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    TOTAL waste of time!

    Allenhigala, posted

    It should be called "playing with cow cunt" there's no cum and no inside.

    NiceBarn, posted

    what an idiot and a waste of my time twat!

    shygirl1985, posted

    Cum inside her cunt? I guess I missed it. Need to get new glasses

    CORCELVIEJO, posted

    Hiding your dick from the camera is really fooling us... come back when you actually make something worth watching.

    horny4dog, posted

    Waste of a movie

    mynameishuh, posted

    sad he didnt have the balls to just fuck her she would have liked it

    shorttom, posted

    Great compilation of you fingering and rubbing the cow's clit and the occasional portruding of your cock, EPIC!

    robertBruce, posted

    Why did he never shove his tool in? The rubbing was OK other than that let me pound the cow and he can just stick his cock in my ass

    horseloverboy12, posted

    would be hot but has such a bad views ...

    zndxxx, posted

    man that shit fucking sucked he didnt even fuck her this was a total waste of my fuckin time....who ever did this is so fuckin lame and should have been kicked by the cow for being a dumbass.

    hayzah, posted

    this is just annoying - stupid vid

    jrpa, posted

    waou trop bo

    blackteub, posted

    Lol the man should have been kicked...he failed to take his claim over the cow

    shifter88, posted

    how do you do this and not get kicked

    johaku0, posted

    worthles, should not be on site

    jamzie, posted

    great video

    cowlover257639, posted


    xinglong08888, posted

    Worthless, total waste of time! I want my credit back

    Allenhigala, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    maybe if he would of had a bigger cock,he could of done the cow some good.Maybe he needs to find him a real woman,and stay out of the barn yard.

    areuup, posted

    sarap naman niyan..

    troyhot15, posted

    Las terneras de esa edad es lo maximo, tienen una vulva ien deliciosa, y cuando se les deja el pene en la entrada de la vulva, ojala recibiendo esa orina es lo maximo, sobre todo el calor tan rico que se siente

    jucatove, posted

    Horrible. just a bunch of missed camera angles.

    orleansk9, posted

    This is like the SCi-Fi flick about a cock from space hunting for a cow pussy to fuck. Too artsy and not enough grit for me. and I LOVE COW PUSSY!!!!!

    buggerboy, posted

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    rolrex, posted


    jjj_foreplay, posted

    It is not what it says it is

    dagrosdigger, posted

    i like this video xD

    horsepornjerk, posted

    worse yet! totally sucks!

    Allenhigala, posted

    this movie sucks

    wzgwzg, posted

    Fucking retarded! >:(

    Emos86, posted

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    revenant426, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    wow bg bg bg

    ajp0322, posted

    this movie sucks

    jillianjoy, posted

    nice dick but fire the camraman

    beastboy1131988, posted

    nice piss play

    xbgold, posted

    boo lame

    dizzle2, posted

    boooooooooooooooooooooooooo lame

    dizzle2, posted


    dizzle2, posted

    i would't let that sexy little heifer tease me,id have ten inches in her very quick

    lingjiale, posted

    like watching the blair witch project.

    jammienight, posted

    FUCKING LAME!!!!!!!! >:(

    Emos86, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    lol wtf

    dude8117, posted

    i would't let that sexy little heifer tease me,id have ten inches in her very quick

    barnboy1966, posted

    it was like kat n mouse

    mrjuju750, posted

    Nice cock. If only that cow would just hold on and him fuck her it would be great.

    lelu, posted

    I hope this guy and his cow live in spain! Would love to get in to both of them!

    petwhite, posted

    02-06-2010_00h38 Nice piss scene ! Bis auf den Titel, okay ! Leider kurz, aber selten.

    PetOlli, posted

    should be renamed cow piss on my cock......

    charlies, posted

    The worst I've seen.

    lisaray, posted

    Young heifers have so sweet pussys. You can't get anything better than this warm slut.

    passat456, posted

    WTF???? The guy doesn't even penetrate, just waves his cock at the cow, washes it in the cow's piss, WTF???? VERY misleading title!!!!

    DKLA, posted

    not so good

    hassell, posted

    That was bs

    jk-des, posted

    LOLOLOL...had to laugh...

    hotdog1965, posted

    I think the title was instructions for the man to follow: Cum inside her cunt!

    marelover2000, posted

    interessante Kuh - sieht aus, wie in den Alpen ?! Schade das der Titel mehr verspricht !!

    nightglow, posted

    when he's fuckin waving it at the cow.. I couldnt stop laughing..

    wazupz2, posted

    Cums in pussy???? - more like pees on cock! - very misleading and pointless.

    udpets, posted

    Da ist wohl was schief gegangen schade ...

