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    Man & Mare


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    man fingering and penetrating his mare

    Uploaded by mikeycantor · Rating: 4.1 (262 votes) · 84703 views


    Gooood fucking - very nice - and give that cum to me. Thx a lot and see you at the niederrhein area - western Germany.

    gregoraachen, posted

    they both know how to do it animal abuse? not a chance

    shorttom, posted

    loved how you fucked her hard. Was that cum I saw. Very hot man. You've got a nice cock too

    inthewindow, posted

    Anyone in Portugal interested? I would love to try anything.

    nanetas, posted

    vilken kuk!vill knulla mig!

    animalka_66, posted

    Does anybody in Austria share his mare?

    Puitt, posted

    very hot

    zoo71, posted

    I so want to do this someday. So hot.

    nothere555, posted

    Good man mare fuck

    hsan1988, posted

    17yo male living in Canton, OH looking for help with his first beast experience, im willing for anything female! message me for more info

    bigcaboom1, posted

    Anyone Near Nakskov; Denmark, with a horse I could fuck?

    11cmDane, posted

    Actually... ignore that last comment... I don't want to participate in any beastiality. It's just a arousing curiosity...

    divinedead, posted

    Who has a horse or a dog that I can fuck or get fucked by? I live in NW Ohio. Msg me and the closer to Bryan, the better.

    divinedead, posted

    iv`e fucked plenty of female and male horses i love the way their assholes pucker up while you fuck them intheir pussies it`s like they are inviting you to fuck their asses too. i really like fucking the males cause they got some tight hole!oh and if anyone is watching if you got a big male dog that likes to fuck men up the ass i live in ohio

    Johndoeass, posted

    I'd love to point out this isnt gay, why this remains on a gay sight is beyond me, but enough complaining...this is a lovely video...just wish I saw more closely the mares pussy...seeing them wink and get horny drives me nuts!! <3

    marylasher122, posted

    i want it so bad, i have a dog

    wrongkindoflove, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    ok he came after a few thrust just like we all do horse pussy makes you cum quick,but he kelp on fucking because it fells so good cumming twice in one min. is good

    getdownonit, posted

    q buena culianda de esta panita.......tronco de verga q tiene y la yegua tremenda concha.buen material

    JoseValencia09, posted

    Would have been best video ever if camera could see that mares pussy

    Mare117, posted

    i would like a lot to make sex with a mare as that...qualcuno in italia cè?

    maremmano, posted

    really hot, amzing dick

    latina18, posted

    Goddamn, another stud who knows how to use his nice cock!!! My pussy is so envious of that mare.

    DKLA, posted

    nice work.

    hassell, posted

    I'd like to have his cum dripping out of me like that.

    bredmare, posted

    I remember this one. Excellent work, thanks for sharing.

    ZenfoldT, posted

    The mare seemed to like it just fine, was winking all the way, and the guy is a real pro!! able to continue fucking right through his ejaculation and well beyond, great stamina.

    kaaty, posted

    looks like a big horse. Thanks for sharing.

    D_Spirit, posted

    it is a horse ?

    052133, posted

    we like it

    saiddel, posted

    I loved this.. so hot to watch

    febfantasia, posted

    I loved this.. so hot to watch

    febfantasia, posted

    anytime a guy gets to put his dick in a mare, it's well worth watching....with quite a bit of envy!!!

    buggerboy, posted

    nice work..if yu can get it

    farmjim, posted

    the teasing of this sweet horses pussy is amazing, he prepares this mare for his cock, not gently entering but forcefully slamming his cock his mare to get a sexual reaction out of his her, shes quick to react from the hard thrusting of her male companion, orgasmin quickly and shooting her cum all over his hairy balls you can see this drip from the both as he continues to fuck his mare. its really enjoyable to watch him thrust in and out of her over and over again and both of them seem to be enjoying the long fuck they have.

    kamaichan666, posted

    good thrusting action, you can see he got some good heavy pumps in, really looked like he was enjoying himself nice camera angle, got to see everything, watching his fingers slide into that wait mare pussy before sinking himself balls deep into her, good stuff and what a pussy it must've been, good firm ass, you can see her body visibly shake every time he pushes into her, trying to milk his balls for his seed, she was so wanting that cum good little video to get off to, I know I did, and I know I will be again very soon ;)

    ballsdeepbrony, posted

    Although there weren't any sounds, I had to admit this show gave me instances where I want to open up a barn and get my own mare for my own pleasure. If people, like me, are frustrated with the movies that they wanted to watch, but can't (and are only here for free movies) than this one is the one to watch for any beastiality fans. The fingering wasn't a gentle one either, which shows me that this guy is a rough lover (and I think she loves it rough too). Just when this girl was going to lose it, he opens her up and slams his dick into her hot, winking, pussy. She likes it the moment he hit his thigh onto her ass, oh man that ass jiggled. I love the lower angle shot throughout the minute and a half show; like I said earlier, the ass jiggling, the guy pumping his somewhat small but huge dick into her, and a little surprise throughout the show: she cums! (It might be the guy's cum that just came out because of his intense fuck, but still, a surprise). Although muted and slightly short, I think that beasty fans would enjoy this guy fucking his mare like this anytime.

    Hercu1es, posted

    This was the first time i watched a man fucking a horse and i am so turned on right now, my pussy is so wet and hot and wants to be fucked. I enjoyed watching this movie to see a man putting his cock inside that mare and her pussy was cumming. it turned me on to watch the horse cum all over his cock and he kept on fucking her and when he pulled out she was still cumming. it was long and exciting. I would watch this movie over and over again just to see him fucking her pussy it turned me on so much that i will be watching this movie again and again.

    caronv, posted

    UMMM the teasing of this sweet horses pussy is timeless, he prepares this mare for his cock, not gently entering but forcefully slammin this mare balls deep to get a sexual reaction out of his girl, shes quick to react from the hard thrusting of her male companion, orgasmin quickly and shooting her cum all over his hairy balls you can see this drip from the both as he continues to fuck this mare, incredibly impulsive, definately gets the cock buzzing this one a must watch!!! I would love to see more of this pair u can tell this mare thoroughly enjoys the fuck of her human male a little more pussy teasing and this would make the vid more watchable but all in all a great fuck

    fartniocker25, posted
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