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    Sucking That Stallion Part 2


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    Guy sucking on a stallion's cock

    Uploaded by SuperSwede · Rating: 4.7 (560 votes) · 103952 views


    att se dessa stora och härliga hingst kukar det är synd att man inte fick vara med

    A-Z07, posted

    this was HOT

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    WANT_HORSE_CUM, posted

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    ilikedogs21596, posted

    guau muy buena

    cacho_vicio, posted

    That was intensely arousing.

    drawingporno, posted

    Does horse cum taste as sweet as a human guy's cum?

    stickymark, posted

    That was wild the way he sucked on the head getting as much cum as he could. I do that with my stallion but his head isn't that big and I love getting his load down me. He now starts getting hard seeing me going down to the barn.

    sidatit, posted

    How do you get your stallion so horny

    jwestwood, posted

    By far one of the best movies that I have seen on here. He builds up the load by holding that huge horse cock then swallowing it. Wish I was there to catch what he didn't

    igotmoney347, posted

    excellent this video and even more elsewhere, too bad I do not know where you live because I would come take classes with you. If you want you can contact me on this email address cuissardo@hotmail.com for more trade if you wish, I would be super happy. A read you

    cuissardo, posted

    That nasty farmer gives me total bone! I think being nasty is the point why we all get turned on.... Hot fker! Shows his desire for wet horsecock - love that he has a hoody sweater on top and totally naked below but shoes and white socks - oh, and a big farmer cock half hard from working that horse member.... I just imagine if his father taught him how to do that - and/or uncles, cousins - like, one day he walked into the barn and cought his dad, brother, and a couple older cousins, fucking and sucking on the stallions.... turned on, he approached hoping he could touch and play...

    roobqt, posted

    im so wet watching this

    lynn7272, posted

    wow !!!

    outdoorsranger, posted

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    revenant426, posted

    hell no thgat guy nasty i like horse pussy not horse cock

    puppyjohn321, posted


    Romel002020, posted

    Now that guy is amazing i worship him ^^ Damn i wann taste it! plz? <3

    kotahun12, posted


    Hebiatan, posted

    kako rugoba to dobro radi.

    konjipsitipovi, posted

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    LeeMan0002, posted

    hot..lookin for young bottom guys who do same ...

    darkzoone, posted

    woud love to do this....any one from europe...?

    volimkonjski, posted

    love it!!!!!!!!WANT TO!!!!in athens-greece kokoras03@hotmail.com

    alkisgr, posted

    FUCK! That's a huge load...wonder what it tastes like...anybody in SE South Dakota?

    hornyfuckfsd, posted

    Love it. Any one in Omaha Ne in the US can help with any animal to play with

    Gutterboy, posted

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    bunnyslut, posted

    Great fuck!

    Horsepenis., posted

    damn thats hot

    man14, posted

    Did the guy need the cum for protein or for salt or is he mentally challenge?

    lyrdaneb, posted

    guter SCHLUCKER

    sport72, posted

    animalsexfun.com = recent video of a girl bringing a stallion to cum without mare, fake cum or thrusting his dick much...who says girls cant please giant cock? >:) Just as good as this video, she laps up the cum and gets it all over her body too <3 I'm so jealous of these people

    marylasher122, posted

    still my favourite on gay beast...the way the stallion pumps his cock is to die for!! <3

    marylasher122, posted

    aw man luv that cum slurpin!

    professorgolden, posted

    would love to be the guy in the video sucking and swallowing

    suckshorse, posted

    •Aluzky• @deepsix, Hell yea >:) this is real porn. Not like that fake porn where they use something that is not cum to fake all the video. Mastrubating a horse till orgasm is VERY HARD, only a pro can do it.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Incredibly hot vid. Would love to take a horse cock and load up my hole!

    loadtaker, posted

    Great Vid! Anyone with a stallion around Vegas to share?

    lakecofun, posted


    boxsniffer, posted

    han runkade och sög den hårda häst kuken och fick smaka den goda grädden

    CHOOSE, posted

    I came masturbating to this video. Love the horse.

