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    Mare Pussy


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    too softy. too short & bad quality movie. :(

    Uploaded by tokimitsu · Rating: 2.9 (141 votes) · 141606 views


    so why didnt ou play with it?

    asofaskljdb, posted

    I wish I had a pussy like that between my legs

    bredmare, posted

    ,,,nice pussy ...it just needs a mans cock in it.../.

    farmjim, posted

    sadly i can last longer than 15 seconds :)

    horselover7654, posted

    I wanna fuck a mare, alguien de mexico?

    Cbastian28, posted

    Sweet looking mare! I would love to have the honor of pleasing that mare! Sweet lookin' girl!

    RidersField, posted

    Mine is better xP

    Sammygirl113, posted

    like to lick tha pussy luck so good

    rob63, posted

    very nicee

    dgkking, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    hi im 14 and just geting started if you want send me a vid or 5 ^///^ and ill try to send sum up... if i could find a dog to fit ~_~ we onlt have a small 1 but i wish i could fuck biger dog's and mares all night! O AND P.S:im submissive so eny good vigs with THICK THROBING DOG COCK would be grate!!!!!!!!!!

    rockeres, posted

    not to bad

    foxgal, posted


    rickpink, posted

    I love mares. I have five of them, and I've fucked them all.

    DoggyFucker, posted

    i wanna lick it

    santiainen, posted

    terrible quality, too short, waste of time.

    thomacoustic, posted

    I thought this movie was awesome. In this movie you can see why men fuck there mares the mare pussy is shown close up as he spreads the mare pussy lips apart for us to see. If he had fucked her pussy in this movie would have made it a much better video but all in all its worth the download.If the video had been of better quality i would have said this was one of the best ive seen but due to poor quality ui would have to give it 3 stars out of a possible 5 stars. Love how pink the mares pussy was inside very close to a womans pussy for sure and you dont have to cuddle afterwards haha, all in all very very nice looking mare pussy. Think everyone should watch!!!

    pussypumper, posted
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