• calf suck man

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    Yummmy I'm a women I want my Liszt licked by a calf yummm

    verytightpus, posted

    i lakle

    gumh, posted

    I don't like the hands on the calf. Should just let the calf go to town!

    kiesha22001, posted

    Isn't anyone making anything new? Same thing over again,calves sucking cocks,not that its a bad thing,but some calves being raped would be nice for a change.I think that everyone finds that a calf sucks with no problem and forgets about the other end.Run your cock into a hiefer's pussy once in a while.Small,new and tight is great.

    philip, posted

    Calf Suck Man

    titof, posted

    haw do u meet some one to do this with

    patsys, posted

    lol. maybe he IS naked,lol.. u can't tell cuz the quality is so bad.lol ... E for effort. a B- for the actual video. F for the quality factor, though. still...i've seen worse.

    beingstrange, posted

    quality blows... no pun intended. Aside from the video quality issue, it would have been better if it were closer and the man had his pants down. also if it were shot from a diff angle. sound would only add to the vid...human sounds, that is.. not stupid music.

    beingstrange, posted

    not a cler vision.

    nanda71, posted

    movies that are not clear are a waste of time

    Mokua, posted

    now I know were those country boys get so big. Yum, Joolyho

    jollyho, posted

    Wish I were the calf!

    samantha9988, posted


    gerimal01, posted

    That's no cellphone, it's and oldschool tape recorder!

    Morth, posted

    That sucks!!!

    kaaty, posted


    SSYYMM, posted

    what did he shoot it with a cell phone? quality sux

    harryjohn, posted

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    The title of this short video suits the movie well,but speaking on titles,the poster should also have included "Very Low Quality" in the title. It is very hard to see what is going on but otherwise the video is not bad.The calf seems very into it and the man is seemingly having no trouble at all getting it to continue sucking his cock(with the poor quality you can't really tell).No money shot or anything close.Just a short video of a calf blow-job in progress.Next time I think the video uploader should work on both quality and content

    codemr, posted
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