    Niner99, posted

    this is the hottest video i have ever seen! OMG the way he is drinking the cum out of that beautiful cock ~ wish it was me!

    timula, posted

    I really envy these young men who seem to love getting fucked by their animals. I've never had the awareness or the opportunity to get into that world of sex -never really knew it existed actually to the extent it seem so be practiced today. I'd love to try it before I pass on. up for all and everything you want me do Any owner willing to help me get on to pet sex zzuke@hotmail.com Male or female I will do it all I am in London near Heathrow thanks ian

    ianmax, posted

    this is soooo hotttt!!!! I wanna drown in the horsesperm too and I want this megacock deep down my throat!!

    benderman, posted

    i would align his cock so i could take 20 inches down throat and into stomach so he could unload there

    tectronic, posted

    Wow---what a cock and what a load! Would love to try stallion sometime. Anyone around Vegas?

    lakecofun, posted

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    arabianlover, posted

    hot man would luv to take a horse load anybody in ft lauderdale?

    milton1974, posted

    I love this ..i want to !!

    animalsexxlover, posted

    ujo si určite pochutil

    jurig1, posted

    wish had cock in mouth right now

    suckerofmanycoc, posted

    I want that hott horse cum in my mouth.

    thewyldeone, posted

    super geil wat een lul

    joerryxxx, posted

    lmao mooed123 is a moron...if you can get a stallion like that to shoot and thrust and grunt you are clearly doing it right...honestly, just jealous bitches! xD

    marylasher122, posted

    good men hot video beatiful

    rubenc, posted

    good man

    PILIAA, posted

    In colorado and will travel to service mini's on up to standard sized stallions. Contact me at horse.play@ymail.com

    arabianlover, posted

    i so wish that was me with that horse :0)

    Gutterboy, posted

    I love this video. I love the horse cock and the Daddy sucking on it. What a great load. I am sure the sucker was very happy. I wish the videos was longer. I shot 5 times watching it. HorseMaxxx

    HorseMaxxx, posted

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    israelguy, posted

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    israelguy, posted

    Yum :3

    NaughtyBoiFoxxy, posted

    Der Hengst könnte mit mir machen was er wollte so geil wie er bei 0:16 zustößt

    qwertz01000, posted

    That makes me ache so much!!!MMM

    guardgirl47, posted

    I hope I have the opportunity to do this someday...

    PornLad, posted

    i swear whoever made this sexy ass website is a god of animal porn!!!

    mooed123, posted

    sry replay button for abusing you

    mooed123, posted

    i want that huge cock in my mouth

    mooed123, posted

    Did anyone notice that he looked like otto from malcom in the middle or is it just me

    johndragon15, posted

    Looking for horse owners near Palm Springs CA to video me - without blocking out my face- sucking their stallion's cock or eating their mare's cunt.

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    this guy should be up for a Grammy....and win it !! ...sure would like to be sucking on that beautiful cock myself....in case it's available in Mtl...

    fredog51M, posted

    fucking hot love taking hot Stallion cock and cum in my mouth and ass feels so good unloading in me and taste so good

    cumpig31, posted

    I'm sooooo jealous, I also wouldn't mind a session with the dirty old fucker sucking the horse off, I love unwashed old men, love to clean their unwashed uncut cheesy cocks.

    keristal1, posted

    Mmmmm*licks lips* that looks good

    lucyblack25, posted

    Mmmmmmm, now that was a hot load...

    k94fungb, posted

    wenn einer soetwas mal probieren will, einfach melden.

    vieleskann, posted

    horse cum! Love it,i want a dozzen horse loads all over me and up my ass and in my mouth

    1968886, posted

    would love to taste all that cum too :0)

    Gutterboy, posted

    :)this is the best movie on here cause it shows us how a man and a horse can love each other i love this one especially cause the man is older and hairy we need more gay hairy men to make more videos with horses and donkeys please thank you Super Swede please make some more videos bye friend :)

    cubby, posted

    lecker sperma ich würde es auch schlucken sofort

    jungebistutte, posted

    Hot vid just blew a nice load. glad to see im not the only one who likes it ^^

    dakoras, posted

    dear hot sexy horse, dont waste your yumm hot cum on him hes an ass ill gove you a real bj ps love your cock!!

    mooed123, posted

    dear ot sexy horse, dont waste your yumm hot cum on him hes an ass ill gove you a real bj ps love your cock!!

    mooed123, posted

    This guy is an inpiration! I want to try this!

    mmmgulp, posted

    einfach geil

    thewayafter, posted

    fuck that made me cum!

    cptxgh, posted

    kakva kurcina! koliko sperme!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    how did it taste? hmmmm

    pkj84, posted

    What the F*CK, i want that too....

