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    Man And Bull


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    This movie is not really worth the time matter of a fact do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time. It was hard to see what was going on the half of the time. The bull fucks some farmer joe in the ass but you never get to really see it. Would have been better if the farmer was doing the fucking but it was overall all a poor video. I recommend that this guy tries again and maybe sets up a camera where it is focused on the bull pounding his ass over and over. Or maybe that he does the pounding.

    Uploaded by mikeycantor · Rating: 2.1 (524 votes) · 93896 views


    i wuld luv to take this marky9308@hotmail.com

    bootedskinhead, posted

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    sunmen, posted

    I actually loved the placement of the camera myself! I can not say I see many videos with this angle and style of filming. Which, I truly appreciate. I say over all, a 8-9 out of 10!

    CaballoAmor1551, posted

    Suche im Raum Bayern/Tirol gleichgesinnte Tierhalter. Bin jung und gut bestückt (wie ich finde). Meldet euch

    chang1, posted

    Granted not the best of vids, but that is due to the placement of the camera. Take my hat off to the guy for being able to take the weight of the bull, and for just chancing it. If possible, next time either have someone with you to film it, or set camera up at a different angle so it can see more plainly what is going on. But good look at some bull balls. Nice.

    beastfucker79, posted

    I suppose it's another case of the famous saying: "Depends on your definition of sex--". It's a calf, and WTF with those pants? O.o

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    schöne dicke eier, das ist geil....

    ponystosser, posted

    würde ich auch gern mal probieren ;-)

    nitrambln, posted

    wish this was me

    bootedskinhead, posted

    This guy needs a cameraman!

    Jake07, posted

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    GeilerHengstx3, posted

    mmm hottt, but shame we cant see more!! marky9308@hotmail.com

    bootedskinhead, posted

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    GeilerHengstx3, posted

    I`m still wondering, what just happened here?

    kandyman22, posted

    Bad angle and confusing images... Guess he needs a camera man next time. =)

    Chris506, posted

    2 minutes of my life I'll never get back

    wildthang2, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    wonder if the bull whould knock me down lol

    b-radical423TN, posted

    Would have liked to see the bull get him, however it still made me wish I could give him a hand for a little of that cock for myself

    jamieboxer, posted

    what was that ha

    lindzey, posted

    wow well fucken horny, wuld be hot to try

    bootedskinhead, posted

    ouais tu as raison martial..video nul......

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    Vidéo nulle, c'est un veau, pas un taureau, et en plus il garde son short (le mec !!)...inutile comme vidéo !

    martial27, posted

    How 'bout we give props to the fact that he did this with a BULL at all! This is an animal which could kill this guy by accident.....just by stepping in the wrong place at the wrong time! I have a RL friend who had a bull that he let screw him like this....until the bull put his weight on my friend in just the right way and screwed up his knee and back for life. Also, you get to see what a bull's dick looks like. That is a pretty rare thing unless you live on a farm :->

    TZwolf, posted

    •Aluzky• I bet he was doing that when people was still around, which is why he was never naked or could place the camera in a less improvised position. Lets give him props for making an effort to record his adventures. Good video.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    id like to have a bull or cow shit and piss on me i bet that would feel great

    loverboy367, posted

    so i never considerd getting bull fucked, now i really need it

    dogsmakemehard, posted

    what a reall waste of time...and really bad image

    kilopm02, posted

    for a science project ..not bad ! but damm.. those pants have to go, I mean really have to go as in take them off and burn them, no wonder you couldn't get any action, you scared the hell out of the poor bull !

    horseryder, posted

    What a waste!

    GilesGoatboy, posted

    No penetration!!!!

    nitrambln, posted


    abylitset, posted

    the bulls cock is so small i don't see how penetration can happen

    fredpotts, posted

    No penetration!!!!

    schneemann, posted

    ik wil graag door een stier gedekt worden

    gerard007, posted

    good ;)

    czarek92, posted

    what a load of bull cock that is hey boys, good clip, get that the camera in right spot

    lovemydogknot, posted

    add me ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted

    this guy is very lucky takin a bull up his cunt mmmmmmmmm id take it!

    bootedskinhead, posted

    so this is what they mean by cowpoke LOL

    xbgold, posted

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    rjjuggalo, posted

    The clip was clear.It needed a different angle to show the bulls penetration.

