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    Horse Fucking A Guy


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    horse fucking a guy with help from a bud

    Uploaded by k9biguy2266 · Rating: 4.3 (465 votes) · 149247 views


    Mr. Hands is dead. Lol

    iLoveBigFacials, posted

    Finally a guy who knows how to take it up the ass!

    Jake07, posted

    young man seeking to be breed by animals if you can help sukabuk6@yahoo

    11hector, posted

    looks like fun

    dman021, posted

    I want a horse shooting his load up my ass

    aass2fuck, posted

    15 y/o male if you live in Georgia msg me

    sexhole22, posted

    fuck yeah i want tht up my ass!!!

    mesco, posted

    I would give anything for a guy to fuck his horse up my desperate hole - feel it flare and shoot a huge load of hot spunk up me - absolute pleasure

    horbot, posted


    TOYBOY4FUN, posted

    Mmmmmmm love sucking that cocks havent tried t ive always wanted too

    albertoalcala, posted

    The way guys should be fucked.

    hogpig, posted

    I am queer and have always fantazised about sucking a horse cock. I got the chance a few days ago and I could hardly swallow all his cum. Next I want him to fuck me. It is a small poney.

    desertfox.2008, posted

    mmm thats i nice horse cock, if anyone wants to talk just message me, mabey some webcam?

    fuckanything12, posted

    Wow I bet that must have hurt. That guy shoving in that horses cock into that other guy probably help in not resulting in damage. Nevertheless I’d like to try some of that.

    lsnoparts, posted

    wow now thats a tru frend i nead a frend like that with a horse or big dog horney in bc canada

    bobbob27, posted

    wowww that was awesome;)Where in PA are you?

    CherriesD, posted

    I would love to have a horse cock up my ass pm me if you have the horse also love to try a large dog

    kinky9865, posted

    ein geiles Filmchen ...immer interesse an Real Treffen in Deutschland.

    hanibalch, posted

    Man i wamt a stallion to fuck me so badly!!!! I live in pennsylvania can anyone help me please!!! I beg u!!! If u can message me

    horselover192, posted

    Any one in San Antonio TX...I am a cute Latino bareback bottom into getting my ass cum filled by hung man & K9, I want to also try getting screwed by a big boar and/or a small horse. Email me at sanferdude@gmail.com

    sanferdude, posted

    Does anyone know whether you are in the Netherlands by a stallion to be fucked, or rather can anyone possibly. an address? Many thanks in advance!

    Horsepenis., posted

    Great fuck!

    Horsepenis., posted

    at least he had the sense to have a second guide to help the position, its too damm dangerous to let a horse thrust that deep

    horseryder, posted

    that was so hot i want so bad a horse in me

    damtrav, posted

    that hole makes it look like it is its job to take big horse cock inside of it and its the other guys job to make sure it does it good and deep and that the horse cock cums inside

    hogwild73pont, posted

    a man wanting stuff in his ass is not gay. i mean girls do it does that mean theyre lesbians? god id love to do that but i dont think i could i think that requires some serious training

    thisoneguy58, posted

    i would like tomeet somebody with a large male dog or horse to train me i live in brevard co. fl

    boatman6969, posted

    Any one in San Antonio TX with a small size horse willing to let him breed me? I also love getting knotted by dogs...also wanna try getting screwed by a boar...email me sanferdude@gmail.com

    sanferdude, posted

    It appears that he is reaching between the horses back legs and is constantly stroking the horses cock the entire time that he is licking up and down horse crack, but he does it so voraciously you feel like he cannot get enough. The boy is burying his face as deep as he can and is mesmerized, craving more and more.

    salagi, posted

    j'ai aimee j'ai drolement apreciéé

    a_lodie, posted

    love seeing that huge cock tearing up that ass and those balls jiggle

    hornydudeme, posted


    aass2fuck, posted

    This is not the man that died after - that man had gennetle piercings and had taken a full size horse.I would love the opportunity to do a horse like that.wnthrscock in Mn.

    wnthrscock, posted

    I love how the holder is milking the horse cum into the lucky bottom boy! What I wouldn't give to have one friend helping me get that horse into me and another guy filming!

    joyboy, posted

    with the help of the "holder" the chance of the horse ripping his ass was at least partly diminished.

