• dog mounts guy..it stucks deeply

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    andri22ss, posted

    reaaally wonder how that feels...

    horseshaft, posted

    Russian guy looks at your sex skype. nic alexsunmen

    sunmen, posted

    Orlando area looking to watch hmu

    DeeplyNow, posted

    ThoCore... what... an 15 Year old guy? if you are 3 Years older than we can make something, but now at the moment do not any wanats to fucked YOU up... if you mean that here is the RIGHT-adress?

    DirkPie, posted

    Hi, I'm 15 years old boy locking for some fun/dirty massage, I want to know what u would like to do whit me, like tie me up so I can't move and then just fuck me really hard, I have Skype, my name is ossezetter Add me!!!

    ThoCore, posted

    hey whats going on? 24 5'11 looking for my first time with a male k9 would love to chat more and see if we could meet up.. hopefully your close to me, i live in south new jersey

    bottomboy2012, posted

    The huge ball hanging down had me wishing I was laying under him/you deep throating your cock & licking your balls as I await the dog cumin in you so I could lick all his cum oozing out of your hot asshole.

    wannagetinme, posted

    Im so horny and only 15, msg me <3

    Young_one_64, posted

    Any one in San Antonio TX with a large bred dog, boar that would be willing to share it with me and let them breed me....email me at sanferdude@gmail.com

    sanferdude, posted

    NJ boi that has never been with an K9 before looking to meet someone that can maybe help me out. I have always fantasized about being knotted by a big K9 and maybe playing with his master. send me a PM if you think you can help

    bottomboy2012, posted

    anyone in the uk help me to do this ?? wanna get knotted by a dog, message me plz

    h2higgins, posted

    nice balls man,

    dog1262, posted

    The movie or film clip might be ok if you could see it,,none of them will work at all,,what a rip off

    chingwa, posted


    javizas, posted

    damn....totally got me hard. wish i had a dog that would slide it up me and knot!

    down4dogdick, posted

    this dude have a big nuts nice

    ferksd21, posted

    i would love too be knotted by him me love taking dog cum up me

    barryboy56, posted

    damn id love 2 b the room watching them.

    mydogsissy, posted

    a wonderful knotting had that one time it hurt so good..loved it so much

    aussiemike51, posted

    god want so much to get fucked by a dog and would love to be knotted with one like this

    dogfucked1, posted

    that hurts

    faberich, posted

    I have been dogfucked three times but never knotted and after seeing that video i need to get knotted ! Will try this summer again and hopefully can get tied ! Want that big knot locked inside me so he can pump my asshole full of cum !Would love to walk around with a load of dogcum inside me !

    new_dist, posted

    iv been forced to take this, but dog did not hav to be made to stay in!! was fuckin horny marky9308@hotmail.com

    bootedskinhead, posted

    Looks like a trip

    mule264, posted

    wow its an awsome vidoe buddy nice thanks tho i love it....

    thisoneshyboy, posted

    the greates horse fuck i ever seen i was envious of the gay been fucked

    joseluna, posted

    I agree with freo. I know I would have been!

    animebabe101, posted

    20/f/uk Looking to be knotted by dog in my wet wet pussy. in hampshire area. messsage me.

    fuzzykayuk, posted

    i wish someone would help get it all heathrow zzuke@hotmail.com

    ianmax, posted

    why was he not wanking while getting it deep up his sweet hot ass

    freo, posted

    I'm jealous

    HotPink69, posted

    was good too bad the quality was not better could of been a little longer

    westsidewarren, posted

    lucky cunt

    bootedskinhead, posted

    I still enjoyed it despite the quality.

    coksucker0687, posted


    cabelu35, posted

    a favotite classic of mine from the late 70's. the original wasn't ever a higher quality then either.

    hungdaug, posted

    Most of the movies on the site, the quality is piss poor. At least from what I've seen so far, including this one. Sorry to say.

    beastyboyz45, posted

    amazing!! i wish i could have such an experience with a dog!

    nonshocked, posted

    wooooow que rico add. miguedomi@hotmail.com

    vouyer1, posted

    I wish I was knotted like that

    somprs, posted

    nossa fiquei com inveja dele.alguem pode me ajudar? como posso ganhar credito como faço para compastilhar filme. meu e-mail é robsonmoto1@hotmail.com

    lancelote, posted

    wow I was fucked by my dog like that before. He knocked me down after taking a shit in the woods and raped me. He didnt have to rape me after that mmmmmmmmmm.

    BGbear9, posted

    nice pit bull you r got fuck

    Hyena_69, posted

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