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    Mare Fuck


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    dude pentrates his fav mare

    Uploaded by mikeycantor · Rating: 4.0 (252 votes) · 111180 views


    Comment posted Anyone in or around Canton, Ohio that has any female animals to share? Also would love for someone to fuck my big fat ass, I'll fuck you 2 and i dont mind being video taped. Message me for more info

    bigcaboom1, posted

    anyone in maryland have acsess to a mare or female dog want to share with 16 male email @mhawk06@yahoo.com

    mhawk066, posted

    Seeking USA guys on the east coast or southeast WHO HAVE ACCESS TO ANY ANIMAL HOLE: that are already trained to take dick. NOT LOOKING TO TRAUMATIZE, FRIGHTEN,OR HURT ANYONES CRITTTER, (though I'm aware they're might be little bit of a resistance) please email me: bradmontgomery25@yahoo.com Me: 32 white, very good looks, know how to keep my mouth shut. LOVE the idea of pervin' out with another man and sharing beast pussy! INTENSE MALE BONDING :O)

    nycshaun, posted

    am goiing to see my mare now- just got an inspiration. Let*s get in touch at the niederrhein area - western germany.

    gregoraachen, posted

    great picture, not much sound, but good-looking fucking, i enjoyed most of the video and i say most cuz the angle of filming was shotty. If you could find someone, "cough cough" who likes this zoophilia like you do to do the taping of such sweet n' fun sex then by all means make more films, MUCH MORE!

    robertBruce, posted

    I think it's really funny how that guy came in slaming us who "love" animals and saying that we're disgusting, I wonder why he joined the site, or even looked up Bestiality video to find his way here. That doesn't make much sense seeing that he would've sat and watched the video.

    mattblackwidow, posted

    There's no pussy like sweet, wet mare pussy

    mattblackwidow, posted

    i really want to do this anyone have one i could share im 15 in colorado

    Apolloairsoft7, posted


    abedmawajdeh, posted


    shilo24, posted

    Nice , Nice fuck ....Thank you this vidio..

    hsan1988, posted

    good fuck man mare,But Iwent see all animals ,good vidio

    hsan1988, posted

    i relay wana try this anyone in the uk that can help me? if so msg m

    docg, posted

    See, what most outsiders don't understand is that 95% of those who are Zoo love and deeply respect their animals. Not to mention that most people who are Zoo wouldn't do anything to hurt an animal. Just goes to show how some people don't research what they talk about. -Nice video though. Thanks for sharing!!!

    RidersField, posted


    karbody, posted

    I think you are sick bastards that have no respect for the animals. And you guys that comment that sick things like i want to join or something like that, please go and shoot yourself.

    the_king1, posted

    love it i love hot wet mare pussy. love cumming in it then licking it clean. just love eating mare pussy full of man cream

    12inchdeep, posted

    this is awesome. lucky!

    alhadi_slama, posted

    should clean her first. then slide out and slip into her ass damn sure way to blow your load

    rashws, posted

    beatiful mare pussy

    lelusitanien, posted

    like 2 c th rest

    greatwonders, posted


    DEVIL9211420, posted

    Love how he walks up to her and give her a nice fuck. Wish there was more of this video. It had good view and angle.

    VOND3, posted

    mm its pussy looks like a womens! love the lips grippin his cock

    crewmen, posted


    CHOOSE, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    Lovely camera angles naturist8@hotmail.com

    donkeyboy6, posted


    revz443, posted

    oh perfect video can u send me that

    revz443, posted

    I would love to fuck a mare like this. If anyone is in NC and can help me do something like this, email me at saxyoshi @ yahoo.com

    Yoshifreak, posted

    The black spots are from the crud thats in the folds of the outer pussy. And some came off when he entered that nice pussy. Should have cleaned her off first.

    68pony, posted

    I hope that mare is just old. She looks a bit skinny.

    crazyc011, posted

    Nice but what it's up with the black spots? What is that,I have seen other videos before and the same thing with the black spots. Did someone knows what is that?

    tauruslov, posted

    the best film mariuszgrzech&o2.pl

    mariuszg111, posted

    Im 16 Male looking for fun in Canton, OH area... will fuck u or any animal... u can fuck me as well... Msg me for more info or just to chat

    bigcaboom1, posted

    I want to be that mare.

    bredmare, posted

    very good vid

    246748ajacs, posted

    maravilhosa foda,aquela chana enguliu tudo,excelete trabalho. parabens

    daycowty563z, posted

    very nice

    hassell, posted

    ohhh nicee

    mertdikici, posted

    oh my god that makes me go right over the edge! anyone wanna share stories add me on jursuph@hotmail.com

    niava, posted

    love throbbing mare pussy

    jazzcrazy, posted

    wish there was sound. other than that....very hot

    want2watchu, posted

    hot !