    kooldogman, posted

    Love the vids! Vegas anyone?

    lakecofun, posted

    I think this is something EVERY man dreams about doing. There is just something that appeals to the mind about experiencing sexual activities that by the most are considered "taboo". It must take a great deal of "mind control' to handle the girth of a horsecock, but I'll venture also that the pleasure is of the utmost. The fact two (or more) people involved in the production also lends a certain amount of mystique, for what could be more scintillating than including "friends" in the activity...the Conspiracy Theory". Planning, reconoitering and the executing the mission. Going from Point A to Point Z.... exciting! I hope to be able to see this over and over and over. Yes, I do.

    evil666man, posted

    great shotof his asshole being stretched

    discreetsuckr, posted

    I bet that horse had lots of fun breeding that hole

    GayHorseBreeder, posted

    nice video

    alwysfukin88, posted

    very yum

    k9me, posted

    love the way the mans balls sway back and forth

    dusty1233, posted

    Biig pussy hole on theis mare !

    hogwild73pont, posted

    i would like sloppy seconds...k9partyman@live.com

    parTyMANflorida, posted

    IN colorado and able to do this with your stallion. If you have mini, jack or stud at 14h or under then I would enjoy servicing him. Get in touch, will travel, to Nebraska and Kansas as well.

    arabianlover, posted

    great video......has a buddy helping him to get n as much as he can take..n to make sure his inside get all juiced up........sweet

    mydogsissy, posted

    ik zoek een boer met paarden en andere beesten ik wil ook geneukt worden door een paard voeg me toe joerry@live.nl

    joerry, posted

    I like the mares cock and balls swinging !

    hogwild73pont, posted

    damn. i bet he loved it......team work

    mydogsissy, posted


    mnvcxsertghj, posted

    In colorado and able to service mini's on up to standard sized stallion. email me at horse.play@ymail.com

    arabianlover, posted

    I search a man with your horse for my ass

    balthazar77, posted

    i love watching horse cock up man's asses, it's my favorite especially when i get to see them cum inside

    jonapier1992, posted

    Great vidio.Hotttt.Huge horse dick.!!!!Lacky guy.

    janusz, posted

    mmmmmmmmmm i wish i was that man mare as well mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    bootedskinhead, posted

    "great shot !! I wish I was that guy !!" wow, don't you know that this guy is the infamous Mr. Hands? He died shortly after this video was recorded, look it up.

    carp, posted

    omfg i need a big cock right now!!! i need to get some great sex asap

    nympho4men, posted

    wow...geiles vid. hat jemand solche möglickieten? würd ich schon mal versuchen wollen :-)

    Californication, posted

    There are two guys in this video. One guy gets filled his ass with a big and long horse cock and the other one is helping him, to hold this strong horse cock. Without sound. After the fuck, the sperm is float out of the guys ass, i think, he liked it a lot. and i bet, the other man wanted that horse cock as well, in his little ass, ripped all off. maybe he gets the horse cock someday. maybe the guys are filming another video, i would like to see it, but then, please with sound, i want to hear you moaning and screaming and everthing. And maybe you bud should not hold the cock, and then you get everything from that horse.

    muenchen23, posted

    I love that !! would of like to be the guy helping the mare take that cock

    hogwild73pont, posted

    This is an unfortunately short video of one of my favorite cow fuckers. This guy has one serious piece of equipment hanging between his legs and boy oh boy does he know how to use it. Every video he's in he penetrates the cow deeper than any man I've ever seen. You can tell that he loves what he does and by the looks of the winking cunts on his cows I bet they love it too. This video has no cum shot but most of his end with him shooting a hot, sticky and thick load on the ass of the cow and then pushing his cock back in to get the rest inside.

    kokthms, posted

    Just makes oen awnt to trade places with that lucky dude and his stuffed ass

    actordan1, posted

    big horse sex full length

    hornyhorsesuck, posted

    fucking hott

    beammie4me, posted

    den hätte ich auch gerne in mir gehabt echt geil

    jungebistutte, posted

    is there a dating list for this horse ?sign me up.

