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    Man And F St. Bernard


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    Man and female St. Bernard going at it in what appears to be a camping trailer. (Not my vid)

    Uploaded by snakeman76 · Rating: 3.6 (647 votes) · 99250 views


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    这实际上是一个体面的视频,母犬准备一些他妈的和她的onwer是她的lubed和热。他花了相当多的时间在她的工作有点,所以她一定会喜欢它 - 他显然很爱她 - 她作为她的尾巴和身体语言,他表示。我不能等待,看看在下一篇文章中,他花了一些时间,舔她,使她觉得自己真的好 - 他舔她的身体抽搐。真热感应她的期待,当他暂时停止改变立场,她看起来好像在说“你要去哪里?不停止,请!“ 完全增加了辣味 - 她非常希望他继续。非常值得观看!

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    This movie does have appeal, but not if you value coherent and structured storytelling over visual impact. The plot jumps all over the place – admitting or ignoring various story points without explanation. The animation is impressive, though; and the bleak, post-apocalyptic world is nothing if not starkly detailed. I think my biggest issue with this film is the lost potential. There was a lot of space that could have been used to flesh out the characters’ motivations or give the film a clear take-home message, and give you a reason to remember it and recommend it to family and friends

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    very good movie ... a very nice looking, even sexy young male master with a beautiful female St Bernard ... it was quite evident from the first few seconds she knew exactly what was to happen, her front legs pawed playfully as he approached, that is the sign of true love for a human ...the fact that this young man took time to briefly clean her off was also noticed, he truely is a seasoned professional when it comes to animal love ... you could also tell be the way he performed oral sex on her, that he was devoutly bonded ... certainly hope this pair makes many videos together

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