    Tigerlover, posted

    this is definately the best free video ever

    shoddynoobshit, posted

    suck that shit, Captain Kangaroo!

    tonktaf, posted

    what a great video. love the way he wanks that massive stallion cock into his palm and seeing the head flare up and spunk into his hand. beautiful. uk based london man looking to chat and meet with other men.

    stevej, posted

    mm beautiful dick but ewww old guy

    rimkoscar, posted

    cute 19yo boy in london, really wanna try this and other gay animal fun. amazing instructions too. message me

    eaterlad18, posted

    ja hij geniet er van beiden wat een paal en die vent weet wat een hengst lekker vind

    janwillem, posted

    wwwaaaauw heeeeerlyk geluid en wat een mooie paal die man weet echt hoe het moet

    janwillem, posted

    I wanna know what it tastes like....

    mte516, posted

    a la miercoles este tio de traga la leche del caballo...

    JOSMA_19, posted

    damn, would love to try this, Anyone in kentucky willing to help out?

    belivarian, posted

    Th fellow knows how to make it enjoyable for them both. I've done similar. The stallion I did was well known to like have his cock sucked and played with. He had lovely big balls and when I sucked him he burst in my mouth! Delicious, but over whelming.

    Nikki1985, posted


    mikxxxmen, posted

    This is exactly what i want to try. Anyone near north georgia to help me out ??

    2COUNTRYMEN, posted

    WOW WOW WOW!! Love all that cum in his mouth and dripping off his chin. Anyone in Tucson let me know test.cindy@yahoo.com I'll let you vid as I jack off and suck off dogs and horse...

    mandog123, posted

    WTF is thath shit Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WTF is wrong with this People and saying on the videos Sexy Dog WTF just fuck and stfu Weard ass people >.<

    shimon1, posted

    super ik kan er niet genoeg naar kyken die vent is super weet echt hoe je een paarden lul verwend

    janwillem, posted

    bien uno de los que más exitan por su contenido( menuda polla) y menuda forma de mamar guauuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    Jordihors, posted

    that was beautiful!! i would, wounld nt you??

    Ellnd, posted


    janwillem, posted

    ummm quiero conocer a un tio dominante que me haga probar la lechita de su caballo...

    metemela, posted

    I want to be that guy...

    naturistmate, posted

    love this video! the best !

    latinanimal, posted

    Best horse suck vid ever! he knows how to jerk the huge cock off too. woww!

    dad4doguk, posted

    brr ein super vid, aber schon schade was da alles verloren geht von dem guten saft

    Eisbr, posted


    LOVERANIMAL, posted

    das Geilste, was ich je gesehen habe.So frische Hengstwichse ist doch was Leckeres.

    cumloverxxl, posted

    dam nice cok and loads,lucky man,i wana drink that sweet cum,anyone close to nyc to share horse spunk?

    RandyHung, posted

    I'd suck off either the horse or the guy. The relationship between them is very warm, in Part 1 and Part 3.

    Dogsbiody3, posted


    ceemank9, posted

    this was awesome to see a man get it on with his horse and I once lived on a horse ranch that was a stallion service and to watch humans who take a big horse cock is hot.I hope this man does this daily to keep his ass big enough to keep a horse cock inside. Makes me wonder if any of these men are straight or gay and if they are straight why they enjoy having a big horse cock up their ass.I am a straight woman and I dont know if having such a big cock up my ass would enjoyable but it must be great since women do it too. This man must really enjoy horse cock.

    kckevuk, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmm...the nectar of the gods! I would love to taste that beautiful beasts load!

    sweetjennielou, posted

    why can't i ever watch the full 1:05 seconds it keeps stopping like 20seconds in??

    cozuma, posted

    wow, unreal

    Frau_Kau, posted

    that is hot I sure would love to suck that cock

    extrucker552004, posted

    and that, folks, is what a REAL horse cumshot looks like!! all those stupid porn bitches don't have shit on us guys. all those cumshots are fake, fake, fake! This is for real! we make animals CUM! right on dude! CRUMPThatDiCk!

    deepsix, posted

    who can fill me like that???

    saliva, posted

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    bertel, posted

    i love enjoy lot of horsecum

    bertel, posted

    hot love this wonderful big cock who woulnot want to suck it.

    art69xxx, posted

    Fantastic!! Would love to do that!!

    ak9subpig, posted

    Fucking love this vid!!!!

    joaddict, posted

    Two words: "OINK"!...."OINK" ! :-)

    Manimal688, posted

    wow i wanna try that so freakin bad:)

    nicnac, posted

    Give that horse cock to me and I would take at leat 10" in my mouth and down my throat. I would swallow all the cum for sure. Would love a dude watching me too.

    sidatit, posted

    That lucky guy! That man is certainly giving that horse a BIG service...HOT!! More of these please!

