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    Dude Cums On Dog Pussy


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    Dude jacks and squirts big load on his little bitches pussy

    Uploaded by mikeycantor · Rating: 3.2 (146 votes) · 93391 views


    no reaction... bitch sleeping? :D

    pimpaliux, posted

    that delights the video, I hope the dog has licked his cock then they enjoyed divine

    vanda15, posted


    williamc, posted

    Anyone in Indiana wanna let me borrow their animal or have sex. Message me

    greenday114, posted

    25fnj i wish a man would use my cunt like this

    inncontrolmale, posted

    like a few others have said why is she not moving even to lick afterwards?

    huskypawlover, posted

    Dont understand, if thats right there, why aren't you balls deep when you shoot your load. i want to see that video.

    weston2k, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    this is messed up the dog looks dead sick human

    tazx, posted

    i love it you can tell hes a big guy buy his hands ^_^ i love big guys!!

    wolvyyiff420, posted

    nice cock head n cum shot.

    mydogsissy, posted

    good posture, he shouldve have entered his dick inside

    faberich, posted

    sexy_sara_98@hotmail.co.uk << anyone go on webcam and fuck a dog for me?

    xx_lol_xx, posted

    add me on msn ! :) Colaboy22@hotmail.no no virus. !

    Himpblack, posted

    oh my god that made me so hard!

    asdfutewln, posted

    or the bitch really liked it, or she was dead...

    mmmhhhmastiffs, posted

    I do believe that it is a rash of some kind. And I think it might be a little hasty to say she is dead......at least I fervently hope not. Still, she does not look like she is even part of this act and is just being used. That is so sad....for both her AND him. Sex with your K9 partner is so much more fantastic when they WANT you and you give THEM pleasure as well as take your own. That is the biggest problems with this site. There are way too many humans here who at BEST use a dog.....and at worst abuse them.

    TZwolf, posted

    Ive seen a lot of dogs and that does not look like a rash or post surgery and the twitching is just a muscle movement I'm guessing either dead dog or abused and then it might even just be drugged either way her body is motionless =/ poor dog..... if your not going to be nice or love your dog then you might as well give it up to a nicer home =[

    foxyfurry, posted

    Looks like a skin condition to me most canines that don't want attention don't just lie there they jump and bite and growl, she looked relaxed.

    geddion, posted

    Not dead. Leg twitches. On bed. Has lube. Perhaps some missing fur? Skin condition? Post surgery? But I am fairly certain that she is alive.

    humacyrnus, posted

    Beasty82 is right, you shouldn't have aboused this dog, your twisted dude, as she said, if the girl wants you she will let you have her, in other words she wants you in her. you cant treat her as an animal, you have to treat her as your lover in a way. Me and my dog I love her as she loves me, she lets me make love to her, she opens up to me, it makes it more pleasureable as well. in time you will realize that your dog wants you, sadly my dog is growing old but we still share a deep love for each other our sexual days are over but she still loves to lick me or belive it or not, give me a blow job. but what your doing is wrong.

    xXFlameXx, posted

    the dog is eaither dead or you abused it. If the bitch didn't want you than don't abuse her in anyway. OK! After she gets use to you and wants you than you can have sex with her. It takes time but eventually you will build up a more of a sexual relationship with her. OK! YOU ARE A SICK TWISTED FREAK FOR DOING SEXUAL THINGS TO A DEAD ANIMAL. THAT IS JUST PLAIN DISGUSTING.

    beasty82, posted

    wish i was there

    power1, posted

    nice load - wish i had some

    dtguy, posted

    I just can't believe all of this. This is SAD.

    darkangel79, posted

    sperm on heres cunt is super!

    Prasak, posted

    That didnt look right............

    angel75, posted

    i think the dog is deceased, it never moves once, its leg twitches but i think its just his hand moving it, plus that looks like blood on her belly

    peekunderling, posted

    i'd say abuse because of what hes doing to her

    gallahad, posted

    Nice cum shot ..hot looking cunt .. not much movement ..

    lazarusheights, posted


    Pet_Lover1987, posted

    wat on her belly rash? or sighns of abuse?

    forestdweller25, posted

    This dog is totally turned on and is awaiting her master’s load. She seems like she would prefer it inside but is just grateful he gave it to her. This video is short but gets right to the point. Some videos take a minute or so to get to the good stuff but this one started on it. The guy seemed to have already been fucking that hot little cunt by the way she was laying you could tell she was satisfied at that moment. I became wet instantly i wished i was that little pooch and my cunt had that hot cum on it.

    rlk2281993, posted
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