    GermanDream, posted

    high quality video...send me more dude...you did good job...try another mare with pink mare pussy...Salute..salute..

    bigcockfarmer, posted

    give this guy an Emmy Award! one of the best movies i've seen!

    DeerHunter, posted

    Waaaauuw !! The best movie ever !! Keep them comming !!

    Hest, posted

    wow great but wats up wit the tip of ur cock tho looks weird an bubbly

    dirtygurl, posted

    I like watch.

    zhanghua2533, posted

    it fits well

    xiaolizi970, posted


    zooboston, posted

    very nice

    animal38, posted

    very nice

    oth999, posted

    this is awesome. lucky!

    amishlovin, posted


    tan69, posted

    Nice....did you have to stand on anything?

    txtrump, posted

    great movie, god angles, and just plain fun to watch. would be alot better if it had sound, but oh well, still enjoyable seeing her pussy throb and having her pull his cock back in. Just wonderful. this is a very lucky guy to be able to have sex with a beautiful horse.nice job on the self recording too! i can imagine the sounds and they are squuishy, and wet and tight. wonderful wonderful wonderful! im so horny from this it's not even funnny you have no idea how much i wish this was me. i wonder how tight it is... i'd love to fuck a mare sometime! i would be the best experience ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!

    aaman777, posted

    I like this movie it was very explicit. Video quality was regular but it was fine. I masturbated and it was pleasant. You should try new angles, and different lightning. Hope to see your next video soon. Also, other type of color mares, such as white which have pink pussy are more likely to be excitable. I probably will upload a video of me fucking a mare and you'll see that pink pussy it's better. Though I liked your video it was very hot. This page also hel one as member because of it variety. something concerns me. I don't understand why is "gay bestiality" some the videos are son guy getting fucked by a dog but the majority of the videos are men fucking female animals. The name does not help much.

    katana94, posted

    The camera angles in this movie are absolutely amazing, and it's even more amazing when you realise that at least a good part of them were done with only one hand. The mare itself is an absolutely beautiful creature with her shiny tan coat, and perfectly formed black pussy. What's most amazing is the way it looks like the mare's firm pussy lips are just holding onto his cock, and how it looks almost like they're trying to pull him back inside makes this movie absolutely amazing and like it was an amazingly pleasurable experience for the lucky owner. If only there were more videos with angles like the ones this video has - this is one lucky man to have such a beautiful mare.

    bobafetter, posted

    Super hot!! I love how he lubes up the mare right before penetration. You can tell she loved it since she didn't move while he slowly entered. I totally wish I could have been there to hear the action going on. The sound of a squishy mare pussy is such an exquisite pleasure to my ears. Another thing that makes this a great video is that it's lit outside so everything can be seen. Decent sized cock and wet mare pussy makes this a great video! I definitely want to see more like this. Keep 'em posted please!

    kyagorn, posted

    I feel sick at the thought of having to meet some people. Actually, a couple of people.... When I was a child, certain people reminded me of certain animals or insects. Children are very perceptive in a basic way. In my mature years, I seem to be getting more like that. Is this being hyper-sensitive? It has its advantages, but also it's painful moments. The persons I am referring to now, are like a couple of spiders. I'm aware that spiders serve their purpose in the ecology of the world, but there are some which are poisonous to humans.

    Doqqie, posted

    WoW!! this video is like what ill want to do in my life because that's sounds really good and be an exciting chalenge to fuck a mare like this!! I want so much to try it...Keep a run with a mare in wood and find a good spot to dont by watch by someone ... be watch can be fun to ... just to think about the juiced pussy ... i'm so horny ... :P I tried dogs, males and females. I had 1 time to touch a mare's pussy... oh my god..this was so good to me...and now i want more...more than just a touch..

    bibabilouba, posted

    http://www.gaybeast.com/review/8019/mare_fuck is a seemingly 'self made' movie by an unsteady hand. It starts off with a well hung guy with a tasty cock, rubbing his loverod against the mare's wet pussy as he tries to work the camera with his other hand, seemingly. This evolves into him penetrating the equine and having his way with her. Personally, I think this movie could have been done better, the camerawork is very sloppy but you get some nice looks here and there and is overall an alright movie that one can fap away to without much problem and enjoy thoroughly if one's standards are not too high - Enjoy.

    Rezuriel, posted
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