    Hardharv, posted

    YEAH!! I'd love a chance to swallow that load!!! Very hot!!

    ak9subpig, posted

    SO FUCKING HOT!!!! Damn would love to join em...

    joaddict, posted

    Fucking awesome

    hellotiger, posted

    Holy christ Ive NEVER seen something like this

    Irudnir, posted

    i would love to drink horse cum! fucking hot!!

    mizoka, posted

    I just love it makes me hungry

    Ilodo, posted


    BLACKSHEBA, posted

    how is the tasted of the horse cum¡?

    CaoncitoBJK, posted

    best clip i've ever seen!

    norwayservice, posted

    one of the best clips ever - great to see a hot guy drinking horse cum!! fantastic!!

    tonycub, posted

    someone get this man a meal he's hungry

    sexyebony001, posted

    I love that he drank the horse's juice

    sunrise100, posted

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    zooboston, posted

    OMG, sooo hot.This guy is such a cum lover, would like to know him!!

    tan69, posted

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    Biman, posted

    Fuck this dude is really hot man, he can really suck horse dick and loves to drink the cum juice makes me so damn hot

    Zoopha, posted

    This guy is really good but he needs to be naked

    MrBear, posted

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    gb538, posted

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    dite, posted

    I have this new fantasy that started a few days ago. I was always into guys with big cock and as i was browsing on my local gay chat, i came across "beastforlove" who’s welcome note said into zoo people and bestiality. A few moments later i was google-ing these words and strangely enough as i was watching this new porn my cock erected and seconds later i was covered with cum all over my body. Jealous for the guy who was sucking that huge stallion cock. Then, i continued watching more videos and came across this one...What's not to like. A beautiful well-sculpted stallion with a massive dark cock and a huge head being sucked by a guy. Wouldn’t you just love to be instead of him. I would! Pity i was not a cowboy. Would have put a bed in the stable to get fucked by that stallion every day. It s amazing how the guy in this video loved swallowing that stallion's cum while the stallion was having a great orgasm and a great time of his life...Would not you love to please a stallion like that?? I ll die to be instead of that guy....Worth to watch...amazing video.

    selvagg, posted

    Wow! This is an excellent movie, really goood quality and well set up for lovers of Stallions and for people who like to see a true pet lover in action. The firmness and the way in which he holds the stallions shaft shows how much he wants to taste that Stallion, not afraid to hide away either the man can,t wait to get his fill of the stallions jizz. Having worked with large horses it takes a brave man to get that intimate with an entire stallion. A real turn on clip that i watch everytime I can, although short it contains everything you need to appreciate the intimacy between man and beast.

    anguslad, posted

    "Sucking That Satsllion Part 2" is the best movie in the series and possibly the site because it has the substance and the merit to be called a product of love between an animal and a human. For example, when the farmer began stoke the stallion's cock, it showed that he already knew that this action would surely get the horse off after a little stimulation. If one views this video, one will see that this was definitely a mutual thing because the farmer was getting his big, hard, cock sucked and stoked until he came. Due to the amazing video and audio quality, you would have to be stupid to even think that this was a fluke. This was a real farmer sucking a real horse's cock until he needed to be stoked until he came in a wave of pleasure only a person could give. When I first saw this movie, I honestly got off instantly just because it overloaded my senses. I saw that stallion's cock and wished I was there sucking him off instead. My breathing became strained and each time the stallion snorted in pleasure of being sucked and stoked, it grew worse. It was a brief moment in time of tenseness as I heard the farmer's hand squelching hard against the stallion's cock, heard the horse give off a "peaking pat", an audible signal given off by the stallion to let those around him know that the end is near, and saw the stallion stamp forward right before his cock head flared. I recommend this movie to anyone whowants to see how to get their stallion off. Kudos to the creator because you are one lucky guy.