    bryan9410, posted

    I like, also want to try

    lvsenlin, posted

    that was awesome wish it was me getting that big cock

    ufrickmehard, posted

    super da bekommt mann gleich lust sein Loch auch hinzuhalten

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    ineed horse fucking

    bare6, posted


    hispanicyoung, posted

    I need more other clip horse fucking guy! exerm@ymail.com

    exer, posted

    can i get that horse cock up my ass? i'll try

    jamescaldwell, posted

    troppo bello vedere un maschio montato da un cavallo

    gojko, posted


    itsuwari, posted

    guy must have sor arse after that fuck

    pissandy, posted

    great shot !! I wish I was that guy !!

    mrmikemoe, posted

    I realy want to bee your mare. I am in spain

    sum45, posted

    Fuck, I wish to be the guy taking it. Anyone into hosting? Gdlk 33 5'9, 180 dude here. Hungry to be a bitch hole in a barn. Travel and willing to serve and even for videos. :))))

    barnboy78, posted

    It is so very sexy,two sexy hott ass baes and hott horse dick,love to up all that yummy,cum,sweetie! rainbow_40fl@yahoo.com

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    horse fucking a guy is real a strange movie clip

    Ghaf, posted

    oh yeah

    wetpetpussy, posted

    Mmmm.. two horny guys dad and son maybe? That guy takes one hell of a lot of horse cock up that well used ass! So much hotter seeing a man's hand guiding that huge horse meat as he fucks the guys ass long and hard. Made me cum big time. Watched it half a dozen times. Nudefarmer2@yahoo.co m loved it.

    nudefarmer, posted

    would like to have a pony/horse fuck me or me fuck a pony/horse, never done this before would like to try message me on here or email me, pikeys_12@hotmail.co-m much appreciated :)

    shane361, posted

    loving the display here. wow that guy took a lot of cock. his friend was quite kind to guide it instead of taking it himself. good vid

    kellish, posted

    makes me hard looking at him take it

    gayhorseanal, posted

    This is hot... two buddies with the horse all having a good time... the guy guiding the horse cock into his buddies wide open ass is hot and he takes alot of it too....

    foothillsguy, posted

    cool - da würde ich auch gerne mal meinen arsch hinhalten!!!

    xtrasex, posted

    Alle Achtung, so einen Riesen im Arsch! Bin nicht gay, suche in Germany / NRW Menschen die mit Tieren ficken und mich zusehen lassen, oder mehr...!!

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    the guy died after thaty

    emilynn3, posted

    wish someone help do it all , heathrow zzuke@hotmail.com

    ianmax, posted

    helping hand is great...but a helping mouth on his cock while that beautiful hot cock is in his ass---now that would be delish....kiss!

    slav2luvu, posted

    Este tio tiene aparte de un buen almacen, ayuda para que entre el aparato.

    Jordihors, posted

    thats gay... i love it!

    85chevy, posted

    super geil mag ik ook een keer betaal er voor

    janwillem, posted

    me gustaria encontrar a un amo que me haga eso con su caballo

    metemela, posted

    still gets me so hot! get yourself a horse dildo and start having fun! summitkid96 add to fav?

    esparzascc, posted

    do u know any other sites

    alishamiami, posted

    Also if you are around Maine, Mass, New Hampshire I would love to have some fun with your horse. It doesn't matter what size it is eaither. I have taken a 1 foot 4 inch horse cock in my ass. It hurt like hell but it felt so good when the horse would thrust in hard. It felt amazing when the horse dropped 3 cups (measured in a measuring cup) into my ass. I guess the horse cock actually hit my intestine well thats what the doc said but omfg it felt so good.

    summitkid96, posted

    OMFG i want this amazing horse to fuck me hard and deep in the ass and i want him to drop a huge load in me then i would fuck him in the ass and cream in him then i would suck my cum outa his ass

    summitkid96, posted

    mmmmmmmmmm i'd love both the guys to fuck me andfill my hole with their cum then get the horse to pummel my hole with its big monster and shoot his load deep into me. fucking delicious that would be

    bareback53, posted

    WOW love that wish it was me

    playboydarcy, posted

    Love to be the guy also would want a big load

    frances, posted

    load me please with that horse

    aass2fuck, posted

    does anyone know where i can get some of that. really i would like to know

    jimmy__, posted

    i want to do this so bad and eat all of the horses cum and then i would fuck it up the ass and then eat my cum out of the horses ass!!

