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    Guy Rimming Horse


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    In spite of being rather short, this movie contains enough erotic material to satisfy anyone’s desires. The man in the video is going at that stallion’s hole like it’s a piece of sweet apple pie. His face is literally buried between the muscular stud’s butt cheeks. The sound and picture quality is good, you can even hear the dude moan as he works the horse’s pucker with his tongue. My only concern is that the video is recorded sideways, which doesn’t do the perspective any good. Still, this is something that can be dealt with in exchange for watching a nice hot video of a guy eating a stallion’s ass hole. Mmmmm-mmmm good!

    Uploaded by greystonesfo · Rating: 4.4 (273 votes) · 57221 views


    I want to watch that in person

    VinMax, posted

    who is this guy, i'd love to see more vids of him

    cumover30, posted

    Sensational! Way beyond hot. My kind of people.

    dickeater, posted

    ovo je divno, tip je extra i kako samo voli kobilinu pickuuuuuuu!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    Oh man. Really? I'm impressed with this video. I´ve never watched a person who licks a horse´ass. You know, is very common that the horses expulse pop constantly. What´s is the flavor? Well, maybe how I´m bottom I prefer suck horse´s dick, fantasy that I´ve never been realized. But great vid, make me hard.

    CaoncitoBJK, posted

    hot guy and vid! is that a mare or horse?

    k979, posted

    i wana see u dead :)

    alan361, posted

    you are sick men!!!!!

    notokej, posted

    Mmmmm i love stallions assholes they taste so good i mean there almost the best tasteing thing out there next to mares pussy!!! Mmmm god there holes are so soft and when u put your tounge in them u just havr to moan like this guy it feels like your in heaven!!!! God i love stallion asses!!!

    horselover192, posted

    Mmm, I know I'd love to suck a tasty horse asshole. Yu-um!

    StAraqiel, posted

    my biggest fantasy is to deeply eat a stallions hot asshole. if you can help me make it a reality please message me.

    junglejak, posted

    looking to fuck mare cunt, chicago here, 29 8 1/2c...can travel

    greatdanepussy, posted

    anyone looking for a cameraman in wisconsin? send me a message

    this1, posted

    fucking hot jbsdriver@mail.com

    freedom536, posted

    Hottest video ever :) Would like to see more of guys eating out animals

    mobfreako, posted

    i would like to kiss the after

    cman1959, posted

    i've been wanting to eat out and fuck a mare or stallion for a while now, but i'm afraid i'll contract worms. if anybody has fucked or eaten out a horse, can you please truthfully tell me if you did or didn't contract worms? pm me if you're more comfortable doing so. i would really appreciate any and all replies. thank you.

    texasranger1015, posted

    Found it to be so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jeriahmax, posted


    joaquin2005, posted

    The hottest thing that I ever seen! I hope to see alot of this. Lucky man and lucky horse. Oh, God, this was just so fucking hot! I don't think I say enough good things about this clip!

    boxsniffer, posted

    Great Video I would to eat out a horse ass hole also just need to find a horse and someone to tape me!!

    macnamara83, posted

    so short, but one of the hottest, best vids on the site. really makes a difference when the guy is hot, too. guy and horse are smokin', sexy HOT. blow my load every time i watch it.

    guy4horses, posted

    GREAT, this guy and his horse are really a turn on. I'm new to the scene, but this guys clips make me want to try more than ever. Love the one of him licking the horse's foreskin and taking the bit of dribble he got out of it. Horney for some animal cock now, but just have to wait I guess. Anymore of this guy send them along for us all to enjoy.

    flguy65, posted

    What I wouldn't give to do this...

    flavius13, posted

    the guy is totally hot.. he got builds.. damn!! :)

    jhonrevs08, posted

    Did this once with my bf, too. (altho it was a mare.) I'm here to tell you it was like licking and eating velvet. SO easy to tonguefuck. Wanted to eat bf's load outta there, but we opted for the mare's cunt. Good enough.

    JimFilth44, posted

    This, along with the video of the guy chewing on horses foreskin are the two hottest clips I've ever seen. I wish they were longer!