    Dave60, posted

    If the bull had a cock the size of his balls it might of been a good fuck but what i saw a small cock and didnt see it go in his ass. the bull with the size of balls would had a load of cum that would of made a good shot. give you a scale of 4 .

    fredpotts, posted

    Wow thats amazing!!!!!!! i only wish i could have been him!! THE SIZE OFF THIS BALLS!! HE MUST HAVE CUM A BUCKET LOAD!!!!!! i would like to now just how much?? anyway i liked it,could have done with a bite more of a penetration shot! didn't know if it even took place????

    berty1234, posted

    No real fuck

    lingjiale, posted

    u fuckin lucky man takin it liek a cow

    bootedskinhead, posted

    loved it, i really want to get into being fucked by dogs or horses or fucking them if you can help message me on here or add my hotmail pikeys_12@hotmail.co-m thanks

    shane361, posted

    good filing

    gerimal01, posted

    Mal was anderes, mit einem Bullen, aber so wars nicht gut zu sehen. Wer in Germany / NRW fickt mit Tieren und lässt mich zusehen, oder sogar mehr...?

    gutnichtschnell, posted

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    petloverDraco, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    No real fuck ,,,,,

    Petsexxlover, posted

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    toxxiclove, posted

    I think the guy needs to have someone else around to run the camera..or possibly get a new camera guy. This was a waste.

    coksucker0687, posted


    PhilDawg, posted

    A safe fuck with your shorts still on. Pull shorts down next time.

    maddingo, posted

    i agree with uploader

    andc, posted

    You do realize it doesn't take long for a bull to mate, so having him pound the man over and over is unrealistic. learn yur animals

    2millionhits, posted

    nice hardcore movie...but short!

    Prasak, posted

    i was raised on a farm and always wanted to but was afraid

    reddog47, posted


    Humboldt, posted

    having been in animal husbandry in preveternary in college, it is not recommended to allow yourself to be bred by a bull. these animals are huge, unpredictable and can be very vicious. i have done semen collection with them using an artificial vagina and it is dangerous to get between the bull and a cow, the only reason the bull will not attack then is because his full attention is on the cow. i speak mainly of dairy bulls, huge and strong which must be lead around with a rope attached to a ring through the bulls nose which is its most sensitive area other than its nuts. i hope the man enjoyed it but you can never know from one time to the next.

    luvembig, posted

    love it reminds me of the first time i had a bull

    baltowolf, posted

    Kind of rough on the equipment, boys. Talk about a bull in a camera shop!

    AceHardware, posted

    weak - the positioning of the camera sucks.

    biceph2, posted

    "Man And Bull" is a great video when a farmer is brave and lets a bull fuck him. he shows that the bull has a hard on dripping with cum although the bull boner gose down at one point it quickly spruts back up and bigger thatn ever. the bull's dick was wonder it was a lovly colour of pink and it had gant hairy balls i wouldn't mind that fucking me. but that man i think was brave cos he went in there pull his pants and trouser down and let the bull fuck him , bulls are scary animals but well worth the fuck !!

    xxanimexx, posted

    I only say it's worth watching because it's really hot seeing the bull cum but there was really not much else. Were they really doing anything? It was really grainy and poorly filmed, nice skinny legs on the guy. Would liked to have seen penetration, but all it seemed was a prick tease for the bull. nice bull balls. but there was really not much else to the video. Maybe the next one will have more going for it. Maybe he will film it again and get a little more action going. there was really not much else than seeing the bull cum.

    swededoggy, posted

    Man and Bull is is a very poorly done movie and frankly not worth the time to watch it. The camera work stinks, and I an being very kind here, the shots are often out of focus and the camera is shaky. The entire movie wanders with no sense of purpose and there are shots included that have nothing to do with the guy getting mounted by the bull. Even that part of the movie is vague and unclear. You do see the man lowering his pants, but there is no shot of him actually being penetrated by the bull's penis. There could have been some great shots of the bull cumming, but the camera angle was to low and most of that was lost as well. It is clear who ever was handling the camera had no clue as to how to do it properly. What could have been a very interesting movie turned out to be a very disappointing one.

    AdrianKole, posted

    This movie is not really worth the time matter of a fact do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time. It was hard to see what was going on the half of the time. The bull fucks some farmer joe in the ass but you never get to really see it. Would have been better if the farmer was doing the fucking but it was overall all a poor video. I recommend that this guy tries again and maybe sets up a camera where it is focused on the bull pounding his ass over and over. Or maybe that he does the pounding.

    horseoscar, posted
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