    NXMPI, posted

    damn i wish that big horse cock was in my ass

    horsecocklover4, posted

    Not bad, I'll take two! One in my ass and one in my pussy :) xx Jennifer xx

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted

    really great. would love to be in his place

    horsestick, posted

    and one load for me ,please

    nobbym, posted

    want to try this :D

    shane361, posted

    fuckin' great...lucky guy

    roger70, posted

    all i can say is wow

    dickindogpussy, posted

    help me..........horse fackkkkkkk

    sunsky, posted

    i would love that cock deep in me ... all so the guy takeing the horse he looks like he as a nice cock hangin there aswell see it in between his legs

    21370, posted

    i like how the guys balls jiggle back and forth as the stallion rams his dick into him

    foxfreak, posted

    very good clip loved it

    albery, posted

    u all disgusting!!!!!! phatetic'psychophatic!!!!!!!!!

    roi, posted

    i wish i had a big horse to fuck my pussy raw. mmm 5x a day atleast

    niki86, posted

    damn man! proper breeding! wud love to suck that horses load outta the other guys hole! instant hard on! massive horsey cock!!!lick it dry man

    Pembury, posted

    Would like to be fucked by that horse. Looking for animals in Jamestown, NY area.

    aj16749, posted


    wbooooo, posted

    damn i want that cock in my ass

    Rex47, posted

    hmmm, great what a lucky man, getting this in is great

    ultima6, posted

    i love....

    whorneyprego, posted

    what a turn on - shit want more

    katy4u, posted

    wish it had sound

    petman, posted

    what a lucky guy

    malice0, posted

    too bad there aren´t more videos like this around

    petman, posted

    How come women never do this!?

    soleks, posted


    Qing, posted

    fuck yeah nothing like servicing a big horse cock love the feeling of being ripped open

    knotty4dogs, posted

    so hot.

    hungdaug, posted

    i wanted a creampie!!! but its still good

    yiling, posted

    Reminds me of the Mr.Hands shock video. Just as shocking, imo.

    zephy, posted

    oops my bad wrong vid hehe still hot

    goodpup, posted

    this is the guy in washington that died afterward. what a way to go

    goodpup, posted

    Holy fuck!!! The only thing that would have made this a better flick is seeing the horse cumming all over this dudes ass. This made me J/O

    neil1957, posted


    shotasclub, posted


    shibumi, posted

    Hot! Nice when a friend gives you a helping hand

    diggerdoesme, posted

    this was a hot sexy clip. i love horses and i love to see them cum. the fact that one guy was getting fuck while the other guy guided that huge cock in his ass mm.mm.good. the cum dripping from that sweet ass really got me going. if i had to say anything bad about the clip, its that the video quality is a bit to be desired and the lighting could have been better. i also would have liked for the clip to be longer. i like to see when the horse gets hard from soft and penetration but its still a good clip

    ahmarketing, posted

    Hay dos chicos en este video. Un tipo que se llena el culo con una polla de caballo grande y largo y el otro le está ayudando, para mantener este gallo caballo fuerte. Sin sonido. Después de la cogida, el esperma es flotar fuera de el culo chicos, creo, a él le gustaba mucho. y apuesto a que, el otro hombre quería que la polla a caballo, así, en su pequeño culo, le arrancó todos los frutos. tal vez él tiene la polla de caballo, algún día. tal vez los chicos están filmando otro vídeo, me gustaría verlo, pero entonces, por favor, con el sonido, quiero oírte gemir y gritar y everthing. Y tal vez usted yema no debe mantener el grifo, y entonces se ve de todo, desde el caballo.