    DallasCurious, posted

    man...i wanna see your cock

    horsepornjerk, posted

    I meant "HE" would be my oral slave, not me.

    clitorliscious, posted

    OMG!! This is so hot. If a man could eat and lick my pussy the way this one has his face buried in the animal's ass, I would be my oral slave.

    clitorliscious, posted

    fuckin hot, wanna bury my face in it too!

    hogatthetrough, posted

    bring that pig to my barn ANY day!!

    ontariorn, posted

    jeg ville sugd kuken hans sammtidig kasper34

    kasper34, posted

    Damn dude u r so hot! great body awesome cock. would love to eat ur ass anytime or cock! love it but tooooooo short

    kokassluver, posted

    Why are the good ones so short!?! This guy is HOT, I would love to rim him while he rims the horse, then trade places! Anymore vids from this guy?

    curiousity1, posted

    I wannn a fuck a horse, donkey, bitch ready had experianc with bitch

    master66, posted

    one of the hottest videos you'll ever see...ever.

    farmstudtop, posted

    everytime I see a horse I think about this video. I wanna eat a horse too.

    rafik, posted


    freesecond, posted

    way to short but the guy in the vid is hot lucky horse wish it was my ass he was licking. sounds like another guy was in the back ground they should have done it with each other.

    hairybear2039, posted

    that is HOT would love to put my tongue inside of that asshole

    batman51us, posted

    this is great. would love to rim a stalion and suck him off. any one in South Africa with a stalion?

    jgrzar, posted

    Hottest video on Gaybeast! :D Mrrr, i want to taste that ass... :P

    Hengstliebhaber, posted

    This is hot!!!! Wish it was me!

    hornyass1, posted

    oooh too short ! I would liketo see it much more ! It's a splendid video, and a very good quality, but really too short.

    zoophilialover, posted

    Looking for horse owners near Palm Springs CA to video me - without blocking out my face- sucking their stallion's cock or eating their mare's cunt.

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    mmm looks fun

    lucyblack25, posted

    dam, I love to get under that tail

    Shadowfang_N, posted

    That is more than just hot, the sound the guy makes while eating the ass of the horse is such a turn on!

    TwistedWolf, posted

    this guy is so fine.

    simps18, posted

    mmmmmmm this guy is sooo hot !

    tener74, posted

    hi i,m will , i use to do a pony like that and then make love to it , it liked it . i,m 8 inches , it use to back on to me , i,d open it up , 3 inches then go down on it and taste it tounge it blow air up in it , years ago , i use to take care onf my friends pony , i use to feed it then make love to it alot , 3-5 times a week, i have a fanticy , of finding , or getting me a few ponys , train them to like it , , i,d like to get one it eat oats all day , and stuff , soo at night it can give it all to me while i make love to it , 3-4 time , really wet and jiucey , where it runs down my legs is nice , any one know of a pony i can come and see , i,m will. *8214402942008 bradley@earthlink.net

    wilburforce, posted

    the best horny fucking thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm cuming and eating my cum right now! fucking WOOF!!!!

    ragazzo.81, posted

    I think I could get into that

    rafik, posted

    Does anyone know what video this is from? There are 3 other vids with this guy, 2 of them are with this same guy & horse and another is with another guy & a mare.

    dirtypig, posted

    hell yeah id love to double rim it with him

    sickfaggot, posted

    Popa smurf can I lick your ass? YEAH, LICK MY ASS BITCH! Popa smurf can I lick your ass? L-L-L-LICK LICK MY ASS BITCH!