    RenaldoSH, posted

    i fucking laughed when he waved it around like that....

    hellsom, posted

    cant you locate the hole?

    blackinwhite50, posted

    stupid, no sound, no cum inside what was that?

    marelover78, posted

    It is always exciting to go with a stiff cock and touching the vet cont waiting to get the cock into the hot cunt.

    mancozz1, posted

    what a waste for a free movie

    pk60210, posted

    wow the worst fucking i ever seen

    kanelife, posted

    felt cheated not what heading says

    pussey, posted

    no fucking or cum or anything just alot of pissing

    jc97000100, posted

    dont have a cow man

    xbgold, posted

    nice cow.

    052133, posted

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    lancelote, posted

    very sexy

    animal38, posted

    great loads of cow piss

    waderpeter, posted

    you suck

    wooper, posted

    Very nice watersports, if only it was longer and focused more on the pee play. Speaking of focusing, camera control would be nice too.

    cowgasm, posted

    nice watersports

    doggyass, posted

    B O R I N G !!!!! the guy's dick never makes any contact with the cow's pussy. B O R I N G !!!!

    psychotropic, posted

    looks like a blair witch movie to me...

    outta, posted


    bogart, posted

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    This video mostly contains the cow pissing on the guys fingers and penis. Filled with several camera angles and random shots. Sadly there is alot of buildup but no actual penetration in this video, and it ends pretty much the same as it begins. The cow herself is not bad but I have for sure seen better. Overall not a terrible clip but could definetly use improvement, not so much urine and some actual penetration would be nice. And a cumshot is always the best way to end a movie. Also it in would be nice if there wasn't so much moving all over the place.

    nby, posted

    Not a very good video, the clip shows a cow pissing and a man playing with its pussy at first, it cuts to cow in a field and back in between him playing with the cow and others of the cow just wandering around. At one point he waves his dick at the cow which was quite amusing. towards the end where he does start to put his dick in her the camera angle doesn't give a good view of what is happening at all. Overall not a good video at all but since its free i guess its not a complete loss.

    Lovestar123, posted

    The two things that i love in my life are cows and penises and this video contains them both this is an overal great video. This video reminds me of the days when i used to suck of my cows and sexually play with them in all sorts of ways, this video clearly shows the love that there is between this man and his cow.The video starts of with the cow coming towards the male as if she knows what is coming and that its happened many times before :P it then cuts to a frame of the mans beautiful long throbing hard cock which starts of the video really well. The man then vigorasly rubs the silky vagina of the beautfil cow and wet silvery juices ooze out onto his hand. This then happens again in another setting giving the audience twice as long to view this amazing oozing scene. The next scene goes to the man gently caressing his cock against the cows furry yet wet vagina before cutting to the male rubing his cock onto the neck and chin of the cow before ending with the cow drenching the mans cock in golden coloured wine tasting rose smelling cow urine. Overall i would give this whole video 10 out of 10 just because of the sheer love the cow and man have between each other.

    cowlover257639, posted

    This is a good video no this is great it looked real wet.Nice an tight It made my Dick so hard and I no it'll get u all pussys wet an docks hard .I love the angle of the cam I wish it was just a little longer but still eye candy .I would love to see more I hope u guys see him stroking that pussy but u really find myself wondering how would the pussy taste are how wet it is u gotta feel what I'm sayin .if u like sum different this is perfect for u an me so load more so we all can enjoy thank u

    stevey506, posted

    all hes doing is playing with the cow. but all in all, this was pretty cool. if I would rate porn, this will come in 4th out of 20 because it is kinda arousing how people connect with animals through sexual activity. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^+^ ^O^ ^.^ all hes doing is playing with the cow. but all in all, this was pretty cool. if I would rate porn, this will come in 4th out of 20 because it is kinda arousing how people connect with animals through sexual activity. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^+^ ^O^ ^.^ all hes doing is playing with the cow. but all in all, this was pretty cool. if I would rate porn, this will come in 4th out of 20 because it is kinda arousing how people connect with animals through sexual activity. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^+^ ^O^ ^.^

