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    Dog Fucks Man


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    gay dog fuck man and cums

    Uploaded by letsgetfun · Rating: 3.9 (212 votes) · 283505 views



    SexlyHyena, posted

    loved it , Boy was that dog into it mmmm

    summerrayz11, posted


    HyenaFucker, posted

    it's a women not A GUY I I HAVE THIS in VHS .. OR TRANY

    HyenaFucker, posted

    i wish i was being fucked that way

    april2009, posted

    anyone in az let me get fucked by ther dog or u? im 16 m

    azstir, posted

    Beautiful fuck!!

    caseytron, posted

    I'm 15 years old living in Henderson NV. Looking for a male dog inside me! Sound interested? Message me. :)

    Arch15, posted

    It"s feel so good !!!!!!!!!

    stringhom, posted

    That looks like a good dog to make love to. Mmm, I'd love to have his tongue inside my mouth.

    ImmaSikko, posted

    It's ok. The picture quality is not good. I have seen waaay better. But I give him a thank you for sharing.

    dna1267, posted

    Am 16 and a beast virgin am from manchester and i would like to try it out message me Teehee~

    Madaraobi, posted

    Would love to have a dog pound my butt like that and cum inside me ;)

    loadtaker, posted

    I really envy these young men who seem to love getting fucked by their animals or fucking them I've never had the awareness or the opportunity to get into that world of animal sex never really knew it existed actually to the extent it seem so be practiced today. I'd love to try it before I pass on. up for all and everything you want me do Any owner willing to help me get on to pet sex zzuke@hotmail.com Male or female I will do it all I am in London near Heathrow thanks ian

    ianmax, posted

    was that a woman? wow! lucky bitch!

    wiseone2, posted

    Nice...but the dog has a small dick O.o

    Hornyman96, posted


    waffa, posted

    very hot vid x

    k9me, posted

    woww ..hot!!! love to have seen the cum pour outta your ass tho..!

    curious4beast, posted

    Nice movie. Would like to make contact with guys in South Africa that have sex with animals. bigpa@webmail.co.za

    bigpa, posted

    that was awesome love to be knotted by that pup oh yea

    damtrav, posted

    mmmmmm thats just like my rottie he fucks me just like that and i get an arse full a hot dog jizz

    bevlad, posted

    ohh hell yaaaaaaaaaaa\ fuck meee

    kunemkez, posted

    it's hot, but it's not a man. it's ms. beast. still hot.

    hungdaug, posted

    looking for k9 to plow my ass in NE ohio - if you have k9 near cleveland let me know!

    farmboylove, posted

    very good! I like it!

    zmxc123, posted

    It's good

    kaname6969, posted

    iam soo fucking horney naw dog cock is fantastick i love it wen the dog ties u can feel tha dog jiz geting pump deep im side uor arse fooooooooor mmmmmm

    pissandy, posted

    man rotties are hot

    ilovedogs24, posted

    that is hot love to eat your ass out bob

    imskul, posted

    i would love to be that guy

    soul99, posted

    very old clip looks like it was filmed in the 80s

    jbj728, posted

    I hate it when they make woman wear those Burkas!

    Manimal688, posted

    not a guy. old clip

    nate252, posted


    tiaria68, posted

    class man adam.hanwell@hotmail.co.uk

    Pembury, posted

    Is it just me, or is that rottie fucking a ninja?

    Mikamod, posted

    hot. i wanna get my pig boys to do that more often

    entertainme, posted

    wow, now i wonder why anyone would want to wear a mask like that

    lordryux, posted

    A Decent clip of a nice looking black dog mounting a man and happily fucking him. The second half is rather poorly lit, lighting wise, but you can still see in the first half the dog's cock entering the man as he humps the shit out of him and then cums inside of him, waiting til every last drop has filled that ass before pulling out. The guy should redo this video with better lighting, because the dog looks great, and so does the man, and I'm sure everyone would love to see more. Keep up the good work and happy dog fucking :]

    YarHarGarDanny, posted

    i really like this i really like this i really like this i realli really like this y li really like this ike this i reallyi really like this lii really like this ke this i really liki really like this ei really like this thisi rei really like this ally like this i really like ti i really like this really like this his i really like this i really like this i really like i really like this this i really like this i really like this i really like this i really like this i really like this i really like this i really like this i really like this

    jenseeu44, posted

    Love how the Rot is handling that man-pussy! Has it's paws wrapped around the guy and pumpin him full of K-9 juice! The heavy panting of the Rot is hot as well, loves when he pulls out and some of the dogs cum flies out as well. Definitely one to stroke my sausage to, just wish it was longer. Love the mask on the guy as well, may have to get a mask, find an animal to play with and post as well. This is all new to me but glad I found it, really gets my cock throbbin and the pre-cum flooooowin!!

    pabog8, posted
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