    djeazy, posted

    Wow... all I could say is wow! this is my first time to view this video on this website. because normally it's very hard to find x rated website where gay men having sex with animals could be present. this is really shocking but in a good way... i mean i never thought someone would actually give a horse's huge cock a good hand job which to my surprise that the guy actually knows how to work it and make it cum like an endless fountain and swallow a horse's cum - i mean CUM FROM A HORSE?!?! i can't imagine what horse cum tastes like and the guy just swallowed it with pride! this is a truly a fantasy turned into reality for me. i wish the guy could've lubed up the horse's cock and slide it up in his ass and have it get fucked hard and deep and watch the horse unload his cum inside the guy's ass and watch cum splatter out of his mancunt like an overflowing cup!

    dickieneto, posted

    For the stallion who has never made physical love with a person, fellatio may be the best introduction. But even that may take a number of attempts before he gets the idea. Sit or recline beside him and press your face gently into his flanks nuzzling through his fur. Exhale slowly against his flesh so that he can feel the warmth of your breath. Repeatedly run your hand down the back of a hind leg from croup to point of hock. Sometimes curling the fingers in so that the tips and nails are all that touch him will help arouse him. If he does not drop his member, use your finger as described in masturbation. Then return to stroking his legs. Nuzzle his flank and stroke his legs until he is well extended. If several attempts at this over several days gets no results then try sucking his teats before you begin this procedure. Using the tips of your (warm) fingers gently lift the member to your lips and kiss and nibble on him. If this causes him to lose interest (it depends on the horse) then start over, and once he is again extended, grasp the shaft and take him strongly in your mouth and squeeze the shaft rhythmically. If he doesn't lose interest, kiss and nibble until he is at high excitement, and then take him strongly. The hand not around the shaft should go between his legs so that you can, with some pressure, stroke downward and massage the first chakra, or if he prefers, more gently massage his balls. This, reaching between his legs is possible only if he spreads them apart for you which they often will. Often he will find this activity exciting for only a limited time and will relax before too much is done. Once he relaxes press your face into his side and shoulder, breathing on him, talking to him, and rhythmically working your hands into his fur and flesh. (Note: I once had a Hackney stallion, too large to proceed as below, but who at this point, would often take me in his mouth and bring me to orgasm. He didn't suck, but worked me with his lips. He was probably one in a million. Don't try this at home.) Note that a small percentage of horses go absolutely wild when you take them by mouth, even the first time. You may find it appropriate to repeat the procedure in the paragraph above several times. The objective here is to arouse him to the point of his wanting to mount you. If he has never mounted you, it may be necessary for you to get on your hands and knees and crawl under him. Push your head between his front legs and then rise up enough to take his weight on your back. If he is well trained there is only slight danger of a hoof smacked against your head, but you might consider some head gear during his training phase. Take a break. Scratch him, kiss, share breath, etc. Sharing breath may be especially exciting to him if the smell of him is on your breath. Turn your bare back side to him. stand with your legs slightly apart and beg him to take you. A lot of stallions really like to be begged, and honest to god they can tell when you mean it. Bend over and back into him. Act provocative. Most likely he will mount without extending. But the act of mounting will put him in the mood. His hooves may be around your sides or he may, depending on your relative sizes, want to put them on either side of your neck. I have gotten a good whack to the side of the head by this on two occasions (very painful but no real damage), so be careful or wear head gear until you and he are adept at it. Once mounted he will likely press his teeth hard against your back, but if he is well trained he won't bite. What to do next depends on your mutual desires, his size, and your strength and gender.

    ded899, posted

    wow..i creamed in my pants the same time the horse blew that incredible load.I would have loved to have bathed in all of that cream he spilt.to see someone that thirsty,starving for it made me hard in a flash.I cant beleive he was able to wrap his damn lucky lips around that huge horse shaft.I too would have been kneeling before the horse and him just to help the guy out.His hands were to full to even stoke his cock.I can imagine him fuking me at the same time as devouring the dripping horse cock.Maybe get a dog to help your ass out so you can be like a pig on a spit.

    copperdog, posted

    What a great clip, the horse not only has a wonderfully big cock, but this guy really knows how to make his horse happy with his mouth, getting that big cock right in his mouth, you can almost taste it. If only we could ! Then you see him rubbing and jerking his horses cock until it shoots a nice load, which the guy takes in his mouth. Made my mouth water and my ass twitch just watching it. Wouldn't we all love to have a nice big horse cock to suck and play with, ten out of ten to this man and his horse, carry on the good work.

    bitchboiuk, posted
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