    saigi0103, posted

    Poor quality video. Good ideas, but poorly executed. This movie consists of a series of very short scenes, and on paper they sound good, we get a view of the cow from the front so we get to see the animal - a big bonus as not many videos do this, we see her pissing for all you watersports enthusiasts out there, then we get a series of shots of the guy fucking her hard until he busts his load inside her. Sound good so far? Glad you enjoyed reading it, as that's the most enjoyment you're gonna get from this clip. The camera looks like it's being handled by another cow in a post orgasmic daze, it's so shaky. The angles are terrible, showing nothing of horny value, and the guy hasn't washed his cock. We have a serious case of brown willy syndrome, here. Talk about a turn off. Overall, it could have been good, but wasn't. What a pity. 1/5.

    abcddcba, posted

    This is actually not what the title says. Most is just clips of the cow walking and closeups of the side of the cow. The rest is mostly of fingering her pussy. The cow appears to be interested at first, and seems to like to to be fingered. She is pissing a lot. When he tries to fuck her, she is turning away. May be she is not in heat or he is not doing enough foreplay to get her aroused. There is almost no actual fucking and no cum. I am not sure he really did get to fuck her.

    dagrosdigger, posted

    Man I tell ya that the title of the movie is really misleading! Not only does he not fuck the cute cow's cunt we have to watch as he plays with himself for most of the movie! On the plus side tho watching all the fluid pour out of the cow's pussy was a real turn on but you can also tell that she diden't seem in the mood and it almost lloks like the guy was trying to force it. So this movie is not a total loss but it's not what it say's it is.

    blizzardman, posted

    Nice job getting up close, Try angling the camera better tho. She looks like she really enjoyed being tapped with the cock. The beginning starts off a little slow, If your going to have a short clip, skip the introductions. Nice video otherwise cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt cum cunt im looking for some sweet action hit me ttcandi@yahoo.com

    tlvedogie, posted

    I love how he makes that sexy beast cum several times. First he does it with his hands and it spurts everywhere and he moves her lips apart to show just how tight she is. Damn it made me hard! He then starts to rub his big cock all over her pussy teasing her.He is just waiting for her to explode and she cums all over his dick this time, letting more flow down. The cow acts extremely pleasured and doesn't move away from him she stands and waits to see what he has to offer her sweet tight pussy. He doesn't do anything to her in this video and id love to see the rest and see what these two really got up to.....

    fromble, posted

    The Little cow is very very sexy to see and she is comming the her towards her master and showing her pussy to her master. Her pussy is very hot and the long dick is also supper. But the man is not fucking the little cow. The little cow is willing to be fucked by her master. It is signaling by passing the pee but the man con't understand her singnal. The pee of the little cow is very very supper and hot. The man is brusing the hot and stong dick in her mount and hot little pussy and can not enter the hot long dick in her little pussy hole. If he enter the long dick in her pussy it is very very supper to see.

    guruomer, posted

    A man with a good size cock pursues a cow outdoors. The vid begins with the man fondling the cow's pussy and she pisses on his hand. He tries rubbing his cock on the cow's vagina - looks hesitant to penetrate fully, but then again the cow doesn't seem keen on the action and is a little skittish. The guy shakes himself in the cow's face for awhile. He has some trouble with the camera angles and at times is too close. The hottest part of the vid for me was right at the end when the cow pisses all over his cock. Decent action for what appears to be a beginner.

    pervy1, posted

    This guy is after this pretty cow's wet pussy. You seem him following her around with his hard cock and playing with her pussy while she pees on his hands. He tries to get her to suck his cock, but she does not seem to want to. Unfortunately, there is not any penetration and I did not see any actual cum any where, but you do see him rubbing his cock against the outside of the cow's pussy lips. There is a nice spread shot of the cow's pussy somewhere in the middle of the clip. If you are into water sports, you would probably like this short video. There seems to be more pissing in this video than anything.

    ceeshade, posted

    This film explores the way a man tries to satisfy both himself and his larger woman, the sheer size of his penis is amazing, the flies by her cunt slightly offputting, but all in all the this makes for a good boner, especially the way he constantly tries to enter her from behind. His penis is definitely suited to something so large and wet, makes for good watching, should be longer, and a better cameraman used. Maybe he should have stood on something higher for more leverage, this is a classic example of guy lacks big brain because of the size of his 'little brain'

    cptdude333, posted
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