    .zzz., posted

    jeez if you like that and have horses let me at them haha mmmm nuthin better then that big sloppy horse pussy in your face. live in alberta

    albertin, posted

    heerlyke hengst

    janwillem, posted

    En rå deilig film

    tommy71, posted

    prachtige man geil

    janwillem, posted

    i like that horse

    zigmas, posted

    the man is fucking hot !! nice body !!

    tiramisu26, posted


    teridiazyo, posted

    wow he is so hot

    jasminevanilla, posted


    horseoscar, posted

    That is soooo hot! I would love to be rimming that hot hole. Shame we don't get to see the stallions beautiful hole.

    ukanimallover, posted

    the taste of horse cunt and ass is the best taste in the world second to none not even $1000 wine etc

    filthyb, posted

    nice very nice

    trains, posted

    so hot but so short, great looking stud i would luv to have seen him bone that beast, would share my mount, if i still had one, with him anytime....;-)

    luvembig, posted

    this is the hottest vid on here

    jcjcjcjc, posted

    Very nice! This guys has a fucking hot body! Love watching him getting in deep in that hole. The guy filmings comments turn me on too. HOTT!!

    txndck, posted

    would love to rim you and the horse, cell 8183552367

    smokingdaddy, posted


    jumasiiv, posted

    I love the way the stallions ass puckers when you rim him.

    Shadowfang_N, posted

    i want that guy and horse cock call me 5048351742

    boytoyk9, posted

    it fucking turn me on too

    rafik, posted

    WOW love that he's hot and that was amazing

    jdb29, posted

    Does anyone know where the rest of this movie is or what it's called? i have this and 2 other clips with the same guy and horse. Ball sucking and horse foreskin licking.

    dirtypig, posted

    fuk thats hot

    dirtyslut_999, posted

    I like watch.

    yiling, posted

    more please!

    sweet1000, posted

    unfortunately it is not possible to see the that anus from the beautiful stallion butt; I'd love to do the same now..

    horsefrank, posted

    he is sooo hot!! Love this clip..more please..

    tan69, posted

    omg, he is hot... Are there more vids??

    Dozor, posted

    Totally hot! Love watchin the guy get into eatin that horses ass... rimming that ass and the guys n the background. total hot. have blown my huge load rubbin one out tons of times watching this hot vid! He really gets into into tastin that ass. His buds get into too which even more of a turn on! Fn hottt! Would love to try this on my own. Hot guy too. Nice body and he is enjoying it big time! Too bad the movie is short. Not bad video from others on here. Would love to see more of these.

    ntoguyz, posted

    a naked muscular guy , and a hot detail is we can see his own cock dangling between his leg, like an animal.. and i would have liked to play with it to make the guy hard . Then seeing him diving in a stallion's asshole , hottest thing ever. satisfies all my primal pig instincts . We only wish it were longer as the quality is not bad really. Some close ups of the guys tongue digging in the horse's ass would have been a real hot bonus , but the slurping sound kind of compensates. hope we get to see more of that kind of action .

    ziplox, posted

    this being a short video is still worth watching,it has good video very quality, if your a fan of seeing the person then this is the vid for although it does not show is face but still just hearing the noises he makes is sure to arouse you a lot like it did me and the way he eats out that horse is just amazing to watch cause he really gets in there.... u are going to want to watch this video over and over again just to bust a load belive me. i give this vid a 4/5 because it should be longer but its still very good hope to see more vids of these people :)

    hunk181, posted

    This video makes me so horny that I want to rim a mare so badly, the feeling of having your tounge deep in an animals ass must so amazing, I bet the horse is really enjoying this moment I'd love to be rimmed as well as this guy is doing it, you dont see many rimming videos of this standard anymore I'm just glad this video is exellent quallity. I really love the way he is so into it you can tell he is enjoying it. He will be tasting that ass for a long time. 5 stars! for quallity and just for being an epic video.

    smashbros, posted

    In spite of being rather short, this movie contains enough erotic material to satisfy anyone’s desires. The man in the video is going at that stallion’s hole like it’s a piece of sweet apple pie. His face is literally buried between the muscular stud’s butt cheeks. The sound and picture quality is good, you can even hear the dude moan as he works the horse’s pucker with his tongue. My only concern is that the video is recorded sideways, which doesn’t do the perspective any good. Still, this is something that can be dealt with in exchange for watching a nice hot video of a guy eating a stallion’s ass hole. Mmmmm-mmmm good!

    brokenmirror69, posted
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