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    Husk Fuck + Dildo


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    man fuck husky in ass and use dildo

    Uploaded by dogday · Rating: 3.8 (26 votes) · 3104 views


    ave i think im pretty sure it was a bit wet, should be harder to get in if it was not.

    bobococo, posted

    Some lubrication would really help my enjoyment, that's just a tad painful looking, but alright I guess haha.

    avewolf, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    hot mov

    ketankumar, posted

    hot vvvv

    ketankumar, posted

    very hot vid. love the way she takes it, but next time, use some lube.

    cawknballz, posted

    yea lube would have helped out

    P1nkMeNow, posted

    yeah joust like Wolftaur says, awesome vid but sum lube would have made it better hehe

    blackfur, posted

    Have you ever heard of lube? Sexy dog.

    Wolftaur, posted

    I have to say that I greatly enjoyed this video, and Husky's are one of my absolute favorite canines to see for something like this. I wish that there were plenty more Husky videos on this site, and this video really roused my senses. I think the best part in my opinion would have to be when you stuck the object in the anus, that is the stuff that I generally enjoy, and I would definitely love to see what more that you have to offer and also promote whatever more that you wish to post. Now I will be looking forward to more of this kind of material, and thank you for hearing me out. -AveWolf

    avewolf, posted
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