    pedroglz., posted

    great video guys, this fabulous ass take this huge horse cock so well and the other helps pushing the cock in. I can imagine the horse jet inside of your ass should be awasome... I love the part when your friend takes the cock out and we see all the cum coming out from your ungry ass. you should suck the horse cock after coming out and feel the gorgeous taste of his cum... but probably you were enough satisfy what I can perfectly understand. I would love to be fucked by a horse like you. Congrats dude and next time do a facial that's I tried alredy and it's fabulous. Hose cum is one of the best cums

    boycapel, posted

    man everyone needs to see this video it is great two guys and one horse, that horse is very lucky, the one man is getting fucked hard and deep by that hot horse dick, as his friend is help guiding it in now that is true friendship helping your buddy take a beautiful cock like that, i wish i had a friend like that man the horse cock is HUGE and dark, it is beautiful and that is one horny horse you can tell the horse is enjoying it as he goes wild fucking that nice ass, the entire time the friend is holding that amazing cock guiding it in and out of that ass and when that beautiful cock slips out you can see some of that tasty cum leak out

    kinkydogslut, posted

    This clip was amazing the size of the horse and how much the guy had in him was unbelievable it would Have been hotter with the sound and not having the second guys hand in there just to be able to see the force the horse has while fucking that man would have been great. I would have thought the guy getting fucked woulf have had to be holdong on to something in order to take that thing. I would also like to comment on the ending the sperm shot was hot but should have zoomed in on what was happening seeing that horse cum made me hot then seeing it dripping out of the guys ass made me blow a load. I wish I could have been there to watch this in person It would have been far better but for watching on a video it was one of the best I have seen. Thanks agian for a good show.

    lking4fun, posted

    i loved it i came several times i love horse cock its so hugei wish i was that guy i cant wait for my first time anybody live close to edmonton alberta and have a horse i can play with i would love to suck horse cock all day and i would try to let it fuck me i want it bad i bet it takes practice to let it fuck you anyway loved the video need more horses although i would like to have sex with a dog to suck and fuck him love this website were can i go to have some fun does anybody know please give me credits to watch a prwmium video

    furrywolfboy, posted

    This movie is so sexy, it gives me the feeling that i want to be in that movie as well. It is so horny to see that this guy is being fucked by that big-cocked horse. We would love to see some more 'cumshot' action. Like: dripping cum out of your ass, of mabey a facial from the giant thing. It would be nice if you could film this action in HD so we can also see the details of this movie. It must be like heaven to get fucked like that and to get fucked by that horse. I'm sure you're gonna upload some new videos to get us hard and to get us off. thanks for sharing with us.

    MarcStennen, posted

    Wonderful video! Rare to see such a great view of horse and man. That man takes it like a pro. But, the horse is the star. Look at the way he tries to slam into that ass all the way to the balls. And the other guy, he is quick to try to get it in the others ass. I don't blame him a bit. You can also tell that the horse loves that ass and has been in it before. he was happy to apply the cock to his owner. Nothing in the world like a love of animal and man.Would have loved to see cum drip out of that mans beautifully gapped ass. To see A river run down his legs. or a nice ass to mouth from the guy helping out. i watched it 6 times before i realized i was jacking my own cock.And we all wondered why we wanted to be cowboys when we were young!! Fine example!

    jaxem, posted

    this movie was good long egnough for my wang to stand up it had good lighting there was a very good angal well lit good view of the mans ass and the hoeses dick good shot of the mans balls dangeling there was lots of good hard thrusting and there was a good shot of the cum pouring out of his ass hole . it needs to be in better quality thow fso i turns more people on. theres also a great view of the lucky man helping shove the huge horse dick in his hole. but all in all a great movie i give it a 7 out of 10.

    joshj101, posted

    love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video love the video


    This video was hot; The idea of having a friend and partner in crime there to assist in getting that big long horse dick up his tight pretty white ass is great for viewing. These two guys especially the one getting fucked really know how to enjoy their sexuality. I have often fantazied about animals fucking humans and always get a raging hard on when I see an erect horse penis. This movie was the icing on the cake it had all my favorite elements. White ass, and horse dick, really big wet sloppy horse dick the only that could have made it better would be to see the cum come out his ass

    nastydc, posted

    There are two guys in this video. One guy gets filled his ass with a big and long horse cock and the other one is helping him, to hold this strong horse cock. Without sound. After the fuck, the sperm is float out of the guys ass, i think, he liked it a lot. and i bet, the other man wanted that horse cock as well, in his little ass, ripped all off. maybe he gets the horse cock someday. maybe the guys are filming another video, i would like to see it, but then, please with sound, i want to hear you moaning and screaming and everthing. And maybe you bud should not hold the cock, and then you get everything from that horse.

    emmawild, posted
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