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    Man Horse Cum


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    man and horse

    Uploaded by icarus · Rating: 3.3 (312 votes) · 116835 views


    OH--baby ,i wish you were doing that to me.going down on me that way.its so hot. im at mariac_torres@yahoo.com

    sweetthing, posted

    Hi im in wolverhampton on stevo1953@live.co.uk or stephen.fletcher69@yahoo.com hook up we can cam etc

    stevebutt109, posted

    Where i found that guy and his horse???...man, that's so fucking horny...

    acuarian76, posted

    Anyone know where to find the entire video? Seen various clips of this guy and the horse, but they are all too short.

    NTXCurious, posted

    hotdamn I wish he was sucking me off...Love his moaning

    aristeos40, posted

    We've seen more of this before. You are a beautiful man with a beautiful horse. I wish I could be with you. I love you!! Micky

    succumballs1, posted

    any1 got a longer version PLEASE give link if u do

    Oz0n3p1g, posted

    the guy looks better wish he was suckin me like that

    chadus, posted

    Any contact with a stallion's cock and balls is worth a risk.

    hardflare, posted

    Gid i love doing this it feels so soft on there balls its like velvet and the more u rub and lick a stallions balls the harder his cock gets till i go over to his giant cock and deepthroat him till he starts flareing and thrusting his cock in my mouth and giving me that tasty stallion cum i love so much:)

    horselover192, posted

    I'd love to suck the balls too!

    babici, posted

    The moaning was really hot as well as the slurping!

    boxsniffer, posted

    fucking love the moans and ball sucking bro, call me sometime, fuck

    1cockluvr, posted

    if it's a movie please say me title!!! :D

    az84, posted

    Please, icarus! Post more! He's got to be one of the hottest guys I've seen sucking horse cock, and I believe he's got a vid sucking a stallions ass...FUCKING HOT!!!

    curiousity1, posted

    Very Sexy! Wouldn't mind some of that for dessert!

    diggerdoesme, posted


    samn255, posted


    eerickoo, posted

    I've heard that stallions freak out if you suck on their balls. Is this true?

    VaultBoy112, posted

    GREAT VIDEO!!!!!

    todoesdual, posted

    If I was there I would be right down there with him!

    shaner007, posted

    That guy should be in more movies...

    biggdick8, posted

    short but sweet

    into_everything, posted

    if i was that horse ( i wish i was) i would let u do that to me anytime you wanted

    mooed123, posted

    Looking for horse owners near Palm Springs CA to video me - without blocking out my face- sucking their stallion's cock or eating their mare's cunt.

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    very nice but i would like to see more.

    into62, posted

    i love this!! yeah

    xenosaga777, posted

    contact me if you have a horse or dog who i would be able to have fun with, ill suck, swallow, fuck and be fucked by both dog and horse, ill travel to where you are and volunteerly do it, ill even pay, i want to do this so badly..... contact me by email chriscondick@hotmail-.com

    hornyhorsesuck, posted

    even though it's a short clip pretty hot..hard not to moan like that when sucking a huge horse cock and balls.. I usually moan as well when I do but moaning our of pleasure and how hot I am by taking care of a hot Stallion

    cumpig31, posted

    wooow ... hot

    nikkk123, posted

    i wish that was me nice hot big balls

    mooed123, posted

    That sucks

    username420, posted

    i love this man

    liujiejie, posted

    that was fucking retarded

    armaldo68, posted

    Cum? I dont see....

    lotharh44, posted

    I would like to meet a guy who has a horse like that

    mikeosh54, posted

    wow that was a fucking waste of everyone's time. Even the horse could probably take it or leave it. That guy is so good at licking nut though, he could probably make it in politics. "Man Horse Cum?" More Like, "Lame Shit, Man."

    tonktaf, posted

    fucking hot..a hairy man enjoying the taste of a stallions nuts..beautiful..

    actionman22, posted

    you two area beautiful, both your pretty chest and chin, and your stallion's nuts. Very very wonderful. Who are you?!! Glen.

    succum, posted

    I would sure like to give that a try and make that with a serving of cum????

    bibeastguy-1, posted

    nice nice so good suckin man i love all over makes me soo horny wish he d suck my dick and balls like that

    jakeslick, posted


    DeadSeriousnobs, posted

    I could watch this all fuckin' day. Wish all the videos here were *this* hot. Blown 3 loads so far. Goin' for a 4th and a 5th ... SEX. EE.

    guy4horses, posted

    Wow sexy

    T77, posted

    fuckin hot dude. And you are so hot and sexy. You're all man and I love the men. Especially when they are straight and eating male animals.

    DeepImpact, posted

    fucking hot as shit.

    joaddict, posted

    Cum? Where is the cum?

    Hardharv, posted

    nice man - would love to be the guy doing that - how does one connect with someone to be in a movie

    dracofreod, posted

    i like to see it its wow.... horny and i like more

    maiko, posted

    Hot.... seeing a guy really getting into sucking the horsse's balls!

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    very sexy clip - licking those big balls

    tonycub, posted

    fuckin liar, i see no cum

    Flufftail, posted

    i wanna join

    petman, posted

    Does anyone know what movie this is from I have this and the 2 other parts he rims the horse and sucks on his foreskin, hot horse hot man.

    dirtypig, posted

    watched this clip two or three times and love this guy!!hot...

    tan69, posted

    love to see more :)

    germanrider, posted

    love the audio,looks like a sweet guy!

    tan69, posted

    Nice guy.

    EdgarFitz, posted

    very sensual connection between man and beast. very hot and tempting i exploded 5 times in my drawers. please upoad more i cant wait to see all the extremely sexual video clips. I need more of it cannot contain myself. Brova on the passion i felt yhat you have with the beast. very manly yet sensual. i wish it would played forever i want to see the cum shot. please post more. need more vids like this one. bravo again! very sensual connection between man and beast. very hot and tempting i exploded 5 times in my drawers. please upoad more i cant wait to see all the extremely sexual video clips. I need more of it cannot contain myself. Brova on the passion i felt yhat you have with the beast. very manly yet sensual. i wish it would played forever i want to see the cum shot. please post more. need more vids like this one. bravo again!

    tarbaby, posted

    Man and horse, lean in their bodies and their devotions, honouring the sense of themselves with a beautiful man's mouth worshipping the hard beauty of the horse's sheath, the two companions of many past ages not forgotten, the respect and devotion that can now only be paid by the tongue and mouth of a hard man, the only the respect that was ever left to a true companion of the past and which only the knowers respect and honour. The few remember to unquestioned devotion of cheval to the human race, and this is just a pittance to the debt owed. Now is the time to pay up and pay an honest physical tribute to devotion.

    dropper1971, posted

    Need a pick up? need something to get you going?This sizzling hot mand and beast clip is what you need to get you going. The pure lust that this man has for his four leged lover will drain the saliva from your mouth. The arousing moans and repetative ball kissing and licking will make your mouth water. This clip depicts one of the many fantacies that most men dream of having with a horse and pushes the boundaries of simple immagination. 'man horse cum' will make you want more and will deffinatley make you horny. 'mmm', 'mmm' the man says, as he toungues the horses balls and caresses the horses ass.

    hornylilhorse, posted

    Short clip - only 18 seconds - of a hunky male with a goatee sucking on a stallion's balls. You will love the physic of the guy - he is very well built with broad shoulders and hairy in the right places - and the way he moans. The wet sucking sounds are a great turn on too. Good lighting and a great camera angle let you see every caress on the stallions muscular thighs and the guys mouth as he eats the horse's black balls. If you like to see a man's men on his knees satisfying an animal this is the movie for you.

    dan10, posted
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