I might post it on here as a free of premium... but back to video, it ahmeyzhing! And awesom and loving!

    haily1000, posted

    This was a very interesting video.The detail of the guy's cock pounding his lover's tight ass was intriging and very ecstatic,you could see every vein in his cock and the hardness of it as well as it penetrated the dog's ass.I would have loved it even better if it had some sound,but this video obviously deserves to be the most watched video so far.It made me think back to my own personal experiences with a dog and a horse,so I would personally love to see more.It also made me want to think about considering making some videos of my own one day.

    Dmien2, posted

    i like the camera view you can see clearly wats going on and ..... the cream pie....YUMMY!!!!................................jkl..........k.jk..............jk.jk.........jkj.j............jk.................jkj...............................jk.jk.jkjj....................kjk.j................kj.kj.....................jkj.klk..............................kjlj..............j.kjl.........................jk.j................jkkjl...............jk.lj.j.lj.j..........jlj.j.l.lkjj .jl.j.jj j ljk.j .kj.j j. j j. jkl. kj.jk .jk .j j .j. j j.j.k .kjl.jk.jkl. l .jk.kjj.ljk.jkl.jk.ljk.jkl.k.lj..lk j.jkl. jjkl.j.kl.kjl.jl.jkl.kj.lj .j.jk.lk.l.lk.kl.jk.jk. .lj kj.kj.kl.jklkj.jk.lj.j.j j.lkl.kl. j.lkj.jklj kl.ljjkl. jkl.kj.kj.

    itn2, posted

    that was amazing. i do wish it was a bit longer. and that daddy wasnt bad either... i wanna suck that cock too. the horses dick really turned me on...it started with the man sucking his cock and then he was stroking it so sexy i almost came. then the best part........the stallion came and the stallion_X swallowed the cum. oh how i was this was me...you should watch part one and part three. this is of course part two. i, however recommend part one better because it shows alot more stroking. i also want to say that if its not a problem to make the videos longer because i cant cum to one minute videos and that they shows more horse... anyways i do reccomend the movie and i would ay for this if if if it want alredy free :)

    toshiba1234, posted

    The movie started off somewhat confusing. It took me a while to realise it was upside down; the camera was probably put on the floor to capture these intimate moments. And that wasn't a half-bad idea. The man slowly starts pumping into his lovely dog first, taking his time. Further into the movie he picks up the speed. All the while the smart positioning of the camera allows you to see every detail of his cock sliding in. He ends with his member pulled out but pressed against it, and you can see his seed drip down (or well, on screen it drips up because of the angle). Even though the lack of sounds is a pity, this clip is definately worth watching in my opinion, and a good example of what a nice go with your favourite k9 could be like.

    ilovedogsNL, posted
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